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Travellers need to be required to get valid visas to enter Vietnam for tourism or business and apply visa on arrival without document requirements. The new law lays out a set of fundamental principles in determining the entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners within Vietnam’s territory. The law also states clearly who is eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival, for how long and under which conditions. You will pay the agency and they will process your documents online (you do not have to send your passport or anything). After a couple of days, they will send your approval letter. You will have to print your approval letter, and 2 photos (4×6 cm with no glass-wear). Once at the Airport in Vietnam there is a special area for visa on arrival passengers. You will provide your documents and passport, as well as a stamp fee ($25 US for a 30-day single entry visa) and get your visa on arrival. Applicants who want to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival must comply with the following requirements:
- Applicants must present a passport with at least 6 months of validity. The passport must have at least two empty pages. In case you do your passport doesn’t have any blank pages, a loose-leaf visa is also available.
- Photos for online application must be taken recently, within 6 months from the date of your submission.
- The valid period of stay will be counted from the proposed travel date in the application form, not the date of application.
- Vietnam visa on arrival only supports two types of visa, including tourist visa on arrival and business visa on arrival. Therefore, the purpose of visiting must be either sightseeing or business-related.
- Vietnam visa on arrival can only be obtained at international airports in Vietnam.
For most Western countries’ passports, there are two easy options to get a visa to Vietnam. The first is getting a Visa on Arrival, an option that has been around for years, and the relatively new Vietnam eVisa. Each one of these options have advantages and disadvantages, which will be explained below. Another option is traveling to Vietnam visa free. But these options itself is restricted to a specific number of countries. Other than that, with the exception of ASEAN members and a few other countries, the limit for a visa free entry is of 15 days. The Visa on Arrival gives you more flexibility, and can be arranged for up to 3 months. You can only enter Vietnam at a number of specific international airports in the country. If you plan to stay longer and have more flexibility, this visa is for you.

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