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Keyword research is always one of the most important works when you get started in affiliate marketing. Which is the best competitive keyword research tool with high cost performance and it has its unique value that others don't have?
The problem with the paid keyword tools is to provide you many data that really won’t work for your website rank in search engines. Keyword  tools like these have one purpose: to earn money for USERS, without providing them with data that is easy to make use of. These are poor features of keyword search tool that provide useless keyword info to buyers.
Then what kinds of keyword should we looking for and make our website get good rank in google to attract more visitors? How many competitors for this keyword – can you make a good rank for this keyword in google?
So if you find the keywords that have low competition with clear meanings and get a good amount of traffic, you are SEO ready. Only combining monthly searches and competition ( QSR) you can find the best and accurate keyword!
So if you use a quality competitive keyword tool like Jaaxy that other keyword tools cannot give you such unique value, you will find these accurate keyword with low competition and create your content. With just 1 search in Jaaxy,  I found 17 awesome keywords in niches that easy to rank for in Google. Undoubtedly, if your domain name contains your niche keywords, you are s very strong competitor in niche marketing. When you start searches With in Jaaxy Enteprise, you will get the Exact Match Domains which are available with the corresponding search term as well, 90 domains at a time.
Last month I bought a cupcake for my daughter in our local department store and watched the whole making process. Jaaxy provide users a  convenient way to buy the Exact Match Domains at a very cheap price with a safe web-hosting.
I could buy these domains and build a small website with them because Google ranks domains that contain the keyword in them (even after the latest Panda update targeting EMD’s), My websites are more likely to be the first ranking in Google! How do you know what keywords are relevancy for your site and which position your site in google? If you search the long tail keyword best free affiliate marketing for beginners as my niche keyword.
You can see the result: This kind of long tail keyword make my site rank top 3 pages in google. As a free starter, Users are permitted to use Jaaxy to search 30 awesome NICHE & KEYWORDS INSTANTLY without any cost.
And if you are a power user and don’t want to waste your time, please consider the Jaaxy Enterprise version.
Die Bild-Text Anzeigen fugen sich perfekt in redaktionelle Inhalte ein, ohne werblich zu wirken.
Affiliate-Marketing hilft Ihrem Business erfolgsbasiert (CPL oder CPO basiert) Umsatze zu generieren.
Ihre Werbeanzeigen in den sozialen Netzwerken bringen wichtige Erstkontakte und neue Kunden.
SEO Traffic ist wichtiger den je, denn er bildet das Fundament fur erfolgreiche Online-Umsatze. Mit unserem asynchronen Tracking Container und der hauseigener Trackingweiche konnen wir Ihre Werbeaktivitaten optimal und genau messen.
Fur erfolgreiches Produktdaten-Marketing brauchen sie keinen extra Feedoptimierungs-Dienstleister. Automatisierter Einkauf von Werbeinventar in Kombination mit Real-Time-Bidding, Retargeting und Audience-Targeting ist fur Ihr Wachstum unverzichtbar.
Die firststars GbR ist im Januar 2007 von Henning Hock gegrundet worden, um Sie beim Verkauf ihrer Produkte Online zu unterstutzen. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mit firststars professionelles Online- & Mobile-Marketing anbieten zu konnen!
Facebooks mehrsprachige Posts sind da – Awesome, increible, fantastisch!Anfang des Monats machte Facebook endlich die Neuigkeit publik: Mehrsprachige Posts werden ab sofort fur jeden verfugbar sein! Accelerated Mobile Pages – schnell wie der Blitz„Die Webseite ladt nicht, kannst du mal versuchen, ob es auf deinem Smartphone schneller geht?“ Diese oder ahnliche Konversationen kennt wohl fast jeder aus seinem Alltag.
Influencer Marketing auf Facebook – neue Richtlinien und neues ToolBranded Content ist keine neue Erfindung, bereits 1930 gab es erstmals im TV Bereich von Marken gesponserte Serien. The best way to demonstrate how I use this tool when doing keyword research for SEO is with an example. Now if I was to use a backlink checking tool like SEO Quake (see image below) you can see that the URL has 500 backlinks. Now this is still pretty competitive, and not a keyword I would recommend targeting, as the search volume is not that high.
One thing to keep in mind is that if the sites at the top are hard core authority sites, like PR 6+, then be careful, because even if they are not trying to rank for a phrase but Google is giving it to them anyway, it is usually because of their authority on the general topic and they still can be hard to beat.
I am not an affiiate for this tool either, I just wanted to share something cool I am doing that I hope will help you also. I write about various topics to do with Internet Marketing and strive to provide the best free resource for people wanting to develop online businesses.
Wow that is excellent it will be really easy to outrank your competitors with that tool A hrefs. Matt, I use and it gives me tons of backlinks and anchor text for my competitors.
Matt Carter Reply:August 20th, 2011 at 11:21 amI find Ahrefs is the fastest tool for doing this, and I have tried a lot of them, but if you prefer another, then by all means use what works for you!
Anything that will help me with keyword research is a GOOD thing as that’s where I seem to fail the most.
Thank you for reminding me that honor and integrity still exist in today’s competitive world. Thaks Matt,for the useful tips of anchor text and backlinks thanks for sharing.really appreciate your help.
Matt, this is off topic, just wanted to thank you for the video with the guy who has the Betta fish sight, I’m having a ball finding new keywords and writing articles for my sites with his method.
I am just trying to get links for my different websites as you have taught me in your Rapid Profit Formula and Rapid Rewriter which I have purchased both by the way . Previously I have tended to stay away from sites with as many as 5oo backlinks, they were just too hard to outperform, especially if they were above a PR3 rank. So if a site with 500 backlinks shows 450 of them are off topic it may not be so hard to beat to the top .. I follow your blog religiously and want to thank you for all I have learnt from you here and in rapid profit formula. I’ve been trying to take more notice of the page rank of sites I am attempting to compete against.
Until this latest post of yours, I was unaware how important page rank was of the actual backlinks to these sites. Thanks Matt, very useful article, Although I believe You can outrank any website using Youtube or Places. I mean, you sure made this post so easy to understand, and I already have an idea how I will use it. If you buy through my affiliate link, then look for my bonus already connected with Erica Stone’s offer during your download access! So if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can access to these two keyword tools in your WA dashboard.
Recently, Wealthy affiliate keyword tool has updated and give QSR value in the search result as well as Jaaxy. You can complete keyword searching works on a page and needn’t to be downloaded as a software.

Jaaxy is an independent keyword tool and don’t belong to Wealthy Affiliate although you can access to from your WA member center. As a professional keyword tool, Jaaxy can provide more details and power function than Wealthy affiliate keyword tool.
You can check your website rank or position on google, bing, yahoo for keywords with Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a google keyword rank checker as well.
When I joined WA and have been a premium yearly membership, I had access to these two keyword tools ( I bought paid Jaaxy membership for 3  months to understand it. But If you just need an effective keyword tool or do mass keyword search works, Jaaxy is a good choice. There is a lot written about keywords and keyword research tools, and to be sure there are many keyword research tool out there, some free, some not so free. You will no doubt already be thinking that it must be Google’s keyword planner, and you would be close but sorry, no cigar. I will take you through a number of possibilities and then reveal my favorite keywords research tool shortly.
Over the months and years I have used many different keyword research tools and have found them helpful in certain ways but overall I found them confusing and esoteric in nature. You can see here that my key phrase is showing as 50 monthly searches and the competition is low. The full keyphrase did not return any results using Ubersuggest and only started to show results as I removed words. Again with Soovle which is a really nice tool with zero learning curve, the full key phrase did not return any results, until I started removing words. There are, of course, many paid for services that you may use to find keywords and key phrases but in this post I am interested in the best free keyword research tools. So there we have it, my easy to use keyword research tool that anyone can use and discover the right keyword for their projects.
This keyword research tool comes free with the Wealthy Affiliate Membership that you can join up with a FREE starter account. If you’re working towards creating a full-time income from home by becoming an affiliate marketer the Wealthy Affiliate University is the best place to start. Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site but much more, it’s a service provider, a community, a development environment and a platform offering training with support, for both technical and training issues and much more.
It is built around its huge community that is second to none and something we are all very proud of, and perfect for developing online work opportunities. If you are serious about earning an honest income online, working with other like-minded entrepreneurs while taking advantage of a wealth of help. You will be taken step by step through the process of starting an online business, from finding a niche, registering a domain, creating a website and promotion, through to ultimate success. Seriously, there are no credit cards or payment details needed, you simply sign up here by creating a username and password to get your FREE account for life, or until you decide to cancel it or upgrade to the premium membership.
The FREE account gives you 2 free websites, hosting, personal blog page, 1-on-1 support from me, use of keyword tool, phase 1 training, and full access to the community for the first 7 days. For more information on the Wealthy Affiliate program please read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here. If you have any question about Wealthy Affiliate or you just want to let your thoughts be known, please leave me your comment below. Your expertise and command of how to use keyword search tools shines in this informative and instructive article! First of all, let me say that I, too, have struggled for years trying to create an online business. So THANK YOU for this very clear, very precise, knowledge based tutorial on both FREE keyword research tools and how to use them. I do also subscribe to Jaaxy, but I’ll check out those other tools as well, AND your posts on how to best use them. In closing, let me add that your are very correct about the helpfulness of the Wealthy Affiliate Community. I am super happy that you got so much out of my article, I only hope that I can keep up this kind of standard.
Thanks for taking the time to leave my with your thoughts and I hope to see you back here again soon. I am glad to have been of some help to you, as you say, let’s keep moving forward with wealthy affiliate. I use the free keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate all the time to come up with some real gems!
I really like what the team over at Wealthy Affiliate is doing for the internet marketing world.
I see the training that you have received from the WA university truly shining through your work that you do on this website. It is gratifying that you have found wealthy affiliate and it’s working so well for you.
From your comments, I can see the program has really helped you and given you a lot of valuable help. Hi, I am Carl and I'm here to give you everything you need to become a successful Affiliate Marketer without hype or empty promises. My blog will show you how to start your business with free advertising sources, and to then build your business with the profits.
Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter.
If you find a keyword with volume searches and lower competition, you will be excited and realize the huge potential benefits. They do this that just want to let you feel their values: My website got too many info for my keywords. Your website will be a good ranking in Google by creating contents with these keywords what you find in Jaaxy. The biggest problem for beginners who started with affiliate marketing is how to find a good niche for their future business online. If a keyword is relevant to your niche marketing and has QSR below 300, then you are going to get ranked if you’ve got some qulity content on your site. When I am ready to write or start a PPC compaign, I will pay to be a Pro user and check the month searches and QSR of the keywords. Die richtigen und exakt passenden Anzeigentexte sowie die richtige Keyword-Option entscheidet uber den Erfolg.
Fraud Control, Publisher-Scouting sowie die personliche Betreuung der Publisher bringen den gewunschten Erfolg.
Trackingpixel konnen schnell integriert werden, ohne die Ladezeit Ihres Online Shops zu beeintrachtigen.
Bei firststars ist die Datenfeed-Optimierung selbstverstandlich und Teil unseres Erfolgskonzepts.
Seit dem Sommer 2014 haben wir nun unseren Sitz am Checkpoint Charlie, in der Zimmerstra?e 79-80. Entweder direkt von unserem Buro in Berlin aus oder einer unserer Niederlassungen im Ausland. Mit firststars haben Sie jederzeit den kompletten Uberblick uber Ihre nationalen sowie internationalen Online-Marketing-Aktivitaten. Wir haben uns gefragt: Was sind mehrsprachige Posts, wie funktionieren sie und wie kann man sie am besten fur sich nutzen? Konversationen uber langsam ladende Webseiten konnen nun, mithilfe von AMP’s, Geschichte sein! Statistiken zeigen, dass Produkte im Schnitt 5 Mal eher uber Amazon als uber Google gesucht werden. Dynamic Ads bei Facebook sind nichts Neues, doch ab sofort bietet das beliebte soziale Netzwerk seinen werbetreibenden Kunden zusatzlich eine neue, vielversprechende Retargeting-Erweiterung an.

Dies entwickelte sich weiter in Richtung Produktplatzierungen und Sponsorings im TV, Horfunk und naturlich auch in der digitalen Welt. Whether doing affiliate marketing, adsense, ecommerce, it really doesn’t matter, choosing the right keywords is vital. The reason knowing the anchor of the backlinks of a site is so helpful, is because you can get a much clearer picture of what that webpage is really targeting.
Once I find potential keywords, I need to then analyze these to see how competitive they are. However what I cannot tell from this number, is what the anchor text of these backlinks are. There is a paid and a free version of this tool, however I think the paid version is the one that allows you to see anchor text. However what you’ll often find when using this tool, is that pages ranking at the top of Google often are not even targeting the keyword phrase they are ranking for.
Build an online business with my free 12 part internet marketing video training course now! I quite agree that we need to be careful when it comes to competing with authority sites, like PR 6+that is just hard word competing with authority sites better go for the low hanging fruits Thanks once again .Matt looking forward to test the tool.Cheers! Thus, you can imagine the number of internet marketers who’ve signed my informational dance card.
I have just signed up so let’s hope you gain some link love from the shreds guys in return. With the yahoo site explorer services set to come to a halt, people will be scrambling for an alternative. I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled upon your program and the very generous free info you provide, especially as there seems to be an overwhelming presence of fake people on the net. I have been looking for something as clean and more importantly FAST as this for sometime now. Again, you don’t have to worry, Erica has taken time to include plenty of screenshots to walk you through everything. Do I have to spend 24 hours a day doing this?  Absolutely not!  Just use some free time in between household projects!
What I was really looking for was a simple click and reveal kind of approach to keyword research. You will also see that the tool has many different options and filters which a super experienced and talented analysis might use, but I don’t want to even think about all these variables. If you want to learn more about paid for services, please read my review on my favorite paid for keyword research tools on the market, Long Tail Pro, Jaaxy, and KeywordSpy. I spent many hundreds of $$$ trying different programs and methods until I found the Wealth Affiliate University and within a few months, my life had turned around.
If want to help others in the community, and learn more than you thought possible, signup now for your free starter account.
But remember, if you sign up please use my membership link which given you direct access to my 1-on-1 help throughout your training. I have also paid hundreds of dollars to buy ads, find keywords, and try so many different options I can’t even remember them all any more! I am also happy that I’m not the only one who think the Google Keyword Planner and some other tools are just too complicated. It works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months, very own Money From Your Website making you tons of CASH! This means lots of target traffics to your website or articles if they apply with this keyword. Only do you know how many and strong the competitors that you will face to and you can choose the right keywords.
If the keywords that they found are too competitions or broad, their websites hardly get a mount of traffic because of their low rank in Google.
To me this is a no brainer and a complete business model that Jaaxy Enteprise opens up because of its ability to find domains so efficiently. Wir optimieren Ihren Rohdatenfeed fur Google Shopping, Preisvergleicher, RTB, Affiliate & Marktplatze.
Erfolg hei?t fur uns, mit den vorgegebenen Budgets den maximalen Erfolg fur Ihr Unternehmen erzielen. Wir haben die entsprechenden Muttersprachler und Spezialisten fur die verschiedenen Markte vor Ort, um Ihre Online-Marketing-Aktivitaten mit bestem Wissen und Konnen erfolgreich zu managen. Wie bereits bekannt ist, hat Facebook eine ganze Menge Daten uber seine User uber die letzten Jahre gesammelt.
Accelerated Mobile Pages sind eine super alternative um trage und langsame Webseiten zu vermeiden.
Mit einer Conversion-Rate von 10% ist Amazon die mit Abstand erfolgreichste Online Suchmaschine. When I placed this URL, it allows you to plugin exact URL’s not just the home page, ahrefs shows me the anchor text count in decending order for the page. When you look at the results, you’ll see the phrase way down the list, sometimes not even in the first 20.
A quick question if you will, it may be stupid so please forgive me – with the 500 links you refer to in the above article, why do you site yahoo links instead of google? Don’t get me wrong MS is cool, but not as cool as this in terms of usability and results pretty much on demand.
You can save the keywords what you find in Jaaxy and check them later even if you are non-paid membership. But when I select the View Result for Competition I see that the competition is far too high at 334. Immediately , you can see the number of searches has come down to 618, which is still well over the minimum 50, the Article Power is okay at 8.6, but again the Competition is too high at 378.
Now we see the number of searches has come down to 121, the Article Power is 8, and the Competition is now 142, so it’s getting better. The number of Searches and the Article Power seem to be stabilizing at 125 Searches and Article Power of 8, and when I check the Competiton I have a nice result of 78. My full key phrase has a healthy number of searches at 125, the Article Power of 8, and the low Competition of 16. I am no longer lost, confused and alone, because I have the help and support from the Wealthy Affiliate community. In other words, you can find hot domains with these high rank keywords and sell them to earn income.
This give me a tip -I need to add more value contents matching my relevant keywords to get high rank in Google. Der Umsatz der Handler plus das Umsatzvolumen von Amazon als Handler selbst, machen derzeit 40% des E-Commerce Volumens in ganz Deutschland aus. What this tells us is that that particular phrase is not their priority for the page, which makes them less difficult to outrank.
Through many contrast test, I found they almost got the same result and this year Wealthy Affiliate update its keyword tool system, now I only use WA keyword tool as my choice. Knowing how your competition is structuring their sites can easily get you there weeks and months sooner when chasing the big guys. But lets’ turn this into a question someone looking for a keyword tool might enter into Google.

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