Nice Cabinet Furniture #10 - Building Cabinets With Kreg Jig was published in July 13, 2015 at 6:45 pm. We are in the process of building some cabinets for our pantry renovation, so it’s a great time to write a tutorial on how we use the Kreg Jig Jr. On the bottom side of the Kreg Jig Jr, there are adjustable sliders that have numbers on them.
The cabinets we are building are about 20″ deep, so we chose to connect each joint with 4 separate pocket hole screws.
Following the same principles as we’ve already discussed, it’s really easy to install a fixed shelf using the Kreg tools as well!

Amanda, I wish I was just that talented, but in truth, the Kreg Jig really is just that easy to use! I tried to go to Home Depot a few months back to buy one of these sucker to build my headboard and those turkeys told me that version was discontinued!!!
It easily attaches to the Kreg Jig Jr and it’s easily adjustable for clamping different thickness woods. Nice Cabinet Furniture #10 - Building Cabinets With Kreg Jig is an image from Cabinet Furniture and has been viewed by 40 viewers.
Take a straight scrap piece of wood and clamp it into place so that the edge lines up with your shelf marks.

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