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This corn, chile, and salmon chowder would have been fabulous enough, but both it and the homecured gravlax she served beforehand were made with salmon she caught herself. The chowder was followed by a homemade panna cotta garnished with rhubarb compote she harvested and made herself and blueberries and salmonberries (those things that look like giant raspberries) she picked from her garden between courses. Posted by Molly Watson on Tuesday, July 28th, 2009, at 12:38 pm, and filed under Alaska, salmon.
As much as the weather was less than sunny, so too was my constitution that day, what with the previous night having been spent out drinking with a lethal combination of fishermen and chefs. People tend to err on the side of caution and hold the latter opinion these days, which is a shame, because food can be something that is easy to get, easy to give, and very, very, easy to enjoy. I could name the five types of Pacific salmon we get on the West Coast, I knew the general life cycle of salmon, and I certainly knew a myriad of ways to prepare and eat salmon.
You know how some places are great to visit but the thought of moving there doesn’t even cross your mind whereas others tempt you with visions of a different life? For some reason I’m always tempted by places that get quite cold and dark in the winter. Perhaps it’s the Norwegian in me, or a childhood largely spent in Minnesota so that dark cold somehow feels homey and inviting (or I just appreciate how glorious summer feels after that freezing blanket of winter). My writing and cooking are always changing – both get documented here in sometimes painfully nascent form. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and Bergen, Norway, for example, loom large in my fantasy path-not-taken life.
Plus, from what I gathered, bars in Alaska close when everyone leaves, so there is nothing to send you home except your own good sense which, of course, by that time you’ve completely lost. Prices VaryGreenberg Smoked TurkeysIf you want an amazing tasting turkey for your holiday celebrations, and instructions on what to do with it when it comes home, go Greenberg. Prices VaryGreyston Bakery Brownie BoxJust in case you were running out of ideas of where you might possibly find brownies, here you go. Playing off of this, Paulette Macaroons packages their tasty deserts so beautifully, it’s almost a shame to take them out the box. Prices VarySprinkles Cupcakes MixDon?t take offense if cupcakes made from this mix draw in more compliments than yours-it is, after all, from the first cupcake bakery in the world. It also defies the laws of physics, because amidst this flaming passion, it doesn’t even melt. Prices VaryRick’s Picks SamplerPickled items are a practical food gift to get for a special foodie in your life. Prices VaryLegal Seafoods Lobster PackageIf you’re landlocked, having great seafood can be a challenge. It turns out that with a little help from the right sources, good seafood may not be as far away as you think.

Prices VaryDean & Deluca Spice RackSpices are attractive, and a beautiful spice rack can-no pun intended-spice up just about any kitchen. Beer Home Brewing KitHome brewing is wonderfully satisfying and enjoyable-not to mention you get to reap the benefits! Prices VaryAdagio Teas Holiday Tea ChestThe holidays simply beg for tea, with chilly temperatures urging people to cozy up inside and stay warm. A chest full of teas would be a wonderful well-timed gift to give to someone else-or yourself.
So go ahead, and give a unique sampling of different kinds of Coffee to the folks who love the drink, need a boost, or both. Prices VaryCocoa IndulgenceWe hesitate to indulge in sweet things by our own doing, so make the choice a little easier on someone and give the sweet stuff to them instead?it?s rude to refuse something right? Prices Vary1980’s Retro Candy CrateSome candy is next to, if not entirely, impossible to find these days.
A place where fresh oranges are available to you as if you lived amongst groves of oranges, not piles of snow and ice.
Nothing makes people feel better than receiving special acknowledgment on one of the worlds favorite candies. Prices VaryHarry & David Royal Riviera PearsDon?t scoff at the idea of handing over pears as a gift.
Prices VaryShari’s Berries DozenChocolate dipped berries are a fairly fail safe gift-unless you accidently sit on the box. This popular gift box is filled with goodies that are great for anytime of the day, week, or year. For centuries, people have been giving and enjoying tasty jam all over the world-let’s keep up the tradition.
Nothing can beat that homemade touch, but if your touch is more of a punch, or you just don’t have time, even homey foods like Chicken Pot Pie can be enjoyed when gotten from somewhere else. Made with bananas from Ecuador (known for having the best of the fruit) Banana Bars will help fuel you and your family no matter what your activities may be.
Prices VaryNonnie Waller’s Pound CakeJust the cake, no extra frill or fancy packaging to distract from deliciousness. These Pound Cakes come in only a plain white bakery box, which only enhances them even more. There is a time and a place for both, but when it comes to cheesecake, Eli’s is keeping simple and tasty. Each Destination Dinner is more than simply dinner, it’s a full on travel experience.
Prices VaryA Taste Of Elegance Gift BasketBeautiful and delicious treats make this a very likeable gift.

However with 6 boxes make making up a looming, decadent, tower, this gift may have actually earned the title. Instead of having pre-determined foods in it, you get to build your own crate up with foods you know you (or someone else) will enjoy. Prices VaryEdible Arrangements Delicious Fruit DesignThere are plenty of arrangements to be made for the holidays but, thankfully, a bouquet of artfully carved fruit isn’t one of them.
All the tastes and snacks we enjoy with Christmas get crammed into one luscious package here.
1,000 times the size of a regular gummy bear, this behemoth bear weighs 5 pounds and is larger than a football. Fields Classic Cookie TinThe key word here is classic-not classy, not elegant, not gourmet- just classic, and that’s what you get with this tin. Prices VaryAnna Shea ChocolatesYet another resource to better your chocolate selecting repertoire.
Prices VaryAvocado Of The Month ClubOh yes, Avacados do make lovely gifts, and pleasantly unusual ones at that.
Any way you choose to use it, Chai tea will bring a little extra warmth and flavor into your life.
Prices VaryCallies Charleston BiscuitsCallies offers up something that few food companies have these days-a small team of bakers, no machinery involved in the process of making biscuits, and everything is totally and lovingly handmade. It’s time to make a loved one feel special by printing their face on a Pop Tart instead of a cake. From the packaging you put it in, to the physical form, consistency, and flavor it takes on, honey is really delightfully versatile-and versatility is always a good quality when looking for a gift. Tabanero brings heat and a hint of sweetness into your culinary world-without roasting your eyebrows off when you so much as open the bottle.
The dried fruits, almonds, and pistachios that make up this tray aim to bring us a bit of that tastiness. Their holiday Sockeye Salmon from Alaska’s Copper River is available to be reserved for the month of December.
Their looks enhance the flavors before they even hit your tongue, while the sweet (sometimes savory) taste itself is sure to be loved.
Prices VaryLou Malnati’s Chicago PizzaIf you have had pizza in Chicago, you will never forget it.
This is a double edged sword because than you will be forever tormented for the rest of your life with the memory of its flavor.

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