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The Sandwich base with its strong aluminium core provides optimal heat conduction and stores the heat.
Erresse, located in Milan (Italy), was created to provide unique and individual items for the home and kitchen combining design, functionality and beauty. This is not just a collection of household items: our products are the result of careful research, which aims to combine style, beauty, novelty and curiosity about the materials, forms and trends. It is perfect for the energy-saving, early reduction of the hob’s temperature to a low level.
Henckels Spirit Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Cookware is a healthy and environment-friendly breakthrough in traditional nonstick cookware.

Applied to the contemporary design of the ZWILLING Spirit range, this pan is guaranteed to draw admiring looks in any kitchen.
Now you can easily, without the annoying smoke and low-odours, prepare healthy, fat-free and low-calorie fish, meat, seafood, vegetables and others with wood chips in every kitchen. This eco-friendly CeraForce nonstick ceramic coating cookware features a magnetic stainless-steel exterior with a strong aluminum core.
3-layer SIGMA Clad material distributes the heat to the edges, making for an evenly browned result.
The ceramic coating has a noticeably higher heat-resistance and combines perfect nonstick properties for ease of use.

This energy-efficient cookware conducts and retains heat evenly from rim to rim for uniform cooking without hot spots.

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