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Chinese citizens need to be required to get valid visas to enter Vietnam for tourism or business and apply visa on arrival without document requirements. I am an Chinese, do I need a visa for Vietnam? Chinese need a visa for Vietnam. Only Singapore passport holder can come to Vietnam for a 30 day visit without a visa (see full list of countries with visa exemption agreement with Vietnam). Chinese citizens can get a visa to Vietnam in 2 ways: applying for one at the embassy in Bejing or consulate in China. An alternative option is get one on arrival (read full instructions about how Chinese can get a visa for Vietnam). If want to visit Vietnam you can get a regular tourist visa at any Vietnamese embassy abroad. However, if you are flying in to Vietnam, it may be wiser (cheaper and quicker) to get Vietnam Visa on Arrival based on Vietnam Visa Letter. It is important to note that this VOA option is eligible for all countries in the world except for all African countries. Applying for Vietnam visa could be a nuisance if you don’t know which type of visa you should go for.

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For applying an approval letter to travel to Vietnam on holidays, click on one of the useful links and read the details online about Vietnam visa for tourists.

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