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Looking for decorating ideas with copper cookware may not be the first idea you have when you think of copper cookware, but given its unique beauty, it is versatile enough to be used as decoration in any household. A darker, cozier room is a great place for well-used copper pieces, adding a homey aspect and a sense of history.
Copper plates make a striking wall arrangement in the living room, especially on a wall color that shows them to advantage, like green, blue, gray or black. An old copper piece with a green patina is also eye-catching, and lends an air of age and elegance. Copper pitchers are attractive in their own right, and they look lovely holding fresh, cut flowers.
A copper tray can be turned into a wall decoration or a lovely accent piece on a dining room table that can be used when needed. A round copper pot minus the handle makes a nice planter for a small dining room display table by a window. An office space is also conducive to copper accents, especially with wood furniture and architectural features. A black desk sporting a bright copper bowl or tray is rather striking, and it is reminiscent of the Revolutionary era. Most offices have planters or dried flower arrangements, and copper containers of any size are attractive, as we’ve established in suggestions for the other rooms of the home. Wall decorations of copper plates, chargers or trays are appropriate for an office as well as a living room, dining room or den. There are enough copper products to construct an entire home, literally, so mixed with copper cookware, a warm, cozy atmosphere is doable. Having candles burning during a leisurely soak in the tub is always pleasant, and copper trays, plates or bowls hold stand-alone candles to create atmosphere.
Again, a copper bowl planter is a good idea, especially in a bathroom where plants benefit from moisture and light. Many decorators used to hang old copper molds on the wall in the 1960s, and it’s now retro enough to do it again, but with a twist. Of course, an obvious use of copper pots is to hang them from the ceiling on a hanging metal rack, since they are decorative even if they’re useful. It’s not unusual to see copper cruets in the kitchen, and copper storage containers for flour, sugar and salt add a nice gleam.
Copper bowls and kettles as planters can also reside in the kitchen, and varying patinas give provide interest.
Copper salt and pepper shakers add some shine to a table and tie into the copper bowls and pots in the kitchen. Just about any type of copper surface looks good outdoors and mixes well with other materials. Speaking of landscape items, large copper bowls and kettles are excellent choices for outdoor fountains. Large copper kettles can hold logs for outdoor fireplaces as well as indoor ones, and look good doing it.
So next time when you are re-decorating your house, be sure to keep in mind these decorating ideas with copper cookware as well.
The All-Clad copper core 7-piece cookware set is the smallest of the 3 Copper Core sets that All-Clad makes.
As you look at the above photo one thing to keep in mind is that the All-Clad Copper Core 7-Piece Cookware Set, just like any other cookware set, counts the pot and pan lids as separate pieces.
This set includes (1) a 10-inch fry pan, (2) a 2-quart saucepan, (3) with lid, (4) a 3-quart saute pan, (5) with lid, and (6) an 8-quart stock pot, (7) with lid. A quick glance at the Amazon reviews for this cookware set show a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5, however looking in more detail at the reviews reveals more information. There are quite a few one-star reviews yet all of them deal with not being able to clean the All-Clad Copper Core sets easily.
Overall, the people that understand how to properly use and care for cookware are extremely happy with the All-Clad Copper Core 7-Piece Cookware Set.

If the All-Clad Copper Core 7-piece cookware set is not what you are looking for, take a look at these other options.
50 Ideas To Organize Pots And Pans Storage-Display - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Our copper saute pans are offered in four convenient sizes, the largest possessing a helper handle. Our six solid copper saucepans graduate from a petite 10cm through a generously proportioned 24cm all crafted with Falk's legendary excellence.
Our solid copper casseroles in 18, 20, 24, 28cm are undeniably perfect for stews, soups and stocks. Falk copper rondeaux provide even heat distribution, their low profile making them great for braising and slow cooking. These versatile woks in 24 and 28 cm possess a traditional long handle plus a helper handle for ease of use.
The most popular of our sauciers, the 18cm is well suited to fluffy French style scrambled egg stirred with butter and cream.
And with the variety of copper finishes that exist, it offers possibilities to any type of decor or room. Their burnt orange hue warms up any room, and copper kettles hanging over the fire in the fireplace transport us back to the 1800s.
Copper always looks good with white, so light gray, ivory and ecru would also show up copper pieces. A piece like this can stand on its own as decoration, even if it serves no obvious purpose. A side board or a dining table would make a good display area for one large pitcher or two small ones, and an autumn-colored array of dried flowers and reeds bring the season indoors. Copper bowls can hold socks and scarves on a shelf if plastic bins just don’t cut it.
Copper can fit into almost any kind of decor, but it melds well with many wood tone colors.
Office desks always need holders for paper clips, staples, pens and pencils, sticky notes or candy.
Older, darkened kettles add a sense of history and stability and hold small trees to reinforce that thought. Copper trays, bowls or plates can hold large stand-up candles, too, and look nice beside copper picture frames.
Conversely, a cool, clean-lined space is possible with copper accents in many shades because it is metal.
Large kettle planters with tall plants or small trees create a lush, green space, and plants emit oxygen which benefits breathing.
Finding unusual molds would hike up the interest, although the curved fish with scales is a good standby. It has an old-world look and always gives the impression that the cook knows his or her stuff. A copper tea kettle or a cooking pot hanging in a large fireplace is the epitome of homey coziness. It would be possible to have copper plates, pitchers, cups and utensils on a table, but that might be overkill.
Some are attached to a pool and some stand alone, but they all add a nice touch to a lawn, patio or pool area. For that reason a 7-piece cookware set typically comes with only 4 pots and pans as well as 3 lids. Those that rated it low generally appear to be confused about their cookware (one rates her 16 inch pan poorly, even though All-Clad does not include one in any of their Copper Core cookware sets) or do not know how to properly and easily clean it. The heat from the cookware is transferred to the food.- Pans suitable for induction hob use must be made from magnetisable metal such as cast iron or steel.
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Shiny, new copper pieces gleam and reflect light in a bright, airy space, adding a clean, sleek feel to the room. A dark wooden table complements an older copper piece, and black wrought iron tables show up copper accents beautifully.
Copper plates can be combined to look like a sculpture or arranged geometrically, depending on individual taste and decor style. Its contribution to the look and feel of the space is enough, and it also evokes a sense of history. Two large plants in copper kettles on each side of a wide doorway or between the dining and living rooms signifies a room division when there is no dividing wall. Small copper bowls and plates can hold little decorative soaps, cotton balls, notions and sachets. If one is fortunate enough to have a fireplace in the bathroom, a copper kettle is the perfect log holder.
Some ingenious person fit two copper sieves together to make a unique hanging light, and it has a warm, cozy effect. Older containers will add to an antique-era kitchen decor, naturally, and the burnished finish gives the space a warm glow. Fireplaces this large tend to be in New England or colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, but those getaway cabins in the woods need big warm fireplaces, too, so that they can have copper kettles in them.
Having a few copper pieces on a table is pretty and enhances the decor rather than dominate the attention of everyone in the room.
It goes without saying, and will be said anyway, that large copper bowls and kettles for planters look great outdoors. This idea works perfectly not only for adorning your kitchen but it is also a smart solution for organizing small spaces. Pure aluminium or copper pans will not work with this type of hob unless the base is bonded with a magnetic metal.- Check that pans are attracted to a magnet - this ensures that they are suitable for use with an induction hob. A large kettle, originally used to make food for large numbers of people, can also be used to hold wood beside the fireplace.
A kitchen with a brick fireplace cries out for copper accents, and just having a couple of clean copper cooking pans sitting on the stove qualifies.
Sitting around a pool, patio or outdoor kitchen, large copper planters are attractive and functional.
It makes an observer think of having a soothing glass of wine or warming cup of tea by the fire. In order to minimize the space they occupy and provide an easy access to them or admire their look you can organize a cool hanging display. There are various places to hang your pans and pots and the most common ones are above the stove, the island or using peg boards on the wall where you can access them easily. Small copper bowls hold candy, shells, or polished stones and add interest to furniture of varying colors. Very large copper bowls as fire pits are trendy in a good way and add elemental color to an outdoor environment. They also bring attention to other copper surfaces in outdoor areas, like fireplaces, sculptures, walls and landscape items. Using a circular rod or a basic bar with hangers on, is the simplest way to apply this idea to your kitchen. To us, the best way for just decoration purpose is to match copper pans with a cooper hood which creates an elegant look for your place. Besides, you won’t need to search through the piles of pots and pans in your drawers and cabinets.
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