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Season’s Greetings from the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation
Like so many other celebrations this year, many of the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation’s holiday traditions went virtual in 2020. In case you missed them, be sure to check out our holiday message, Ogle Hall tree lighting and the Naval Academy Band’s holiday concert.
Virtual Spirit Week Brightens Army-Navy 2020
A victory over Army was not in the cards for the Midshipmen this year, but the first Virtual Army-Navy Spirit Week went off without a hitch. Tailgate-in-a-box packages went out nationwide to fans celebrating at home; alumni and friends lit up Facebook with vintage tickets, blue-and-gold bedecked pets and rooms festooned with Navy memorabilia; and fans logged in from as far away as Kuwait to try their hand at Army-Navy trivia. The fun culminated on Friday 11 December with the inaugural Army-Navy Puppy Bowl, held in partnership with the Anne Arundel County SPCA. That event notched more than 9,000 views and in that match-up, Navy did indeed bring home the win.

MIDN O'Loane ’21 Awarded Marshall Scholarship
MIDN Quinn O’Loane ’21 of Prospect, KY, was awarded a Marshall Scholarship. This highly competitive academic scholarship provides up to two years of postgraduate study at a United Kingdom university. O’Loane, Brigade Executive Officer, plans to pursue a master’s in international relations at the University of York and the London School of Economics, where he will focus on U.S.-China relations and cooperative approaches with allies—particularly the United Kingdom—to seek solutions to great power competition. After the completion of the Marshall Scholarship program, O’Loane will report to Naval Air Station Pensacola for flight school.
SACC Received a Makeover
After 26 years, the Service Academy Career Conference (SACC) unveiled a new logo. To better serve our service academy alumni, SACC will also launch a new website in 2021. While much is changing, you can count on SACC to continue providing outstanding opportunities to connect with industry-leading companies and premier academic institutions as you navigate career transitions and consider pursuing graduate degrees. SACC will continue virtually for 2021. To improve this experience, we are partnering with Brazen, a leading virtual hiring event and online career fair platform. Whether you’re searching for top talent for your organization or a new opportunity for yourself, join us for the first SACC of 2021 22-26 February.
Share Your Holiday Spirit with Shipmate
With the holidays upon us, the Alumni Association and Shipmate want to share festive images of active duty Naval Academy alumni deployed across the globe. For those serving far from home this holiday season, we’d like to see your improvised decorations, holiday meal gatherings or any other ways you’re sharing the holiday spirit with your fellow sailors and Marines. Please send your holiday deployment photos to Managing Editor Jimmy DeButts at jimmy.debutts@usna.com by 28 December.
Hold History in Your Hands
The Capital Gazette agrees: “Pieces of the Chapel Dome top Naval Academy-themed gifts this year.” If you’re looking for a meaningful holiday gift or a unique piece of memorabilia, consider one of the many heirlooms that are being crafted from the historic copper that was recently removed from the United States Naval Academy Chapel dome. This is the same copper that has risen above downtown Annapolis, and the Academy, for close to a century. Visit the Chapel Dome Heirlooms website to explore the whole collection.
Midshipman Activities Fund Campaign Raises $585,000
A mere six weeks ago, the Naval Academy Foundation launched a special, short-term crowdfunding effort to raise money for the Midshipman Activities Fund (MAF). The campaign aimed to raise $75,000 to support fitness equipment, movie nights, food trucks and other activities on the Yard designed to boost morale in light of restrictions created by COVID-19. By Army-Navy game day, and thanks in part to several generous challenge gifts, the campaign had raised a whopping $585,300, resources that can also be used by the MAF to used to support ongoing extracurricular activities, club sports and more. Thank you for your support!
USNA Supe and West Point Cadet: An Unlikely Correspondence
Back in the 1970s, West Point cadet and football player Jeffrey Bruckner made a hissing sound when VADM William Mack ’37, USN, then-Superintendent of the Naval Academy, was introduced at a luncheon. Shortly thereafter Bruckner wrote Mack a letter of apology, never expecting a response. He got one, along with a pair of cufflinks he still has today. Mack’s letter explained that the pair consisted of one from the Naval Academy and the other from West Point; he had traded links decades ago, when he himself was a midshipman, after a baseball game in which West Point beat Navy. “I am sending them to you in hope that in the years to come, they will serve to remind you of the value of competitiveness,” Mack said. Mack’s journalist grandson explored the exchange in a recent Baltimore Sun article.
When the World is Ready to Travel, We Will be Ready
We miss traveling as much as you have and are looking forward to getting back to it when it is safe. Our 2021 tour listing is up on our website and we are standing by for reservations. We have many domestic options to choose from as well as international. Our trip in March to the WWII Museum is almost sold out and we hope you will join us.
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USNA Community Mourns MIDN Johnson ’21
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Nominations Open for 2021 Distinguished Graduate Awards
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Bauernschmidt ’94 to Command a Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
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Navy Football Player Honors Forney ’20 during Army-Navy
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Midshipman Harvest for the Hungry Nets 75,000 of Food
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Aquilino ’84 Nominated to Lead U.S. Indo-Pacific Command
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Naval Academy Participates in Rapid Analysis of Threat Exposure Study
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Mann ’99, Barron ’10 on Artemis Team for Early Moon Missions
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Academy Cobbler Retires After
53 Years
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Preferred Provider of Financial Services
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Zamka ’84 Reflects on Experiences with Virtual Chopin Concert
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Trophy Building Mirroring Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium for Sale/Lease
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Niewoehner ’81: Midshipmen Tour Naval Test Wing Atlantic
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