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The text hereafter exposes a method of defining any object by their mechanical behavior during matter exchanges. Most part of my works happens mainly before 1970 during my painter period where actually I was painting.
I can tell to you that what are exposed in this Evolution of the Universe site are the result of my own personnal works that mature really all along my life from childhood in the VietNam family environment until to day retirement of active life on 2003.
No means, no help, absolutly bare hands !Only along my free times under authentic continual working on the knowledge development according to human thinking process. This emphasizes that each of us rests on the wealthy laws of matter construction that is necessarily and sufficient to simply read and listen to our authenticity. Too heavy is the stupid self-sufficient antediluvian conservatism barrier, too dark is the potential barrier of current obviousness mental to overcome it for an optimal communication on what it can be exposed really according to MY DA-KHI-HOC method, a real rational today's human science !
I have spending more than a quarter of century trying to obercome the communication hindrance with the institutionalized world. It can be founded that plants rest mainly on natural mechanisms the function of them is to produce a cycle of live according to its immediate environment. There is a few chance that any plant have some capacity to get knowledge over their immediat environment possibilities.
So, if star of plants seems to be sensible to the Sun orbit, probably they are rather be influenced by the different duration of each seasons days. Thus, as a cyclic function, the plants may memoryze the differents sun-rize time and then was anticipaing by dispacing towards the direction of the Sun-rize.
The advantage of the wheel barrow is that one person can work with the aid of a glinding-Lever that reduce the wearing of a given load all along his working distance. It is noted that the wheel barrow is the intermediary machine between the Horse and the total mechanic of Tractor.
It is the most interesting and important problem to understanding the animal behavior according to their body physical structure.
For most of the Monkey tails have no possibility of being used with their rotation mommentum capacity. Obviously many other animal can also have the solid and heavy tail for being able to use their inertia rotation. Non moving balls quantity may be zero and more, if their contacts are aranged in continual line with perfect symmetry.
Really, when we have some idea of a reality we can try to have a deep basic understanding on this reality fact, by unfolding it according to a referent space structure.
If any real phenomenon can be defined, it is owing to the absolute space that allows any phenomena building to be perfectly define as relationships unfolded from the space absolute locations. There are some basic struture as strutures in itself because they can be referent tools to explain nany other reallities. What is concerned here is the motion as a recurrence process particularly the uniform motion and the accelerated one. In the columns and rows order, the value of this surface is the total sum of a column or a row.
Any body belonging to a heavenly body, and being unconstrained, falls toward the center of the total system, according to a same accelerated motion. The fall does not depends on the mass of the body, as it is seen in the above array of the natural number that is applied to 1 quantum of matter. But, you who seek the quantity of a so called matter, denoted as Mass, I am sure that you are asking : Where is the Mass ?
A such mechanims with very low time consummation may be useful for computer simulation where the (y=x2) is done only by increment for addition of numeric bits. On falling body, according to that the Condensed Matter space is permanently structured as cocentric iso-potential spheres around a Zero-Energy point then movement changing from as sphere to an another one, should be correctly described as proportionally the distance of differential displacement. 1) - The first Movement where there is no variation of energy, whatever is it as internal or external of the body. 2) - The second Movements that need variation of energy types in the Whole universe, the variation of Potential versus Movement ones doing in the equilibrium of whole universe one according to the energy conservation principle. And thus, material systems in the universe are formed by the Matter Condensed process as system of star globes.
These problem statement is depending to the Newtonean Universal Gravitation of a Central Force.
Howevever, when considering that the structure of space potential around a center Nil of potential then, an object falling towards a center Zero potential will see its kinetic energy growing directly proportional to the distance of falling toward the Center of nil potential. The more this object is near the Earth center the lower is its total energy and inversely the more is its rotation altitude the more is its total energy hihgher. This potential law of the centered space is then quite different and contradicts the newtonean Universal Gravitation Force. At the condition that this acceleration is applied on the runner during wholy 1 second duration. Because this acceleration (the gaining od speed) should be effective ONLY according to the time it is acting on her. But if we don't have some exact idea of what our action will be agreed to applied, we have the way of testing the necessary effeot to produce by test and errors. So if the weight of the suit case has pretdetermined sense for us, we have to test it at first by one or more predetermined effort.
Generaly tell, it is the job of sciences to know ourself and our environment with accuracy for optimal transformation actions. According to that, all the Anciant definition of Movement are only simple presuppositions on the Movement phénomena. In fact any movement in the universe are the result from an Action Creating: Movement is the result of a Changing-Action. A) - The Universe Space is originally a Whole of No-Form permanet globe with the Space structure of defined Potential.
B) - The Beginning of Formed-matter was done according to the formation of matter as the different parts in the whole. C) - Changing od Distances in the space well defined as strutured by the Potential, will correspond to the Kinetic energy of any Movements.
The consequence of any given Movement is then corresponding to the fact of a corresponding Energy Variation. The Movement is directly an Energy equivalent by transformation from the Immutable Space of the universe Potential Globe. AS LONG AS there is No variation of Distance-energy (The Potential), there is no Movement phenomenon. The fundamental basic obviousness is that Only from a given Distance of Potential can create and correponds to an energy of Movement. Thus, the Horse-power is from man's misunderstanding from bad knowledge on the Movement phenomenon. The movement that produces an energy as a Work is an illusion from millenary misunderstanding on the Phenomenon of movement. The top invention system fo generating the displaceent movement is the Universal Law invention of the Leg and the vertebral column. 1) - A neutral wheel and a driving-wheel has no capacity to develop the Differential-Distance of a potential and then to produce with this energy the Movement.
2) - While the natural laws had invented the optimal mechanism of producing Movement using a difference of Potential for transforming it into kinetic-energy as Movement. In fact the Kinetic energy is only the statement invented by the Dynamics through the Work. This next figure shows how four-leg animals are using their optimal falling-body technique for fast running. It is also the case for snake cobra and viper that can attack in a flashing movement according the use of their falling body energy. A) - Strictly, only a difference of potential energy can produce the Movement and secondary this movement may be vasted into energy.
Failure of man inventing the machine for Perpetual transformation of Movement into Energy shows that Man's current Sciences is yet ignoring WHAT IS MOVEMENT!!! Now, you may noted that the Dakhiometry heavenly globe in Ring struture is the basic system that produces a continual variation of energy for complex constructions in the universe.
A heavenly body Globe is a system formed for continual activity of interchanging Distance-energy into Movement energy for continuous Constructions. This show that energy of Movement is strictly the consequences of the Space Distance transformation.
We can performe so different form of motions also mainly by Exhaustion and by Try-and-error and by memory experiences.
Because for lifting different unknown weight, we are using acceleration with successive different muscles of our body. Any Movement whatever it happens anywhere in the universe, is then defined as a change of location or changing of potential. Therefore, any displacement of material object is a Movement energy corresponding to a Distance of Potential Location. Movement as Distance of displacement in space need not to be done as a requisit displacement towards a Center (of Attraction type). The Dynamics Movement is only relative to a so-called NO-Movement or No-Force before The Creation. For example, the displacement of a car on Earth needs not to be done towards the Earth center as a Falling-Body does it. We have to be aware that any condensed matter from sub-atomic and molecular, Solid, Liquid to Gas are different types of condensed Potential. Fission of condensed potentilal is the release process of the initial distance before the condensation process. The Dynamics is quite insufficient theory for giving somme basic deeper understanding on different matter of the universe construction. The Dynamics Laws with equation (Movement=Force) is only the visible consequence simply defined as (Movement=Movement). To get some understanding on the Movement Fact one have at first to define the Movement is the phenomena of Location-Changing. Changing locations, is only possible if the universe Space is composed by Absolute Locations. Because Movement as Change of Locations is possible when it is founded on an Absolute Space of discrete Locations. Understanding Movement in the universe is possible ONLY if it rest on the Space as a system of Absolute Locations. Any-Given-Location in space is at the Shortest distance to another set of different Space Locations. In opposition to the Infini-or-Nothingness where each space location is undefined by another possible locations according to the mystic Infinity or the modern Spatio-temporal odd thing. Forms in the universe space is possible according to the absolute Space with its perfectly defined Locations. I) - Any particular location in the universe space is each Absolutly Defined and each of location is in mutually relationships expressed by defined Distances..
From there, the Movement is no more then the consequence Fact of the Absolute Discrete Matter.
1) - And changing of Locations need foundamentally that the action-of-Changing-Locations is possible.
2) - Then, necessary the possibility of the changing-of-Locations should the direct property of the universe Space being as the universe Space-Of-Defined-Locations. This condition is then the Stumbling-block for man belief on a Universe-in-the-Nothingness. This man's lack of the capacity to have somme understanding on the Movement phenomena is clearly expressed by the Dynamics Laws. This first Law is no more than directly repudiating that an Uniform Motion is not a Change-of-Location because it is due to The Unfolding Time.
The Dynamics that seems to be the Movement sciences is no more than from the misunderstanding of the universe Movement Phenomena. Therefore, it can be rationally explained why 100 m sprinter is necessary decelerated at the end of the 100 m distance. He can spend it as he wants with the manner he wants with economy or drying it up at a glance until used up all his energy as like when he perform a 100 meter sprint achievement. Note that according to the space as struture of Potential, a changing of location is seen as a differential of potential. It is noted that the first job of the universe was to go starting with the Matter Condensation Process.
The basic way of the universe construction to condense Matter with the purpose to Condense the Space Potential into multiple condensed systems. What are the atomic and molecular system, the mineral and the inorganic chemistries and then the biology ones? 2) - Before the possibility of the Matter Condensation Process, the universe space should at first the property of being wholy active. This was the beginning action step done as the Squaring a Circle of the universe for starting in construction.
Acceleration-Field is not a one-to-one-points Force action but is a 3-D space of Potential Energy effect. So, in case of simultaneous falling for many objects with different Masses, we use to apply the Force formula as particular point-to-point action. This is because the whole universe space is a structure of Potential defined by Rest Points. It is this formula that imply the confusion between an 3-D Attraction-Field of Falling-Body that is not phenomenon between two objects defined as Pounctual-mutual-action Force between objects as given in this formula by two ojects (m) and (m'). This ball may be stay on some orbit above this planet soil if the initial kinetic energy is equal to a corresponding potential plus the kinetic energy of it orbital rotation. With the Galileo's old parabola from some experiement, was only from analogical assiciation with the theorical Parabola figure.
Mathematics should be from Physical science but never as Physic realities fugured from the old Mathematics Imaginary. The Spatial Laguage rests on the Point, Lines, Curves as the PHYSICAL alphabet of the Real Space. This means that figure constructed with the SPACE Alphabet are the direct Skeletton of the Univeral Physical Laws. The experiement should not taken in account any analogical result with man's Imaginary as the old Parabola for example. Galileo was experimenting a ball rolling on an inclined plane while measuring in coarse manner the time of the rolling ball. However, if Not experimented in an inclined plane and if Galileo could experimented on a long distance of real-vertical-falling trajectory, this curve should not be similar to a (y=ax2).
Therefore, describing any Falling-body, is MAINLY TO DESCRIBE THE OBJECT, LOCATION-BY-LOCATION IN THE SPACE ! All types of catenary curves are precisely and easily well described by the Dakhiometry Spatial Language construction method. In case of waterfall, the falling water should be a coherent water beam as shown in this next figure. Falling-body phenomena are well expressed by any WATERFALL and also but lesser by any Ice fall.

There the falling object will takes the true form of the falling as function of the potential distance and the initial horizontal speed of the falling object.
This is due to the predominant Potential Energy acording to the LINEAR growing Potential-Distance of falling. We can distinguish the True Falling-Body phenomenon that was an error to represent it erroneously by a Parabola trajectory.
1) - The parabola, represent a constant relationships between the energy and the constant uniform motion. 2) - While in case of the falling Body, this relationships between lateral and vertical motions is not constant. With a catenary we can explain why a Water-fall is rapidly with a perfect Vertical trajectory. So, the Galileo was stating a tendencious statement and also with bad precision in mesurement of the falling Time, he stated a parabola as law for the falling body. Error of Galileo was originated from man used to express the Distance of a trip, by define it by a Time Duration. The Modern X-Y Recorder where an axis represent an uniform motion for defining Equal-Length AS Equal Duration Time, are not really from the same error as Galileo had done on an Inclined-Plane. But the Galileo's Inclined Plane is really to replace True representaion of Distance by Incline-Plane as manipulation of the Time.
I) - A Length of the Universe Space, is AN ABSOLUTE Quantity of Matter governed by the MATTERE-CONSERVATION PRINCIPLE!
The Galileo' with his Inclined-Plane-Experiment is the origine from where until now Man's Sciences was still living in the Illusion and the Time Mirages Belief.
I) - The Galileo's Falling-Body as Parabola=f(Time) form is Quite a Real-Scientific-MIRAGE by bad interpretation of phenomena! II) - While explaining it as a Parabolic-Trajectory of Force by Mass-Attractive-Function is Quite an ILLUSION from man's missunderstanding on Universal-Law-of-Movement.
This next diagram of pendulum shows why the Gelileo inclined-plane experiment is not the correct appropiate one for describing the Falling-Body phenomenon. This necessary invalid the Dynamics First Laws where the Uniform Motion-Distance is descrbed as Equal-Time Duaration-Displacements.
Ideology means idividual particular man's ideas build from pure personal imaginary that don't rests on any Universal-principle. The Galileo Inclined Plane is the true bad effect of Belief on Man's confused between Belief-And-Rational-Scientific-Reason. Galileo's inclined-Plane is not the correct experimental device for expressing the real Falling-Body. It is obvious from there that anybody and Galileo himself had obviously concluded the parabolic function for the Law of falling. IT IS THE POTENTIAL-of-falling-Distance that is transforming into the kinetic of the falling-object!!! A) - The Falling-Body as a Parabolic function contradicts the Energy Conservation Principle.
B) - The Newtonean Attraction created from a Central Force done all along the Time for creating working Energy, is quite in fatal contradiction with the Basic Universal Energy Conservation Principle! II) - Now the Galileo's Parabolla of His Falling-Body, is then a statement that the Object falling, is a machine producing the Energy diecribed by a Parabola as energy-quadratic-function. While the falling-body should obeys to a Catenary trajectory Law where falling speed do not depend to a (F = m.gama). These curve are VERY-EASY to constructed by construction and are generated according to the Distances in Space Potential. The Catenary for Big Bridges are also from these Potential Law where application for adjustments for Bridges construting are easy modeled to the particular case of construction. Like what is tell on the above figure on the discrete parabola, here after on this next figure, is shown how in Dakhiometry is analyzed a ball free falling.
So a given weight on any planet are different due only to the distance from the given planet center. The weight of a spacelab landing on a given planet will be effectif at the moment where this spacelab is landing on this planet.
Therefore, the weight of any object is not dependent to the Gravitational Mass of the given globe where it is landed but this weight depends directly to the distance from the given planet Center. Here whith the Dakhiometry method, the energy terms are only as Distances of displacement [the (a) and the (b) factors]. Being proud with his Number invention Man's use it to create his Big Dynamics, with multiple complex formula, particularly when he describes his Relativist Universe. The present example on the falling body due to the newtonean Universal Gravitation displays how he had too much difficulty to have a simple understanding on the natural phenomena of the Natural Movement. Thus for a falling body phenomenon, what cumbersome complicated formula he had to struggle to flounder to splash againts them so that he lose one's head.
Now with this particular problem about the behavior of a falling body, every body is quite uspset.
Now to answer this above interesting problem about this complicated problem where it is too difficult to have some clear understanding on the natural Movement.
I) - The so called Acceleration-or-Force of any object is due to CURRENT EXTERNAL interaction on to this given object. 1) - The acceleration of the given object is due to an external interaction on this object.
2) - The throwing of this object is an anterior events that gives a perticualr conservative internal current energy to this object. Therefore, there is not any change from the anterior effect acting on the External effect of a succeeding given acceleration phenomenon.
At the time of leaving the hand, the object movement will be ONLY governed by the Falling acceleration law.
This latter belong to the pass history of the object that may be a hand or any other system but all of them is only represent by the same object Constant Initial Speed.
With the complicated algebraic formula from the Dynamic Laws this latter can't give a such basic understanding on the Movement phenomenon. From there the "logic of a Round Earth" is to tell that this pulling Force is obviouly a Central One !!! This so-called logics is then extended to the astronomy where any heavenly body is also a round one as like the Moon and the Sun.
Yes, the universal Creation of Movement is described as a Force that give rise to the birth of Movement. In the continuation From such Logics was born the Universal Central Force that give rise to the newtonean Attraction by The Universal Central Force. Because it is obvious that from a "mass-of-Hand-Acceleration why it is not added to the MAss-of-Earth-Attraction", according to rational vectors-addition ???
From where the Mathematician Newton fail to describe a system of more than two Masses attraction for example the Earth-Moon-Venus one. It is not due to Mathematics lack of Methods but really due to irrelevent definition of motion-as-natural-phenomenon. These are scientific tricks, recipes and illusion manipulations for validing ones personal theories.
The Universe expension Big Bang theory is only an artificial theory trying to maintaing the validity of one's theory the base of which rests on the newtonean Central Force consensus. The scientific Big Bang is no more than telling that "There is a Universe-with-3-D according to some creative big exploding Favor done on a super densified Point of Matter ! Any object location in the universe is defined by the Absolute space structure of Potential.
Because any unique object or any system of objects is necessary defined by its Center of object or its Center-of-system, by a POTENTIAL REST-POINT. The uniqueness of object or of object-system is always defined by their Potential-Rest-Point Center!
This not the case with the irrelevent newtonean Universal Attraction Formula according to that this hypothesis is supposed that the universe is from quite random formation in The Nothingness. I) - Any unique object or any system of objects have necssarilly any of acceleration (or Motion) ONLY defined by its Potential-Center. II) - The newtonean Central Force Attraction is a big contradiction of the natural requisit equilibrium for any system of heavenly bodies. There is NO ADDITION-OF-ACCELERATIONS between two different material-objects being parts of a given system. For example the Hand and the given object are two independent objects that have a same Rest-point-center. Because Ocean and the Earth are two objects in a SAME FIELD of space potential around the Solar Center Rest Point. Here, one may be astonished that any distance (R) should be a basic defined physical factor prior to state the Dynamics Laws. Anciant talkative scientists used to replace the physical Distance by a conventional mystic and artificial term of their own invention.
Sadly it was man's belives that was no more than the basic source of Modern Relativist Sciences!!! From there one shouldn't be surprised that the Physics current theory is fully postulated the universe as a Big-Bang done no more than floating in a Nothingness!!!
This next figure shows the Big misunderstanding of the Dynamics from there erroneous are done in the current scientific statements. The maximum pressure of a liquid system is found at the so-called maximum attraction-force. Therefore, if someone try to explain it through an old method from force of habit or for the sake of influence conservatism, he should loses the wealthy consequences of a new world understanding. Therefore, during my real personnal life, what is concerning sciences are my own personnal real life activities without no means or helps from any person nor from social organisation.
But some scientific and technique projects drive me to need a real scientific laboratory environement. Last but not least, a condition happens for communication when the Internet Web begun public.
I am a proof that each of you can performs himself while remaining universal : to get the just and precise knowledge on the basis of life construction. Consequently, I am the proof that over the barbarism, the real world can rise again itself, in less than one human generation by rebuilding his fertile knowledge in better accurracy and better justice. Life of plants rests on the immediat mechanism of their global surounding environment cycle of life. One of its end is applyed man's effort and the other end of its level is suporting the remainder of the total working effort. And also, its advantage is that it is a lever that follow the working-displacement of the user as a nice faithful dog or horse.
Only a solid rod can perform inertia of rotation as for example to maintain one equilibreium. Note it is why, the main crocodile technique is abble to violently and strongly tears the prey using ther tail rotation inertia.
It is what we all believe obviously that in falling body heavy object are different from the lighter one.
For example, a parabolic motion trajectory can be exactly defined by a struture built from a circle plus a line.
Therefore, any phenomena of condensed matter are necessarily structured because it can be precisely defined as the space structuring.
For example the circle and square is one of the most basic reference one where most of space relationships can be expressed. We can define the Whole Limit even if the universe is discrete matter as a finit constant quantity. Thus, the natural whole numbers series is equivalent to a same series with each element squared.
The distance of the displacement is proportional to the square of the speed, whatever the quantity of its matter is. This means that in the universe space, matter is organized by independent systems structured with their energetical matter around their particular Zero energy or rest-point of the system. Where the more the force is proportonal the inverse distance of this object is near by the center of Mass attraction. Its total kinetic energy is then proportional to the square of its distance from the Earth center, whatever is its total mass.
Without some experience on different objects, we have to test them for knowing their physical properties. These changes are marked as phenomena of Distance Changing denoted as matter Movement phenomena.
That is to precisely tell that in the whole universe with its Space well structured by the Potentiel Energy, where there is no possible variation of the space distance, there is No possible Movement. This corresponds to the statement that "with no more energy, there is no possibility to produce some mouving with one's body or no precise controled movement. Obviously the Work-concept is only an illusion from the usual man's ideology on any Working mechanism necessity. But it is the oil energy that makes the car to be displaced and consequently from there, being used as a transport system.
Only the universal Law can invent the Leg as an optimal mechanism for the alive displacements. The heavenly globe structure is constituted by Three-States of Matter that are a large scale of interchanging energy Potential activity. Basically, without the Spatial Potential immutable struture in the universe there is No possible Movement. And for a mechanism, it may precisely measure the spatial forms with gauges to perform the exact displacement for the given movement needed. Only the immediate optimal muscular effort is for a corresponding given repetitive movements.
This change of location is then concerning as a Movement energy fact because changing location is necessarilly a change of Potential ! This to tell that Movement energy is a Distance corresponding to the Dififference of Potential corresponding of object displacement in space.
They are also expensing Potential energy to transform them in any direction of Distance displacements. This is due to that the universe Absolute-Space should imply that distance between the absolute Locations is a basic meaning of matter during transformations.
Movement is then completly defined if we can prove rationally that the Space is a sytem of absolute Discrete Locations. This so mystic that allows Einstein to state oddly that according to the Time deformation there is no possible Space-Form in the universe!
This is to tell that with a such millenary belief, the definition of Movement is an utopia for Sciences.
While the complex alives on Earth are systems that has each their Internal Potential Energy that allows each of them to have the capability of free Potential generator of producing Distances as Movement.
They are no more then Condensed Matter that are possible only if the heavenly bodies are formed.
The space had to get the capacity of being an Isotropric and Homegeneous one for possible construction actions.

Therefore, at the universe beginning in construction, to be unified for construction in Direction and in Distance the Space was inventing the Square Form from the Permanent unique isotropic Circular one !
Thus, as this figure shows it, in one unit of length (for example 1 meter), there is two components of lengths. This altitude is from a potential energy equal to kinetic energy that create this initial speed equal to 20. The Falling-body universal law should be expressed as the real Total Fall-Distance (the Potential) versus the Motion energy or inversely, the whole current Motion-energy created versus the Potential-Distance. Because really, the falling body measurements, should not produce really the exact Mathematics Parabola figure.
Therefore, in long distance of falling, a parabola trajectory is rapidly taking away from the initial falling point. Rather the Falling-curve is mainly and rapidly determined by the predominent of the vertical-Fall. So Galileo can't get a sufficient good observation to notice some discrepancy between a parabola and it difference between an anaother function. A Same-Distance of displacement may be counted as a Time duration according to the capacity of a traveller to displace. From there with modern experiment one is still resting on the Galileo method of replacing Distance by Time measurements. It is why the falling body is always stated as from a Parabolic Galileo "Quadratic-function Law" ! Because recorder X-axis used the "Time" Recorder-Axis, as generally used only for a best reading with an Y-signal pad out. Saint-Augustin Himself was telling that he cannot have some word for describing what is Time.
Because there are too much lateral energy components that don't correspond to the simple Falling trajectory.
Because with a parabola law many falling bodies with different masses should not fall at a same speed if they depend to a Dynamics Force according to that acceleration-force depends to the masses. The error with the inclined-plane is that it is not the correct expression of the falling-body Law. Probably from there Newton was choosing to state His Universal Gravitation as Energy from Universal Attraction force.
A such definition is simply to state that any falling body is itself a supply of adding energy in the world.
This latter is necessary born from the Galileo's Bad experience and bad conclusion on the Falling-Body analysis according to the Galileo's bad experiment device of A ball-rolling-on-the-inclined-Plane.
It is seen her what is the determination of the trajectory of a ball in free falling with an initial horizontal constant speed plus the vertical falling in a potential field. It consists to substract the initial vertival energy of the ball against the Potential Distance.
Weight of any mass as function of its situation on any globe is determined by these diagram.
It is because at this moment, this system energy will be determine according to the potential of the landed globe surface as shown on this next diagram energy.
One should understand energy as a Work and Work as energetical Movement and movement represented only by Distance.
The problem is due to the usual man that has no direct relationships with the nature from where he is born and where he should behave as being in everdydays practices. Being proud of his mind capacity while behaving diectly with his natural genuineness he had invented multiple universes with his so-called sciences. The Gravitation or the magic Perpetual Motion (for example the First Dynamics Law) are examples of how man had invented his sciences from his immaginaries. This means that this object Acceleration is from its CURRENT GAINING or LOOSING Energy due to the current Extermal Interaction. The initial hand action is only represented by the initial speed of the object but NEVER by the initial hand-acceleration.
This happens when man have to invent explaination about his misunderstanding on natural phenomena. Now to make it as a Scientifc Law it "suffice" to concoct it with a Mess and a Speed to get a formula to define the Motion as a Force! This means that any Center of a system is formed by mutual intercations between elemental objects where the Center is simply the result of the whole initial objects arranged in final energy equilibrium.
The newtonean Force should be defined as function of distance (R2) where should be found at least a given Mass (M1) relatively to any another Mass (Mx). The Number as a mystic Universe Archetype is one most famous that drive to the modern mystic Algebraic Mathematics Techniques. Exchanges between objects are processes of matter condensation during that constructions entail through multiple scale to build more complex objects.
You may be certain that without this web you will never know what is the squaring a circle and many other essential points of human knowledge. What is already exposed in this web site, are only a sample partial view of what is the real deep steady foundation for a futur human just science.
May all parts everywhere in the world where each is oppressed in under-development, listen to it.
The Sun rising Times and the Sunset are of importance for theses plants because its is the effective Sun light energy duration in a day for these plants. The example that a rope has no capacity of having a hight inertia of rotation momentum is the whip.
It is the case for a long rod of a funambulist that can stay in equilibrium when walking on a rod. A Kangoroo can provide a long jump because when it stiffen his tail, he use this latter iniertia momentum to have a new center of masse back to the usual rest position.
We can incribed in this circle-square struture, all the other structures as the conincs and more. We can't explain and define a Fact or a postulate but we can recognize them as the True by their universality.
That is to tell: the structure of a Whole can be analyzed only through the human as condensed matter. The n2 in the recurrence is not a contradictory logic that was defined in mathematics where it is difficult to understand what is this really mysterious induction concept. Because the Recurrence is a Change from one spatial location to an another one, one may consider the place of number in this array as spatial locations, precisely, 1 place is 1 spatial location. Therefore, any material of a heavenly body is located at the center of the system, even they are in the globe form.
In this system, any body is free to displace anywhere but well ordered according to the structure its belongs to. Magma is only at the Earth surface region where the differential of Earth Rings displacements produce friction.
This latter is not realtively to a Mass Attraction particularly the postulate that there is One Central Force in the universe. The truth is that the internal muscular energy expended by the horse that produce the Horse-Movement even without pulling a real load. The Globe structure is really a generator of Movement with its potential structure as the energy source.
For a mechanism, a given action is successfully done by measurement of the corresponding needed-energy (generally by exhaustion, by trial and error. It is why fission of matter of a supernova produces hugue amount of displacement distances or kinetic energy corresponding to the potential that was condensed to form this supernove star. Therefore, the myterious Movement Phenomena that all along the millenary thinkers try uncessfully to define is simply the direct phenomena of the universe Absolute Space property !
A Nothingness is no more than the antinomy of Location and therefore, the Nothingness is no more than man's repudiation of Movement. Acceleration of a ball never allows a shooter to hit precisely a given target and never to aim straight a target as a defined location.
Thus a High potential athlete can then used his internal Potential to get a correspondent dipslacement toward any direction he wanted. But rationally tell his previous effort had expended all of his internal-Potential-Distance thus, it remains to him a few potential capability for performing some more-distance of displacement speed! Alives are systems with independent capability of being auto-moving system denoted to day as the Biological systems.
The horizontal speed is a length AB and the speed of the falling measuring by the vertical potential distance of falling, is represented by a speed length (BC).
This seems correct as long as the experimental curve seems to be analogically equal to a Parabola. It is because the kinetic energy rapidly growing then the water-fall is fololowing directly the vertical direction. The Erroneous concept is the same: Physicians and Mathematicians Are firmly prisonner from the Anciants' Time-believes. It is because, falling law is a phenomena of Distance-Of-Falling but not the Speed of a rolling ball on an inclined-plane. For example, an apple falling from the Apple-tree, is producing the motion of the whole Earth towards the falling-apple!
There is no newtonean Gravitational Force but only Potential Distance refered to a Zero Center.
This diagram and the preceeding one, show that the falling trajectory is really a parabolic trajectory according to the Two-Dimensions space.
One has no more clear opinion of acceleration (or the force of second Dynamics Law) and the motion deformed from the newtonean legendery Uniform Motion. This constancy of internal object energy is from the universal Energy Conservation Principle. The hand acceleration is not added to the falling acceleration because only it is the final speed of the object when it leaves the hand that is added to the falling phenomenon.
Obviously it is real-life event that an object weight in one's hand seems to be pull by something toward the ground. These latter are the Potentiel relatively to the Center Rest Point and a movement energy that is its the orbital rotation energy for its rotation arround the Rest Point center.
For example, between different objects in an accelerating car there is no mutual objects differential relative acceleration (in frictionless cas). It is known that the egg shell became solid only when the egg is out from the hen when it is going in the air contact. Interactions and exchanges are not in random manner, because condensation for construction are precisely defined in the whole structure of the matter. However, conditions of leaving abroad are such that I have to get a job all along of my life without succeeding to work for science. Each one particularly whatever he is on Earth and is not concerned the narrowness harmful and obsolete of clan and nation mind.
A crack of whip is a linear transmission of energie coming from the center of gravity of the original system. The frictions can be located and distributed anywhere in the Earth surface zones, all along geological Time. This latter is simply a secondary form derived from the universe Immutable Potential that finally allows the Movement phenomena. It is why it is so difficult for Man to have some understanding on the Main property of Life: The Movement ! The falling trajectory is a constant addition to the initial zero fall by a successive same (BC) of the successive disapprearing potential in favor of the fall movement. This speed is then seen as a constant initial speed where the falling acceleration will add its correponding instantaneous speed during the falling trajectory. It is its orbital energy of location for maintaining it on a given potential location relative to a Rest Point center. It is no more another thing for Newton when in attemp to invent teh Movement definition by stating his First Dynamics Law. Therefore, there are rational characteristics of any object that we can defined for optimal action in the nature for Life developments. In this position it put his usual center of mass before its behind leg feet as base of support. Thus, a Central Force should be defined ONLY if there is a such permanent Big Mass from there a such central Force should be validated. Therefore, errors from the Time measurements of a rolling ball on the inclined plane may hide the effect of the Vertical falling-Law expression. For exemple, if one is throwing a stone in any direction, this stone is initally quite moved by a potential.
Here, to be more mystic what was done is no more than to drepudiate the true real and concrete Space Distance. It is important to remind that a unit of the natural number series is a logic model of the elemental quantum matter, the indestructible or the a-tomic dakhion. However this a theorical lack bacause a such necessary anterior Eternal Big Mass source of any Force in the universe is never defined by the newtonean Dynamics !
All these theory are simply differnt presuppositions on particular sensitivity on Movement. His idea on the Continuum is simply the antithesis of Discrete Space with Defined Locations.
It is because in this sistuation there is no difference between a Parabol and a Catenary curves. It is with this tail technique that a kangoroo can run so quickly, always with it mass center before his feet support. Thus, if a stone reach the center of the Earth, it stay there at its rest point, with no potential. It is simply the internal-potential-supply-by-the-athlete that is transforming into the stone kinetic displacement.
A Falling Body is nothing else than a recurrence of a constant unit spatial change of the body. Therefore, the global recurrence of the right column -from 1 to 9- is a Recurrence of recurrence with a unit that grows at each row progression. This is the meaning of his First LAW when he try to define his Straight Line Uniform Motion by a Time!
But, with a more enlargement of the vision of the physics, on may ask why the matters that comes far from the space of the nowadays solar system, had accept to come there and form finally the Earth.
The initial volume of the cloud of matter that had form the solar system is well much more vast then what we know for the solar system today.
This means that there is some more laws of the matter condensation to make acquaintance with.
And it is with all these process of matter construction that one may understood finally, why there are Falling Body even if there is no more gravity.

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