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Now a lot of the “tips” out there about setting up 7Search campaigns go something like this: “Hey! Now why all this talk about keywords when I started this conversation with talk about traffic quality?
Simply put, if you’re getting significant impressions and clicks for a penny you may be playing in a market that 7Search has a weak presence in. One thing I can not understand – if you look at the three higher bid, it is seen that some of the first and second lines are pretty big difference (for example, the second row). How come your ‘most profitable’ campaign has ZERO conversions over the whole week??? So what’s the message of this post – to tell us that we gotta be bidding on $3-$6 CPC keywords?? Thanks to you Luke I started my affiliate PPC experience with your 7Search coupon (put in $25 and got an additional $50 worth of advertising).
Secondly, I don’t mean to say that by simply bidding higher you get higher quality traffic. Use 7Search’s keyword tools to find keywords with high bids, then find related keywords with bids you can afford, and then test multiple offers that pertain to these keywords. These figures include the first couple of weeks when I was testing, and losing money with this campaign. As a newbie I find that most forums seem to be filled with gloomy figures of failure, makes me wonder if it makes any sense.
Its just in the past year that I’ve started trying hard enough, and sticking to an idea until I master no matter how many failures it takes. However, even though there are plenty of sites like that there are thousands of 7Search affiliates. I’ve been using 7seacrh for almost 2 years now and I have about 5-6 targeted campaigns promoting some pay per sale sites and I never spend more than $100 a month and usually see 4-5 times that in return.
I subscribed your newsletter, I am still waiting for new posts from you but in 10 days I just got 1.
3) I checked theTOP 500 kws list from 7Search, however most of them are Pharma, credit card and gambling related.
I had started using 7 search 1 weeks ago and help me to generate one sales from clickbank and some cpa sales on Peerfly.
I am considering to use others and anybody had other suggestion especially increase your squeeze page opt-in rate?
In fact I have bought information which I will not name here that did not even touch some of those basic, crucial points.
Once you have setup your 7Search campaign, have everything tracking properly, and are generating some traffic the next thing you can do to help yourself push towards profitability is optimize that traffic. Once you have gone through and blacklisted bad performing subids you may need to go through and add new keywords. So any campaign that reaches $5 with no conversions, I’m willing to pull the plug on.
One thing I noticed is that some affiliates have clicks coming from just 2 or 3 domains, which makes blacklisting easy.
I’ve also noticed that some affiliates have so many RID that its almost impossible to block them.
Luke, I’m new to your list but enjoying your active involvement and encouraging newsletters. Well, my campaigns have had some time to run now, and I have noticed some repeat clicks on the RIDs from those affiliates, but I still get clicks from new domains popping up. They do produce some conversions for me, but they seem to be sending plenty of questionable traffic too. Have you had any experience so far or heard about people doing 7search and affiliate or just CPA? I haven’t tried building a list with 7Search traffic yet, but I can definitely see there being an opportunity with how cheap the traffic is. The affiliates that are being discussed in this thread are search partner websites that are affiliated with 7search. I would try and find keywords that are getting traffic or you won’t really be able to optimize. Can you block only the affiliate (###AFFID###) or do you need the combination of the AFFID and RID to blacklist?
Yesterday I sent out an email to everyone who has joined my newsletter, Affiliate Manager Exclusive, with a quick example and walk through of setting up and tracking a 7Search campaign.
Once your account is setup simply click the Create Campaign link on your Campaigns tab and you’ll be taken to the New Campaign form.
For your destination URL you need to pass 3 variables into your link so you can track everything properly. As I explained above, the ###KEYWORD### variable will pass the keyword as a subid into your link. Using this data you can access how much volume is possible and how much it’s going to cost you. With that information you should be able to setup your 7Search campaign and start getting some traffic. I suggest to get started you run some of our top email submit offers. Please let me know if you have any questions.
With cf keywords (click free) on 7Search the user is automatically taken to the top bidders link when they visit an expired link or a website that is using 7Search’s cf program. Jason here,so happy you can approve my application,now i want to learn how to start using 7 search engine to promote your network email submit offer,will you be conducting a webinar to newbie in your network like me so we can successful promote your network offer as soon as possible,thank you very much. The tracking variables will work, but you’ll need to figure out what SubID variables that network uses. Another huge positive to using Bing Ads is that their compliance department is pretty lax and you should have no problem getting most affiliate marketing campaigns approved! If you have created a search ad campaign using Google AdWords or 7Search then you should have no problem getting your Bing Ads campaign setup. When you are setting up your Bing Ads campaign you need to make sure that you click the Advanced location options drop down and select Show ads to people in your targeted location.

By selecting that option you are ensuring that people who see your ad when searching are located in your targeted location. You’re also given bid suggestions which will help you get better placement in the results and more traffic.
With my recent Bing Ads campaigns I have simply been direct linking to a few different PeerFly offers.
With this simple HTML code you can easily create a redirect page which will go directly to your affiliate link. I saw some test campaigns from Bing and if you know how to set up and target well, you can make good money. One question: what I’ve heard is that Bing ads is not too happy with e-mail submits, so what kind of offers are you running in Bing?
Luke, I would like to hear more from you regarding the offers that you are promoting on Bing Ads.. Some affiliate network links are blacklisted by certain traffic sources (example: PeerFly links are blocked by Facebook), but with a redirect they may still approve your link.
Great post, a friend told me that I could do this but I could not figure out how, I’m not used to working with Bing.
For offers that require credit card purchase, what would you consider an acceptable conversion rate in bing ads? Hi Luke, reading through this post and your response, do you recommend BingAds over 7search for someone who is starting on PPC? I don’t necessarily recommend Bing Ads over 7Search for beginners, but I think once you get the hang of search ppc with 7Search then Bing Ads would be a good next step. I will bet you your grandmother’s article submitter that no one is paying $6 a click for bot traffic. Now how did I find these gems? Let me advise you, nay, let me implore you not to start your CPA career by getting excited about one shiny CPA offer. Well, because 7Search is a 2nd tier PPC network and their reach does not extend into all markets like you’ll see with Google or AdCenter. Use keyword research to evaluate the quality of traffic 7Search can provide in any given niche. You have no idea man on what products they are bidding that much, and without being in “their shoes” bidding that crazy $$$ is a surefire way to go bankrupt on 7 search!
Some say 7search is good only for email submit offers or offers with smaller payments like $1.50.
If I find that I get substantial impressions and clicks, I go to phrase match and watch for negative keyword opportunities to keep my conversions up. Very good tips for 7search traffic, the bit about checking their top 500 to filter out their best markets is a real gem!
If you followed along my article on how to setup a 7Search campaign you should have everything tracking properly. After you setup a campaign you should start to see traffic almost immediately as long as you bidding enough to get you in the top positions.
7Search decided that in order to stop abuse, they need to manually turn it on in each account. Your traffic is going to increase, but at least you’ll know that the traffic you are getting is from sources that are performing for you. Of course, please let me know if you have any questions and let’s make some 7Search affiliate money! I asked support but there isn’t any way to block an AFFID and they are reluctant to block domains.
When you are blacklisted your traffic no longer goes to the advertiser’s landing page. Just gotta weed the non performing to a freebie list and push the performers in another list.
I don’t do anything with ClickBank, but I know my publishers often run their campaign as well. While I can see that we can track every keyword and bad traffic source according to your way.
If they allow you to pass 3 SubIDs it’s a little easier, but either way it should work fine. It’s a bad traffice right It click my Ads 5 times and no traffic.I should block them right ?
I’d wait until you see more clicks from that single source and then decide whether or not to blacklist it. The affiliates are actually 7Search’s, but you can see their ID number (###AFFID###) in your link and blacklist them if their traffic is not performing for you. Today I am going to go into a little more detail on how exactly that is done, give you some example offers you should run on 7Search, and I have even included a screencast going over my example campaign. To insert the keyword that you are bidding on that the user has searched for in order to see your add simply add the variable ###KEYWORD### to your ad title, ad description, display URL, or destination URL. The ###AFFID### is the affiliate’s ID number from 7Search that you are getting traffic from.
You can find the 7Search tracking pixel by clicking the [Track It] link on your Manage Keywords page, the Conversion Tracking link on your Dashboard, or by clicking here. I will be doing a follow up post on how to optimize your campaign based on the traffic you have gotten. I have a lot of publishers at PeerFly that use Bing Ads and I have gotten quite a few questions about promoting on Bing so I decided to give it a try. It has a nice research tool that will remind you of AdWords keyword tool, but seems to be even simpler.
I have mentioned before that I like to start my affiliate marketing campaigns simply by direct linking and seeing what kind of response I get from the advertiser’s landing page before going through the trouble of creating my own. The benefit is you get to choose the domain you promote on (rather than just direct linking with your networks affiliate link) and even if your network affiliate link is blocked by the source you can usually get a meta refreshed approved. I am currently working directly with Bing so I can provide account representatives from Bing to anyone who is interested in promoting with their platform seriously. Have you remember, recently we exchanged few mails where you adviced me to go ahead with Bing Ads … now you came up with nice post of it.

Everywhere I look, people seem to say that it’s not recommended anymore even with Bing. He has studied internet marketing since 1997, and he is proficient in turning those wayward entrepreneurial spirits (whiners) into winners.
Enough times to choke NASA and what’s more is, I have heard similar such complaining about every paid traffic source in the known universe. Now, why do you suppose this is? Absolutely familiarize yourself with the offers that are available to you, but do NOT get your heart set on one, not yet. I am so eager to start a campaign with 7search and still in process of managing 150$ as a start budget. The first couple of days I tried out some CPA offers and after not making any conversions at all, I decided to try marketing some affiliate products. There are people making money from their traffic or they wouldn’t still be in business.
So we just go find the strong ones testing the traffic first buy rotating tightly related offers in many niches. I have a couple of questions though: Are you using landing pages on 7Search to link to your offer?
Once you have a combination that profits, or at least comes close to break-even, it is worth it to test and lander. For offers that work in multiple countries you should run a different campaign for each country. Do you think that 7search provide good quality traffic for that kind of offers like a snoring solution(sale) offer which pays 40 $? Depending on your keywords and bidding, you should have a nice amount of data within your first $5-10. As long as you have deposited in your account and setup a campaign that is driving traffic they have no problem enabling it though. Keeping a close eye on both keywords and the sources of traffic you’re generating traffic from using those keywords is important. What I found was that there are some affiliates that send huge traffic on almost all the most popular keywords. Sometimes this will happen because of fraud (in that case, you get a much more stern email), but usually it’s just that your traffic was not converting well on the backend for the advertiser. Later this week I am going to do a follow up post on how to optimize your 7Search campaign by finding and blacklisting losing sources. Once you create your account and deposit at least $50 you will get $25 added to your account for free. The ###RID### variable is that affiliate’s website ID that they are generating traffic from. If so, how is it different from the CPV networks like directcpv who uses keywords for advertising? Bing Ads seems a lot better than the old adCenter with a nice looking, easy to use interface and high quality traffic from Bing, Yahoo, and their partner search networks. A lot of the time I’ll know from direct linking whether or not the campaign is really worth pursuing. Bing and Facebook Ads are two examples of sources that will approve a meta refresh page even though they may have the network’s affiliate network you are trying to promote blocked.
I will definitely follow the guide lines provided by chad and will let you know the results too. The idea is to take the time and effort that it takes to make a couple dozen campaigns like this one. For this niche I drive 7Search traffic to a squeeze page offering a free paid survey newsletter. If you track this traffic through your own system (as I do) you will notice that all of that traffic does not have javascript enabled. In that case, I’ll work with you to try to find some similar offers for you to run as alternatives or work with you to improve your traffic quality. Obviously, each affiliate has their own ID, but each affiliate can have many websites so each website has it’s own ID as well.
I tried on a campaign and I got 166 clicks and 1 conversion which really ended up being a huge waste of money. Unfortunately I already have their $25 certificate, which I only have 4 more days to redeem.
I’m above a dime on a couple of these and I have the clicks and impressions to show for it. Every issue of this newsletter is promotional, informing subscribers of new paid surveys they can try. Because of that, I’d suspect that clicks from those affiliates would be unreliable and probably bot generated.
It’s common to see that one website from an affiliate on 7Search may be generating conversions, but another may not. This is a little disheartening, but I’m sure there are other keywords that I might be able to get some traffic on if I continue my keyword research. However, there are quite a few different sources that sent me enough clicks to know that they are not going to convert for this campaign and I have gone through and blacklisted those. Later I will explain how you can blacklist a certain website an affiliate is sending you traffic from if it is not converting for you.
Just for example purposes, I am going to choose 10 of those keywords and explain in the video below how I go about bidding for them. I will explain how to blacklist in a minute, but for now let’s take a look through all of the different sources I got traffic from and which ones can be blacklisted. The AFFID could not be blocked, so the only thing left to do was find keywords that they are not sending traffic on. Would be so much easier if they allowed us to block the AFFID so that all their suspicious clicks can be eliminated.

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