Store camping equipment, tools, toys, and even clothes in this oversized garage (or basement) storage cabinet.
For the front I used an 8′ scrap from one of the PureBond pieces and a 1x6x8 board to keep the wood inside the dividers. I’m trying to get better at my woodworking so I don’t know if I did something wrong and need to learn something new!
Car guy garage: garage cabinets, storage, flooring, Garage storage has evolved and now you can make the garage another room in your house. Build your own garage cabinets and garage storage systems, Home improvement plans - garage easy-to-download plans for building garage workbenches and garage storage cabinets.

How to make wood shelves for your garage or basement - youtube, Neal sher of woodsmyths of chicago demonstrates a basic and functional storage shelf.
How to build a garage cabinet in under 2 minutes - youtube, Created on march 13, 2011 using flipshare.
Can’t wait to get some time in my schedule {aka no clients furniture in my garage so I can build it!!}!!!
I just finished building a farmhouse table with a friend yesterday, and the garage is a total mess!! Congrats on finishing the table… My garage looks like a war zone after a big build This is helping!

We have a major garage overhaul coming up and this is definitely going on my inspiration list.
My basement is a disaster area with all my scrap wood lying around and I never can find anything.

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