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Exercise is a key factor of optimal health; it's particularly important for controlling your blood sugar and normalizing your insulin levels.
When done correctly, exercise can oftentimes act as a substitute for some of the most common drugs used today for things like diabetes, heart disease and depression. All of these conditions will improve with exercise and the help of an experienced natural health care clinician. There are many versions of HIIT, but the core premise involves maximum exertion followed by a quick rest period for a set of intervals. My Peak Fitness routine uses a set of eight 30-second sprints, each followed by 90 seconds of recovery, as taught by Phil Campbell who is a pioneer in this field.
A recent article in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal1 shows how you can fulfill the requirements for a high intensity exercise using nothing more than your own body weight, a chair, and a wall.
Best of all, this science-backed routine only requires a seven minute investment, as the program calls for as little as 10- to 15-seconds of rest between each 30-second exercise, which should be performed in rapid succession. One of the added boons of this 7-minute program is that since you don’t need any equipment, you can easily take this routine with you when traveling.
The exercises are ideally done in the following order, as this allows for opposing muscle groups to alternate between resting and working in each subsequent exercise.
I believe most people can perform high intensity exercises, provided you listen to your body and work out according to your current level of fitness and ability. For individuals with hypertension or heart disease, the isometric exercises (wall sit, plank, and side plank) are not recommended. For all individuals, the Valsalva maneuver should be avoided, particularly for the isometric exercises.
I firmly believe that most people would benefit from high intensity exercises but the key is to start very slowly if you have any of the risk factors listed above. Remember, while your body needs regular amounts of stress like exercise to stay healthy, if you give it more than you can handle your health can actually deteriorate. Contrary to popular belief, extended extreme cardio, such as marathon running, actually sets in motion inflammatory mechanisms that damage your heart. Repeatedly and consistently overwhelming your heart by long distance marathon running, for example, can actually prematurely age your heart and make you more vulnerable to irregular heart rhythm. Compelling and ever-mounting research shows that the ideal form of exercise is short bursts of high intensity exercise.
Getting cardiovascular benefits requires working all three types of muscle fibers and their associated energy systems -- and this cannot be done with traditional cardio, which only activates your red, slow twitch muscles.
Traditional strength training and cardio exercises work primarily the aerobic process, while high intensity interval exercises work both your aerobic AND your anaerobic processes, which is what you need for optimal cardiovascular benefit. In addition to doing HIIT a couple of times a week, it’s wise to alternate a wide variety of exercises in order to truly optimize your health and avoid hitting a plateau.
For more information about using super slow weight training as a form of high-intensity interval exercise, please see my interview with Dr. Core Exercises: Your body has 29 core muscles located mostly in your back, abdomen and pelvis.
Exercise programs like Pilates, yoga, and Foundation Training are great for strengthening your core muscles, as are specific exercises you can learn from a personal trainer.
Stretching: My favorite type of stretching is Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) developed by Aaron Mattes.
FITNESS DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this site is for educational purposes only. ACL Injuries ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of four knee ligaments holding the knee joint together. ACL Injury Rehab ACL Injury Rehab will be needed after every ACL ligament tear or mild sprain. Common Soccer Injuries I wanted to create one web page with information on common soccer injuries and what these injuries feel like so that you can sometime recognize what is going on when it does happen to you or your players.
Hamstring Exercises Many athletes and regular people have hurt their hamstring at one point in their life and know how discomforting a hurt hamstring can feel. Treatment for Injured Hamstring Hamstring injury treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury. Hamstring Injury Hamstring muscle injuries occur very frequently in athletes participating in various physically demanding sports that require sprinting and sudden change of movement and speed. Hamstring Stretches Stretching the hamstring muscles is very important for our overall health as it reduces lower back pain and gives us strong and lean hamstrings that will help with our lower body range of motion. High Ankle Sprain Ankle Syndesmosis injuries are often referred to what people call high ankle injury due to ankle swelling and ankle joint pain in the ligaments above the ankle.
How To Tape Your Ankle Ankle taping is a big part of preventing ankle injury for players participating in any type of sport where running and change of direction is required, such as soccer, football, basketball etc. Knee Injuries Knee injuries are very common in sports that require running and soccer is one of many sports where ligament injuries are bound to happen to every player sooner or later.

LCL Injuries LCL (lateral collateral ligament) is one of the four knee ligaments holding the knee in place.
LCL Rehab When it comes to LCL ligament injury, time is the best healing process and surgery is rarely required for treatment of common lateral collateral ligament injuries. MCL Injury MCL or Medial Collateral Ligament is one of the FOUR major ligaments that hold the knee together preventing it from sliding left and right or back and forth. MCL Rehab MCL rehab is needed after an MCL ligament injury and time is the best friend in getting over the MCL knee injury. PCL Injury PCL ligament crosses with the ACL ligament preventing our knee from moving back and forth. PCL Rehab PCL injury rehab will be different depending on the level or degree of knee injury suffered. Sprained Ankle Most sport players have twisted their ankle at least once considering that rolled ankle is one of the top sport injuries so I decided to cover everything about ankle sprain in this article. Concussion Treatment Following a concussion, rest is the best answer for concussion treatment.
If you sit for long hours at a desk or computer, your posture will suffer and your shoulders and neck will most likely getA stiff and painful. Back and Obliques.A The Latissimus Dorsi Stretch will help restore flexibility in the back and obliques and correct bad posture. These upper back, neck and shoulder stretched are taken from The Prevent Upper Back Pain App which provides a variety of targeted exercises that stretch, strengthen, and stabilize important muscles and ligaments that support your neck and back. The exercises are authored by Dr Philip Striano, a certified chiropractic sports physician and strength and conditioning specialist. Our content is not intended to substitute the diagnosis and advice of a doctor, chiropractic or physician. The treadmill is the first place many people head when entering (or re-entering) a gym, says Andia Winslow, a personal trainer and sports performance coach at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City. This workout from Brock has blocks of descending time, and each one (including a Tabata routine) is completely unique. This routine, for experienced runners, takes you all the way up to a 6-minutes-per-mile pace -- but don't worry, it's only for 30 seconds at a time.
Mix up your regular treadmill workout by incorporating a few full-body strength moves in between running sets. I often recommend viewing exercise as a drug that needs to be properly prescribed and "taken" at a proper dosage. High intensity interval training (HIIT), which is a core component of my Peak Fitness program, is key for reaping optimal results from exercise. I personally modified the Peak 8 to a Peak 6 this year as it was sometimes just too strenuous for me to do all eight repetitions. Proper execution requires a willing and able participant who can handle a great degree of discomfort for a relatively short duration. So it’s crucial to listen to your body and integrate the feedback into your exercise intensity and frequency. So while your heart is indeed designed to work very hard, and will be strengthened from doing so, it’s only designed to do so intermittently, and for short periods—not for an hour or more at a time. This is why you sometimes hear of seasoned endurance athletes dropping dead from cardiac arrest during a race.
Slow twitch muscles are the red muscles, which are activated by traditional strength training and cardio exercises. If your fitness routine doesn't work your white muscle, you aren't really working your heart in the most beneficial way. This is why you may not see the results you desire even when you're spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week. This group of muscles provides the foundation for movement throughout your entire body, and strengthening them can help protect and support your back, make your spine and body less prone to injury and help you gain greater balance and stability. With AIS, you hold each stretch for only two seconds, which works with your body's natural physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints. Once you’ve covered the distance, pause just long enough to inhale and exhale once through your nose. Exercising in the morning increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, helping with flexibility and increasing mental acuity.
According to research, our bodies prepare themselves for morning exercise by slipping into a deep, peaceful slumber, essentially adjusting our circadian rhythms.
And remember ladies, the gyms are usually empty around this time, so turn up that ipod and go all out!
A poor posture whilst working on a keyboard for long hours will result in stiffness and back pain.
The Open Book Stretch increases thoracic flexibility, opens up the rib cage and relaxes the upper trunk.

The benefits of the Scapular Range of Motion stretch include improved range of motion, more relaxed shoulders, chest, neck and upper-back muscles. To get the full benefit of these exercises check out the full colour illustrations in the app that show clearly which muscles are working during each exercise. These high-intensity interval routines will challenge your body and your brain, boosting your fitness level as the minutes fly by. If these intervals feel too difficult for you to complete safely, do them at your fastest comfortable pace. Hopping on and off the treadmill will keep your heart rate up and your body in prime calorie-burning mode, says Shinoskie, plus it puts harder-to-work muscles (like your arms and core) front and center.
When done at the appropriate intensity, which should hover around 8 on a scale of 1-10, the following 12 exercises, which are outlined in the report, equate to doing a long run and a weight-training session. So by listening to my body and cutting it back to six reps, I can now easily tolerate the workout and go all out. It is also essential that participants in an HICT understand proper exercise form and technique.
But as long as you start at a safe level and continue to push yourself to progressively higher levels, you will eventually reach a level of intensity that will provide the benefits.
When you work out, it is wise to really push as hard as you possibly can a few times a week, but you do need to wisely gauge your body's tolerance to this stress. The latter two (fast and super-fast) are white muscle fibers, and these are only activated during high intensity interval exercises or sprints. The weight should be heavy enough that this can be done in fewer than 12 repetitions, yet light enough to do a minimum of four repetitions. You should consult a physician before beginning a new diet or exercise program and discontinue exercise immediately and consult your physician if you experience pain, dizziness, or discomfort. This burst of movement gets digestive system ready to breakdown food for the rest of the day, enhancing weight loss. Whether it’s a presentation for your boss or a college essay, that extra brain power will come in handy! For three days out of the week, set your alarm to wake up 10-15 minutes before your usual time and do a quick 10 minute workout at home. So here are six stretches you can do to help loosen your neck and shoulder muscles, without the need forA equipement.
Cervical Stars will improve range of motion in your neck rotators, flexors and extensors and help relieve neck pain. Sit upright on a chair, with your legs separated and your feet planted firmly on the floor. Ita€™s the perfect antidote to a long day at the screen and will help provide a more relaxed nighta€™s sleep.
It’s a complete program that includes stretches, balance and posture exercises as well as warm-ups and cool-downs to get rid of your pain and regain the flexibility and strength.
This routine keeps you engaged in the workout while gradually increasing intensity -- no texting while trotting here! This walking-only routine targets the hips, gets your heart rate up and improves balance, says Katina Brock a personal trainer at the Biggest Loser Resort and fitness advisor for Motility Training, a mobile fitness app.
You can shuffle feet together and apart or, at slower speeds, cross one foot behind or in front of the other. The exercises are taken fromA Prevent Back Pain: Upper Back and Neck Exercises For A Correct Posture.
Keeping your elbows straight, reach to the side to begin tracing a circular pattern with your torso.
Moving slowly, extend your upper back and lean forward while twisting to the left from the waist. Imagine that there is a star in front of you with a vertical line, a horizontal line, and two diagonal lines. Return to the starting position, and then repeat the sequence three times in each direction.
Keeping your shoulders relaxed, grasp your raised elbow with your left hand, and gently pull back. Specific questions about your fitness condition cannot be answered without first establishing a trainer-client relationship. Trace the star shape with your head and neck by following the vertical line up and down three times.

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