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The past week has consisted of trying to get myself back on track after spending my birthday in Rome, eating and drinking too much.
Whenever I have had a break from my usual workout routine, I use yoga to ease myself back in to it. I got sent an awesome purple one from Yogamatters (yes, the colour of it is important to its awesomeness) and I love it. It is quite big, but seeing as I do most of my yoga practise at home, that isn’t really an issue. We doubt ourselves so much that we often don’t even try to do things because we think we will fail. I know some people would come home and go on some intense juice cleanse, but that is just not for me. It worked out good timing that I was sent a selection of Impression Drinks to try out and I was really impressed.
I was also sent some detox shots as well, that I have been adding to my green smoothies each morning.
If you want some extra goodness in your diet, then I would really recommend trying these out. Want to make sure you never miss a Hungry Healthy Happy post? Make sure you have subscribed by clicking here. Pinned that all over body workout and plan on using it when I’ve got a spare 30 minutes on running rest days. I like the look of that yoga mat and agree that the cour makes a huge difference to awesomeness! I think our bodies are perfectly capable of detoxing themselves with a healthy diet and exercise. I did an upper body workout yesterday, so I decided to do a 30 minute ab workout this morning. Lunch this afternoon was an English muffin with pb, pineapple Greek yogurt topped with some granola, and some watermelon. Tonight, my stepmom, sister-in-law, and grandma are coming over for dinner and a movie night.

I think I ate an English muffin with peanut butter and dried cranberries every day for breakfast for like 6 years.
Last week, not one, but two readers accused me of making “really hard”? workouts, which apparently pushed them out of their comfort zone more than they expected. I think these plans represent a very informed balance between cardio and strength training workouts.
So, I thought I would share with you my favourite products to ease myself back in to my routine of healthy eating and exercise. To be honest, motivating myself to get to the gym has been the most difficult part, so I have been doing most of my workouts at home. My diet mainly consisted of pizza, pasta, gelato and wine (no, I don’t feel at all guilty for it, as it was my birthday and I was in Rome) and there were not too many fruits or vegetables as part of that. We did all the tourist stuff too, but it was also nice to sit in a little restaurant in one of the squares and watch the world go by. A fave from my week was going to a press launch of a local yoga studio, looking forward to getting in some classes after baby is born!
My favourite thing from this week has been Metcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn in the new White Cheese flavour – divine! We can’t afford to go away, but I had time to take off, so it has been nice to have some time to relax. I have been loving English muffins with pb lately – I think I have eaten one everyday for the past week.
On paper it doesn’t look too bad, but man was it challenging (in a good way, of course).
All you need is 30 minutes to break a sweat with this kick-butt bodyweight workout—anytime, anywhere. This high-intensity bodyweight workout is a simple, effective way to work your whole body—without any machinery or extra equipment. I got sent pretty much everything that you can see on their website, but I thought I would share with you my favourites.
So having this pouch of quinoa was excellent for when I needed a quick lunch, as I just put it together with a salad.

I enjoyed pretty much everything that they sent, apart from the crisp thins, as I thought they were a bit bland. I have been looking for a new yoga mat for ages as the other ones I have are old and I didn’t really take too much notice in what I was buying when I got them. It contained carrot, apple, orange, ginger, lemon, green tea and ginseng and it was the perfect way to kick start my day.
I love bringing home my marking, putting on the TV and just having the gentle applause in the background.
This was to be expected though because the doctor said that once the numbing medication wore off, it would take 2-3 days for the cortisone to start working. And apparently, the grocery store is also excited for fall because they’re already putting out Halloween magazines!
It’s a combination of a track workout and a CrossFit WOD””both of which I did last night.
From heart-pumping jump tucks to core-blasting mountain climbers, these supersetted moves will help build strength and boost metabolism with just body resistance alone.
The main thing I like about it is that it sticks to the floor and my feet don’t slip around on it.
I know some people will ask why I drink the fruit and veg and not just eat it, well, I do eat it too, but sometimes it is just easier to get a big hit in one go from a juice.
So take this workout to the park, the playground, or the living room floor—there's no excuse to skip a workout again! If you need more detail on any of the moves below, check out our list of 50 bodyweight moves for explanations.

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