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First Trimester Recap If you follow me on social media then you know by now that we are expecting our first baby this winter !! At Home Bootcamp Now that our summer bootcamps have started ( yay!) I have had a few people ask me If I could share some of the workouts since they don’t live close enough to attend!! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I hear so many people (usually women) saying that they want a smaller butt when in reality a stronger, bigger, better butt would be much better. Another factor to consider is the relative strength of the quadriceps muscles (which run down the front of the thighs).
If you think you are experiencing any of the problems above, you are best seeing a physiotherapist who can diagnose the problem and advise accordingly.
Since your butt has both types of muscle fibres, you need to do some of both types of exercise on a regular basis to make the best use of your gluteal muscles. Here’s me doing a few good jump squats and some not so good jump squats – what do yours look like? If you come to bootcamp you will have hopefully received an email from me with an order form if you want me to order you a kettlebell from the company behind Kettlercise.

Please let me have your form and cheque by next Wednesday (24th July) so that I can place one order to reach us in plenty of time for the sessions to begin on Friday 2nd August. The prices I have listed are the cost prices (plus postage) which Kettlercise™ offer me as an instructor and they are only available for a short period of time, after which the prices will go up. I know you all think that I revel in your pain during week 4 but really I just like to see you push yourselves and see what you can achieve! The boys are very excited to be big brothers I am going to share my fit pregnancy with you all. Any weakness in the glutes will result in a lack of either or both of these crucial functions. If these muscles are overly strong (in relation to the glutes) they will dominate any glutes exercises and hamper the glutes when they try to switch on.
If you currently come to super-circuits but plan to keep coming when  it changes to Kettlercise™ in September you may like to buy your kettlebell now and avoid paying the higher price later. Shoulders for the boxer and volleyball player.These exercises can range from low intensity, jump squats, burpees and jumping lunges. This in turn leads to protection of the joints as the bones get denser the wear on joints slows down.

To top it off the muscles become stronger as more fibres are recruited in the movements, which is always a benefit in my book.
Is your head in line with your spine or is it tipped backwards to create a crease in the back of your neck? Improvements in co ordination and a decrease in the possibility of injury should not be overlooked. Taking time out because of injury can be a massive set back both mentally and physically.Plyometric exercises can be as simple as hopping on one foot or throwing a medicine ball against the wall or to a partner. Bounding in straight lines and then on to more advanced patterns ie zig zags or in circles.Clap press ups are a great way increase upper body strength and power and can be done almost anywhere. Jump squats and lunges are low impact ways to begin any plyo training and again can be done almost any where.Depth jumps from a box of up to 600mm or 2ft high and then jumping back up onto the box multiple times are a more advanced method of increasing leg power and vertical jump height.

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