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Lifting weights will make you bulky. Unless you are popping copious amounts of testosterone, it is physiologically impossible.
5 exercises – 1 minute each – repeated 3 times for 15 minutes of shoulder-loving fun! Well, I’m not sure what they see in me but I was recently invited back on Studio 5 for another segment! To start this workout – push start on a timer (kitchen timer, cell phone, stop watch, etc).
Push Ups: Try to keep your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and head in a straight line as you lower your chest to the ground.
Lunge Curls: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, dumbbells in hand, and arms to your side. In fact, my almost 77 year old grandmother does regular strength training at the YMCA each week. There are many benefits to strength-training during and after menopause. I enjoy reading and writing about all things related to exercise, nutrition, and healthy living. Keep your back as straight as possible and lift the weights away from your body and towards the ceiling.
This one was a blast – I usually go on with some sort of physical therapy advice about something but this time they had me on for Tone and Tighten!

You’ll perform as many reps as you can in 40-45 seconds and give yourself a 15-20—second rest before moving on to the next exercise. Put your hands on the chair and lift your backside forward so it’s no longer on the chair (just your feet on the floor and hands on the chair). As we age, we gradually lose muscle mass. After age 30, adults lose 3-8% of their muscle mass each decade! Muscle burns more calories throughout the day than fat does so the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn throughout the day.
Today we’re shredding them out with this killer, at-home, 15-minute shoulder workout that will have everyone dying to know your secret.
Bend at your elbows until they reach a 90 degree bend (your bum should be below the seat at this point). Perform a lunge by bending your left leg until your left knee is about 1 inch off the floor. This week’s upper body and arm workout can help get you (and your arms) ready for tank tops and other summer apparel.
It says to use the dumbbell weight of your choice but don’t take the easy way out and lift too light either. As you come up from your squat push your dumbbells over your head (your hips and knees should be straight when the weight is overhead with your elbows extended).

Use the muscles in the back of your arm to straighten your elbow again, basically returning to the starting point. While lowering yourself towards the floor perform a biceps curl by bringing the weights up to your shoulders. Prepare to shred your upper extremities with this awesome “Arm Pyramid Workout”!! Combine aerobic exercise, strength training and HIIT and you’ll start to see results. Research shows that lifting heavier weights helps maintain bone mass, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis. Return the weights to your side (straightening your arms) while propelling yourself back to the upright starting position with your left leg. Bring the weights back down to shoulder height and then slowly return them to the starting position.

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