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As always eat plenty of good healthy muscle building foods, log your workouts, and get plenty of recovery. Generally with big compounds 3-5 minutes, smaller machine exercises 30-45 seconds but with dumbbell stuff I would stick to 1.5-2 minutes in between sets. Thanks for the response, I got another question for the squat for workout 4 would you recommend low bar or high as doing stronglifts 5×5 recently and am use to the low bar squat but am willing to switch to high bar if it is more affective.
If that answer isn’t necessarily helpful enough, I generally work up to 80-85% of my working weight. Take a week off and do like 50%-60% percent of your main exercises and don’t do any accessory work. If you do this and stall for a few weeks then I recommend cutting weights back down 10-25 pounds and restarting the process. If one day i can,t wear my XL shirts because they become smalller… I,ll know who, s Guilty. Power bars are a bit thinner than an oly bar, a deadlift bar is a bit thinner than a power bar. Bigger by the day is a video series by Rich Piana that helps guys gain 30 pounds of muscle in 16 weeks, or does it? His methods for doing so are both dangerous and unrealistic for the guy looking to get bigger.

The problem that I have with his methods is that they are very unrealistic and dangerous to the average guy looking to get BIGGER.
Here are my thoughts on his ridiculous methods and after you watch the video, I’ve laid out a perfect formula that anyone can use to make very size-able gains if you are looking to get bigger. Just to be clear, I’ve used this method below the video to gain 40 pounds in 4-5 months.
Here is a formula that you can use that is guaranteed to help you get BIGGER and build muscle with minimal fat without having to eat 12 meals a day! Example:  If you are 150 pounds that would equal 2850, roughly depending on your height and age. Protein will always be 1 gram per pound of body-weight a day no matter what body part you train. When it comes to carbs they will be different depending on weather you train upper or lower body. 3 day bodybuilding split routine - youtube, This is a 3 day bodybuilding split routine that you can follow. Arnold schwarzenegger 3 day split bodybuilding routine, This bodybuilding routine is inspired by the way arnold schwarzenegger trained during his competition days.
What is the best 3- day split for muscle building, What is the best 3-day split for muscle building?

I’ve seen people who squat 1000 pounds low bar and high bar, so whatever works best for you.
Some people says that military presses are basically the best shoulder excersice on compound movements.
This is a routine designed around a barbell only prerequisite that will help you build some great muscle and strength.
I think if you can do them without any straining then try them, go to just below the top of your head and press, go light at first.
I’ve noticed with my shoulders and chest I need a bit more light warmups than I do for say squats and dead lifts.
Can I low the weight 10 or 20 pounds and re start the process increasing 5lbs on the bar week to week again? I usually do a couple sets of 15 of bar on bench, then 95, 135, 155, 185 and then go from there..

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