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The Flak 43 was the last of a series of anti-aircraft guns designed and produced by Germany during WWII that had the ability to shoot down aircrafts flying as high as 4,200meters.
It had a new gas-operated breech that increased the gun’s firing rate while make it lighter as well. The Flak 43 Zwilling was produced as a twin-gun mount, which made the weapon even more accurate, albeit top-heavy.
Zwilling Pro is designed by architect and designer Matteo Thun, offering beauty and function with a classic design.

The wedge-shaped blade and half bolster allows you to cut along the entire length of the blade. This entire collection features precision forged knives made from a single piece of Zwilling exclusive high carbon stainless steel. As a result, the knives have improved quality consistency, lasting sharpness, and perfect geometry.
This process changes the molecular structure of the steel improving the cutting properties providing a remarkably sharp blade and ensures a long lasting cutting edge.

Each knife is hand sharpened, polished and laser controlled to assure the cutting edge is accurate along the full length of the blade.

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