To find cheats, hints, codes and more help for a game search for it in the box to the right. Completing the collection the first time gets a home Woodworking Bench - the second time you score a very nice Doghouse for your pet! The mini-game for Woodworking has you helping your Sim capture the animated crafted doll they made, before it escapes through the window!
Wooden Doll: Your Sim has crafted a Wooden Doll - Work together with your Sim to catch the Wooden Doll. So to save you time mates, that is where it is - in the Hobby Shop - priced at just $1,800 Simoleons. Your reward for completing the collection is a home Woodworking Bench that lets you create items, XP, and wealth right in your own home. This page takes a look at the different options that the player has in creating a new Sim, based upon the Creation Menu that is used in making that Sim. Once you have chosen to add a Sim to your town - whether that is through adding a Sim to a home that you have just built, adding a Sim to a home that you have recently vacated due to marriage to another Sim in the town, or via procreation, the process begins with a selected and randomly-rolled Sim that the player is free to edit. Name: The name can be changed either completely, with the player choosing a custom First and Surname, or they can change one or the other.
While you can change it later, the basic Sim design is purely a personal set of choices that is really about you. While the descriptions above are rather tongue-in-cheek, the reality is that the choice of the base Personality trait for your Sim will impact so many levels of interpersonal relations that it really should be a carefully made choice.
While FreePlay does not rely upon Personality as a significant influence in romantic relations with other Sims or the process of advancement in the Career Path with the measure of emphasis that other games in The Sims Series do, it is still an important element and decision when you create your Sims!
Once you are happy with the settings you have chosen and your Sim characteristics meet with your approval, you simply need to tap the check-mark and your new Sim will be created and placed in the world on the Lot you specified to begin the creation process. At this point the Sim will have minor Sim Needs that you can top-off (assuming that the house you placed them in is furnished). Along with children, Hobbies in FreePlay come to play an enormous element in the game, serving as a key means to differentiate and define your Sims as individuals. This is actually a more important decision than it may appear on the face of it because in addition to the choice dictating a significant element in your Sims off-work recreational activities, this will also dictate the area of entry for their competing at the Competition Center, and represents a significant source of money, XP, and even LP and SP!

Now that you have your theoretically completed Sim it is time to get out there and get living!
Me and my friends have been trying to add us as neighbors,I get the request on Facebook but it will not add anyone,please help I only have one that game gave me,also I have logged out and logged back in no luck,I don't want to uninstall because I'm afraid my tablet will not add again,memory issues. The personality system has been added to the game but your town has to reach the point in the main questline where it activates. There was an update and when I tried to add a personality it said therapy were adding new ones so I couldn't pick one but now it's finished updating I don't know how to add a personality to that sim.
Go to the closet like you would to change your sims outfit and then click either the sporty or geeky personality, but you have to be at level 24 and complete the life dreams quest first. That your give more freedom to all the others sims versions except for sims freeplay you'll have them where you have to buy some of the other versions like university .you do not have sims online what if somebody wants to play sims so bad but they only have a computer no phone or ipad and more i actually have a ipad but I can not play sims university because you have to pay on every single website even though they. In a rear partly-covered patio can be found a children play area with a sandbox and a Java Joe coin-operated beverage machine. The ground floor is fitted with a marital arts training area on the left and a ballet studio on the right, the former having a pair of training dummies and a pair of board-breaking stands, while the latter includes a record player for musical encouragement of the dancers, adequate barre space along two walls for stretching exercise and a large open dance area in the center for, well, dancing. The first floor is reached via a set of centrally-located stairs and has been fitted with a state-of-the-art Wood Crafts classroom and facilities.
Among the crafting kit are three proper crafting benches on the right side of the floor, with proper and adequate storage for supplies and the like along the outer walls.
The large white wall-mounted First Aid Station box is visibly marked with a comforting large red cross symbol and the worlds "DON'T PANIC" -- and in addition to a plentiful supply of the very best type of coagulant-laced pressure bandages and arterial clamps, also sports a military-grade defibrillator and a one-touch button that will summon an ambulance in just a few minutes!
All this is necessary due to the presence (on the left side of the floor) of a full-capability wicked sharp bandsaw and cutting table. While it was clearly initially intended to be a community sports center, the development of hobbies as well as theme-based activities ended up causing the focus for the building to change ever so slightly so as to morph it into a community services structure better described by the name "Community Center" and well done you!
To put this in perspective for you, many small to medium sized towns in Australia, Canada, England, and the United States - basically all of the countries that are well-stocked with good food, excellent net access, and pretty girls - just saying - consider having a Community Center to be a minimum requirement in order to qualify as a developed society. Back on point here, in those wonderful nations a Community Center is a public building in which every opportunity is made to provide the community with a wide variety of services -- hence the name “Community Center” -- among which are, traditionally, a minding service for latchkey kids, a desk with a person capable of answering questions on any number of topics related to the community, and more. That CC has a proper outdoor playground, an auditorium, a gymnasium with basketball courts inside and out, proper locker rooms with actual showers, meeting rooms of the sort you can hold meetings in after you finish playing D&D (though really the ones at the town library are nicer and they have free coffee and tea there), a TV Room that has PS3's and Xbox 360's, and a well run seasonal athletic and club program, including Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Youth Nights.

For more details on each of the Hobbies and thier associated collections and challenges please consult our Hobbies pages as you will find just loads and heaps of useful information there. Unless the build site for the building you want appears in the game you have not leveled your town high enough yet. See the problem here is that nobody can tell you how much the Community Center will cost YOU because the cost is based on the number of OTHER buildings you have already built in that class.Each new building in a class increases the cost for the next building in that class, so it really does depend on how many others in the class you have already built.
You do not have to participate in the events like those of the Community Competition Center - you can just ignore it.As for the game not recognizing that you have built the Competition Center - that is a bug and you will need to file an official help request for that. They need to have all of their levels higher (food, sleep, toilet, et all) in order to get them to do the task you're having trouble with.
I am on the multi story quest and it says I need to build the community centre for the 1at bit bit I already have and it's not recognising it and going onto next bit.
I want to know how to make a fashion studio in the sims free play fpr having a live style point as a reward. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk.
This setting will influence a wide variety of traits from what a Sim finds amusing to who they might like - or dislike - and everything in between. I know it's impossible because you have to build it in the quest, i also dont know why they let me built it so i cant even start the quest. I am level 32 with 2 preteens but it still says to complete the multi storey renovations quest!
I know how to use the stairs, but when my sim walks up, they disappear while I am on the first floor and I can't get upstairs with them .

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