It’s not the easiest job, but building your own wood-fired hot tub can save you thousands of dollars if you’re willing to dig a hole and learn some basic concrete.
The heat up time of a wood fired hot tub will depend on the water volume and the size of wood fired hot tub stove that is used. Well this year I wanted to try something different instead of using the pump to circulate water through the copper tubing method. It doesn't take but 3-4 splits of wood to keep this tube cooking every day to about 105-110 deg.

Yea Dianne All one needs is a sealed stainless steel container to build a fire around, or under in my case, and heat up the water without electricity. In this instructable I will describe how I built a hot tub for less than $100 NZ ($75ish USD) from an old bulk liquids tank. Moreover, the heat will tend to stratify, meaning the hotter water will rise to the top, while the cooler water will sink to the bottom. When the fire is going I can really feel the suction on the bottom hose in the tub, the theromosyphone works great.

This one won't be sealed so it will be critical as to the positioning of the barrel next to the tub.

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