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The Clay Clay has been traditionally used in Mexican cooking because the clay imparts a specific flavor to the foods that can't be reproduced in a metal pot.
Although Mexican peoples have been using these pots for centuries you should be aware that the glazes most commonly contain lead. Always allow the pot to cool before you wash it or you may crack the glaze and spoil the pot.
Rick Bayless mentions that some cooks suggest rubbing the unglazed pot exterior with a clove of garlic to eliminate some of the "earthy" taste.
Barbara Bowman graduated with degree in Foods and Nutrition from San Jose State University. DIMA SHARIF: Makmooret Zahra bil Fakhara (Stew of Cauliflower in Yogurt Sauce Cooked in A Clay Pot) - how a stew takes a whole new dimension! From Palestinian cuisine, specifically from the cities of the Westbank, comes this superb stew of cauliflower cooked in yogurt sauce known as Makmooret Zahra ?????? ???? . When it comes to cooking in clay pots, the natural properties of clay produce rich and deeply flavoured foods. The temperature must gradually rise and fall, therefore never place earthenware in a preheated oven, instead place in a cold oven, and as the temperature rises in the oven the clay pot gets warmer. Unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturers, most clay pots should not be placed directly over heat. In a large pot, bring 1 ltr of lamb broth to a boil and place roasted cauliflower in the boiling broth together with the lamb pieces. To make the simple dough cover, mix the flour and salt together, then gradually add enough water to bring the mixture together into a dough. For learning the makings of Arabic Cuisine and mastering Arabic Cooking join my course 'Arabic Cooking Basics'.
Dank, ik ken de zaken, wah nam hong, en nog 1 , best al wat keertjes geweest aldaar, maar nog nooit hetgeen ik zoek gezien. Hoi, dank voor de tip.'k zag het niet op de site, maar 'k heb ze een mail gestuurd en antwoord gehad, maar helaas, niet, en niets wat er op lijkt.Nog iemand anders een goede tip?
As we mentioned above if you have an electric stove then you should use a diffuser or buy a small portable gas burner.

The FDA recommends that you never cook, OR store foods in these pots as foods can absorb the lead when exposed to lead in the glaze.
This type of pot releases heat very slowly and therefore is very desireable for cooking things for long periods such as beans, soups, stews and sauces. Traditionally the cauliflower is fried till light golden brown, then added to lamb broth and left to simmer for a few minutes. Earthenware, is porous and when it soaks up the moisture from the food while being subjected to the heat in the oven; the steam evaporates from its pours into the food and therefore combining the stewing cooking method and the steaming method all at once. And never wash unglazed pots with detergents, as it will settle in the pours and be released into your foods. You will use 1 ltr of the liquid in this recipe, and the remaining liquid you can place in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks and use in other recipes.
When done and the dough cover has browned, remove from oven and serve alongside rice or bread. We are seasoning every layer as we go, therefore watch out from over seasoning and keep tasting to ensure you haven't gone too far with the salt. Deze zowiso nog nooit in een toko gezien, vandaar dus mijn vraag of iemand het weet waar het wel te verkrijgen is. If you have an electric stove then you should use a diffuser or buy a small portable gas burner. Steaming is known to enhance the flavours of vegetables, and therefore the flavour of stews cooked in fakara are seriously good and unmatched. In the same effect, never place a hot clay pot on a cold surface, rather place over a cooling mat or so.
Therefore buy your clay pots from a trusted source and better go for ones that have a food grade stamp on them. I roast the cauliflower instead of deep frying it, as I find it healthier and lighter, which doesn't leave you feeling heavy and lazy afterwards. Not only do they serve an aesthetic purpose, they are also a very practical container for flowers and other plants. If you don't use your pot very often then you may want to use the "seasoning" process each time before use.

Covering the tops of the pot with a simple dough encloses all the steam created in the clay pot, keeping all the moistness, goodness and flavour circulating around the food and in turn resulting in stronger flavours and more tender meats!
But for deeper flavours, and an authentic experience, you might want to stick to the traditional recipe. Add this yogurt mixture to the simmering lamb broth and cauliflower, stirring to incorporate all. The only tricky part in this recipe is to keep the yogurt from splitting and curdling while cooking. Also traditionally this stew is served with a side of rice pilaf, but I prefer a side of crusty bread, which you can dip into the yoghurt sauce and be transformed into a world of creamy goodness unknown except to your palate!
Place your spices in a spice sieve container as in picture above, and place this spice bouquet into the pot.
Ik ben er zelf nooit geweest maar hoor van diverse Nederlands-Thaise stellen dat ze daar voor veel Thaise producten slagen.En de Thaise poffertjes zijn misschien iets dikker dan de Nederlandse omdat de holletjes van de pan iets dieper zijn, maar dat mag'm toch de pret niet drukken? In the traditional kitchen, eggs are used to keep the yogurt together, by being tempered then added to the yogurt; kind of like the concept of custard. However way you look at this, you will find a well-rounded experience of flavours and goodness. However, many find this method to be a little complicated and labour intensive as you will have to continuously stir in order not to end up with scrambled eggs in the sauce. One of the fabulous features of clay is its ability to retain heat, whick makes it perfect for slow-cooking (like stews and roasts). More importantly, this heat-retaining  property is perfect for baking breads and pies as it provides the needed crustiness. Bij mij staat nog ergens een roestig exemplaar, weinig gebruikt omdat ik 'm voor thuisgebruik redelijk lomp en onhandig vond.

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