What you need now is a saw, and if you want to your whole body into it, then a handsaw is the way to go.The previews at the bottom of this page describe the many different kinds of handsaws. If you don't have a chopsaw or are cutting small decorative mouldings then you can use a mitre saw. The most common of all types of hand saws, panel saws are available in 20 or 22 inch length. Saw set refers to the angle the teeth are bent over in either directions (out to the sides). A coping saw has a small thin blade that can be rotated so the frame doesn't get in the way whilst cutting.

Some people prefer to cut on the push stroke, whereas I put the blade in so the teeth are pointing toward the handle and it cuts on the pull stroke.
A wooden handle with a blade directly attached and used like the name suggests, when cutting keyholes for mortice and other types of locks.
This is so the cut is wider than the blade itself, and is important in order to prevent the timber pinching the blade during sawing, making cutting much more difficult.
With interchangeable blades, it has an 'ergonomic' handle shaped much more like the inside of your hand than a regular carpentry hand saw. The 'padsaw' types of handsaws are more often used for cutting plasterboard holes and notches for cables etc.

Eclipse and Stanley both make types of hand saws like these essential for 2nd fix finishing carpentry work. It's not cheap though and most reasonable quality handsaws are OK for day to day use, my only recomendation would be to choose the right one for the job, a fine saw for finish work and a rough one for framing jobs for example. If you are cutting laminated materials get a saw purposely designed to be used with them because man made boards with glue etc in them take the edge off blades really quickly.

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