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In fitness, if your goal is to move more weight in the gym and create more power beyond it, you need to break traditional rules. All you have to do is hit play and follow along for the best workouts of your life and the body-changing results to prove it.
It’s 6 weeks’ worth of high-intensity interval workouts — 8 routines in all — that blend calisthenics, weight training, and cutting-edge cardio techniques into a fat-torching, muscle-sculpting, sweat-drenching total-body transformation. You don’t need to make your life fit this program; THE ANARCHY WORKOUT is 100% designed to fit your life. He designed a new programme, one that yields benefits visible in the mirror and on the scale.
With these fast but incredibly effective 30-minute workouts, you can do the follow-along videos without ever leaving your home.

Once you hit play, you’re in it — it’s just you, your sweat, and an all-out revolt against body fat.
Each Anarchy workout blends cardio, strength work, and calisthenics in heart-hammering intervals that take just 30 minutes.
Each can help you reach your goals faster, but combined, as they are here, the results are amplified: "You can lose up to 8 kilos in six weeks," says Speer. I was an outside linebacker, and it was all about getting as fast and big as you could for the football team. Complete three compound sets for a serious upper-body pump.Press "pause"By themselves, isometric moves-which involve holding a position, like a plank-are powerful strength builders. But isometrics become even more potent when integrated into a dynamic exercise-say by holding the bottom of a jump lunge or jump squat and then performing several explosive reps.

Move your right hand and left foot forward; then repeat with your left hand and right foot. Do this two more times.Switch directionsEvery time you do a squat, bench press, row, or any other exercise with forward and backward movement, you're training in the sagittal plane.

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