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Superset 5 (For this last superset, you will be completing a series of ab exercises with no rest between abdominal exercises. What people are reading right now 3000 Calorie Diet 30 seconds ago How Much Protein, Fat, And Carbohydrates Are Really Needed? Read previous post:How To Lose Weight Fast With Basic NutritionHow does losing weight work? Aside from making you feel confident in your formfitting clothes — without worrying about your muffin top hanging over your waistline — strong abs also prevent back pain, improve posture, and make you better at running and everything else physical (wink, wink). To learn her fitness secrets, we went to trainer Juliet Kaska, who showed us four moves that work the midsection from all angles to create a rock-hard midriff.

We turned to 28 Day Challenge trainer Robert Brace, who works with many of the Angels, to learn some new multitasking moves that target the abs. Make it happen with one of these five- or 10-minute videos, and get ready to feel your core burn. A superset of abdominal exercises means to do multiple abs exercises back to back with no rest between each of the individual core exercises. After completing the 2 abs exercises, take a 30 second rest and repeat the core exercises again. Watch this video and try these five exercises to tighten your midsection and work your core.

If at any point during this workout, you feel it is getting too difficult, take a break, or just call it a day and come back the next day ready to work hard again.

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