vapor cigarettes

Perhaps you're at your favorite restaurant one afternoon and you notice the next table puffing and letting out a cloud of smoke. You know very well that smoking isn't allowed in the premises, so you're considering the possibility of politely asking the ''smoker'' to put out their cigarette. However, before you start protesting, consider this fact; they may not be smoking at all. So, what are they doing if they are not smoking? Vapor cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes are an alternative to smoking harmful nicotine, the very addictive substance found in tobacco. Manufacturers of vapor cigarettes usually design them to look like regular cigarettes but they contain no tobacco, plus they don't require any form of match or flame. The History of vapor cigarettes In the year 1963, a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette was invented by Herbert A. Gilbert, though the idea was never commercialized until much later. ''Vaping'' became popular in China where statistics show that nearly 60% of men are smokers. Then in 2003, modern vapor cigarettes were patented by Chinese inventor Hon Lik, and that's how they became popular. howvaporcigsworkHow vapor cigarettes work When you light up a traditional cigarette, it causes the tobacco substance to burn, which in turn releases smoke that contain nicotine. When the smoker inhales the smoke, the nicotine substance penetrates the lungs. However, a vapor cigarette doesn't depend on the process of combustion. Instead, it will heat the nicotine liquid and convert it to mist or vapor that the user inhales. Some devices have a manual switch to activate the vaporization process while others simply let the user inhale from the cartridge to start the process. An vapor cigarette has three components: A lithium battery (rechargeable) Vaporization chamber Cartridge The battery is responsible for powering the e-cig and can be charged just like a cellphone battery. The vaporization chamber is simply a hollow tube that contains electronic components and an atomizer, which is responsible for creating the vapor after being powered by the lithium battery. Before beginning the process of vaporing, the user is expected to connect the cartridge which contains nicotine liquid to the vaporization chamber (the tip of the cartridge acts as the e-cig's mouthpiece). During the process, the user inhales just the same way they would do with a normal cigarette. This act of inhaling activates the atomizer to heat the liquid in the cartridge to convert it to vapor, consequently making the device produce vapor that looks like a cloud of cigarette smoke. Many users say they enjoy the sensation very much, pretty like that of tobacco. They hold the e-cigarette on their hands, inhale and exhale. Furthermore, some brands have a LED light on the end which lights up whenever the smoker inhales the vapor. vaporcigarettesNote Artificial flame is the only form of flame that is safe with e-cigarettes. Attempting to light up the device with other flames could cause the lithium battery to light up and explode. The smoky juice or liquid that is usually found in the cartridge is often made of propylene glycol—which is an additive approved by FDA and is safe for consumption. Fog machines which create a fogy atmosphere on stage during performance also use propylene glycol, so it should be safe. Consumers are also free to buy cartridges containing different amounts of nicotine or no nicotine at all. The electronic cigarettes also come in different flavors to suite the needs of consumers. There's coffee, tobacco, chocolate, menthol caramel and cherry flavors. The benefits of using Vapor Cigarettes Practically, since there's no burning of tobacco here, it should be safer than conventional cigarettes. E-cigs are now considered the healthiest alternative to regular cigarette smoking so far. If at all there are any risks, they should be very minimal. Here's why: A US study in 2003 discovered that any harmful chemicals in e-cigs could only occur at levels 450 times lower than that of conventional cigarettes. Furthermore, propylene glycol is very safe to use. In fact, it has been used in a wide variety of consumer products before. Other than the fact that they are the safest alternative out there, consumers say electronic cigarettes are fun to use. They are convenient because one doesn't have to carry a match or a source of flame in order to use them. And the best thing is that you can smoke them anywhere, even in a prohibited smoking zone. Things to consider when buying Vapor Cigarettes Since its inception a few years back, quite number of vapor cigarettes have been invented. This has widened the consumer choice. However, it has also made consumers more confused on what to look for when buying vapor cigarettes. Factors to consider are as follows: Battery Durability: – A good brand will always come with a long lasting battery. This will provide many puffs before a battery runs out or requires charging. E-Juice Variety: – A suitable brand will come with many varieties of e-liquid. This makes it easy for a smoker to choice a taste that suits his preferences. User-friendliness:- The vape pen needs to be easy to use, clean and also easy to charge from a universal port. Reputation: – The appropriate cigarette will attract positive reviews from satisfied customers and industry pundits. Getting the right brand may require undertaking research. It may also entail following recommendation from other users. In addition, you may also need to read online reviews about the e-cig.