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We are pleased to offer one of the world's finest therapeutic clays at unprecedented wholesale prices for bulk purchase.
Our exceedingly pure alkaline therapeutic desert clay is classified as a calcium montmorillonite. Clay Poultices and Packs: Since our calcium montmorillonite shares the properties of sodium bentonite, its water retention characteristic allow super hydration of the clay. Clay Cosmetics - Our clay is naturally sand and grit free, even prior to being milled; it is the perfect clay to use for cosmetics and facials without risk of skin damage due to abrasion.
Raw Ingredients for use with Supplements - Due to its high purity, our clay is suitable for internal use. Three clay blend: Red desert calcium bentonite, green desert calcium bentonite, air purified sodium bentonite. The above clay formulation has been replaced with our new Tecopia Essentia Spa and Skin Care Clay Melange: More affordable, more effective and equally as versatile as our old blend!
Micronized edible ultrafine zeolite clay powder - The perfect complement for traditional clay therapy. Food Grade magnesium chloride flakes for bath & trandsdermal therapy - Make your own high quality, high potency magnesium oil, or use in a clay or sea salt bath. Organic and Wildcrafted Ayurvedic herbs and herbal formulas - Ayurvedic herbs are the perfect compliment to clay therapy. Electrically Isolated Colloidal Silver Hydrosol - 10 Parts per million, 85% ionic, 15% nano-particulate. Organic Frankicense Facial Serum - Nourish and revitalize the skin after a fabulous clay facial skin cleanse.

Do you have a blog or website, and are you interested in making some extra money while sharing about the wonders of clay therapeutics? Make your own selection of 12 jars from the 5 different Wrap Yourself Slim Clays and enjoy them at wholesale prices!
A Masterful Union of the Finest External Therapeutic Clays We are extremely pleased to introduce our new Tecopia Essenetia External Clay Mélange. Whether you are interested in daily clay therapy or just the occasional spa-grade facial, our three clay melange is the ultimate choice.
Green Calcium Montmorillonite - Our desert calcium bentonite is one of the most celebrated clays in natural medicine.
A Very Rare Earth-tone Pyrophyllite - Our amorphous clay of choice, rich in both energetic charge (once hydrated) and trace minerals, this clay has long been a favorite among the more metaphysically enclined.
If you are not certain which clay is right for you, email us directly with your particular needs! Explore our growing line of supreme quality ayurvedic herb, and learn about one of the most ancient systems of healing in the world. However, due to the fact that our clay contains a small amount of natural sodium, it shares the qualities of both sodium bentonite and calcium montmorillonite. Therefore, a clay poultice will easily remain hydrated and active for 45 minutes or longer. We now have an option for purchasing the three clay blend with fresh water (food grade) diatomaceous earth. This product has been forumated for those who don't desire or who don't need the swelling sodium bentonite. A blend of pyrophyllite, red desert calcium bentonite, and green desert calcium bentonite, perfect for skin care and topical applications (This blend has been discontinued and is available only by special request for bulk orders ).

This melange harnesses the power of our green desert clay, pyro clay, and Red Moroccan Lava Clay. All natural bentonite clay toothpaste - Finally, a truly natural clay toothpaste for a healthy, fresh mouth!
With 6 jars of the Spa Mud, Spa Clay, Chocolate Spa Clay, and Men’s Body Clay, you can offer 24 full body wrap treatments, or 12 full body wrap treatments with the Dry Mineral Clay while paying for less than you would if you purchase the clays individually. Only those who ate extremely clean and healthy diets were able to use clays daily on the face and skin.
We slowly began to learn how to actually utilize structured clay's ion pump capacity to deliver the needed minerals directly into the skin, while at the same time utilizing this same reation to cleanse the skin. Not only is this blend far superior to any of the clays used seperately, the cost is far reduced compared to trying to source and purchase these clays on their own. It has long been used as an internal detoxifying agent and as an effective trace mineral supplement-- by both humans and animals.
Instructions include a tutorial on creating a supreme antimicrobial water for use with this clay. Clay action is so powerful that it often took three or four days for the body to catch up to clay's ability to cleanse and detox the skin. The colloid is then aged, tested, then stabilized using electromagnetic energy produced by cold plasma technology. Imbalances in electrolytes and minerals in the body's soft tissues lengthened the amount of time it would take and hindered the clay's ability to restore healthy, vibrant skin.

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