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I’ve never been a huge pancake person – the fluffy, cakey, bready texture just never quite did it for me.
When I was little my dad was pretty much famous among my friends and family for his pancakes.
In fact, when I was going through a really rough breakup with my college boyfriend a little over a year ago, I came home for the weekend right after the breakup and the first thing my dad did was make me pancakes. The super awesome thing about my dad’s pancakes is that since they are so thin, you can basically eat a ton of them before getting too full. So, needless to say, after going vegan it has certainly been a bummer that I can’t have my beloved “Daddy Cakes” when I’m home. I have been on a pretty huge buckwheat kick lately, so I knew I wanted to make buckwheat pancakes when I finally took the plunge. And, because I love y’all so much, I am doing a giveaway of this crack-nut-butter amazingness.
My go-to breakfast when growing up was just bread, butter and jelly, strawberry was my favourite. I ask myself the same question all the time– what would little Jordan say if she knew that one day she was going to be 100% vegan?! 2- I would top my pancakes with everything PEANUT BUTTER, although once I try these nut butters I won’t be surprised if they’re my first choice!!
My favorite was french toast that my mom would make into thin stick, we would call them dippers, because you could dip them in syrup. I would top my pancakes with tons and tons of peanut butter and bananas and some chocolate chips to boot.
Pancakes were for sure my go to weekend breakfasts as well without a cute name like daddy cakes though.
I’d smother these delicious pancakes with all the chocolate almond butter and strawberries in the world.!
Your childhood breakfast pancakes sound amazing, I’m so jealous as no one in my family can cook hahah! I am a sucker for homemade whipped cream, which I only let myself eat on special occasions now, but mmm homemade whipped cream with strawberries… such a yummy combo on pancakes or waffles!
Haha I totally have spent way too long on my food photoshoots before and ended up with cold food too. My favorite was waffles which my family and I always called “Faffles” since my younger cousin (who was eating with us) never could say it right and called them Faffles and it kinda just caught on! I definitely would top mine with coconut based (vegan) chocolate ice cream and nut butter cups plus maple syrup! I would top my pancakes with plenty of real maple syrup, mashed raspberries, coconut butter and dark chocolate chips! Nowadays my breakfasts usually consist of either oats, avocado, toast, homemade nut cheese and of course pancakes!
My answer for question #1 would have to be plain old Micky & (of course Minnie) Mouse shaped pancakes! I have never tried the flavored Nut Butters or Coco-Nut butters (which sound awesome), although the plain ones are amazing & a staple for my meals! Now living in Miami, and even tough in my youth I was a very sportive and active person, and quite careful of what I ate, I used to eat everything that now I see that is so bad to our health.
I decided to visit a holistic nutritionist, and I can ell you that I haven’t turn into a 100% vegetarian, but I am already at 85% which is not bad. I would say my favorite breakfast growing up would be at this little restaurant in Placerville, Ca called Sweetie Pies.
The first thing I thought of to top my pancakes with was almond butter, since it is my all time favorite of all foods.
Start drawing  NOTE if the squeeze bottle clogs smack bottom on table, use toothpick, or add more water if needed.
Great way to teach a kid to think differently about layers.  Eatable art for a fun morning.
It’s not hard to tell that breakfast food is my number one genre of tasty things to make.

These little beauties are from Steph’s new cookbook, Easy Gourmet*, the most stylish cookbook I think I’ve ever seen! So along with this stellar recipe for the perfect autumnal breakfast, I also get to do a giveaway for a copy of Easy Gourmet!! To enter follow the instructions in the rafflecopter box below (you may have to click through to my blog if you’re reading this via email or RSS feed). My favourite brunch or breakfast food is half a toasted bagel, topped with some finely sliced avocado, sprinkled with fleur de sel, topped with a poached egg, sprinkled with chilli flakes. The only pancakes I enjoyed eating (and actually loved) were my dad’s pancakes, which were more like really thin crepes than they were actual pancakes.
In our house we called them “Daddy Cakes” (which sounds a little odd when I think about it now, but, hey… we still call them that!) and they were definitely not limited to breakfast.
It was more or less the first thing I had eaten in several days, and I immediately felt a little bit better.
Kayla, my best friend growing up, was the tiniest twig of a girl and she could inhale more than a dozen of my dad’s pancakes in one sitting. But until today I hadn’t been brave enough to try any of the awesome vegan pancake recipes I’ve been flying around some of my favorite food blogs.
And they totally were – especially after I added some nut butter, raw honey, fruit and pecans. I made the mistake of waiting until they were room temp (darn photo shoot) and they were not nearly as yummy as the first super-warm one that I scarfed down. Did you have any funny nicknames for it in your household like we did with our “Daddy Cakes”?
I love digging into the warm crusty battered bed that was fresh from the bakery My favorite thing to top pancakes with is peanut butter- and I would top it with a whole jar if it were calorie free! On weekends we often had boiled eggs and fresh buns from the bakery, I always prefered those with sesame seeds. And isn’t it funny to look back on what we ate as a kid and think about how unhealthy a lot of it was!? I was craving pancakes for months and FINALLY just took the plunge to buy some baking powder.
Let’s invent a way to make them healthy and calorie-free and we can indulge all we want! My dad makes us waffles every Christmas morning, and as a family we refuse to eat waffles at any other time to keep it special.
Did you have any funny nicknames for it in your household like we did with our “Daddy Cakes”?
Eating the shape of my favorite cartoon character while watching my favorite cartoon was soo much fun for me as a kid haha.
I am learning every single day with you and people that now a lot and I am changing totally my eating habits. My grandmother’s carrot cake, that we used to eat sundays, was so yummy but so bad to our health.
Well, either that cream cheese frosting I was telling you about or just about any type of nut butter out there!
He would always make mine shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head, and I would use chocolate chips and whip-cream (not vegan at all!) to give Mickey big eyes and a smile. I  choose the large bottles so they were easy to clean (the ones I bought were dishwasher safe). We haven’t used colored batter before but we have make pancake art by making different shapes using bottles of batter and cookie cutters.
And now that it’s September I can officially feel not weird when eating warm, cosy food all the time.
Hmm, big fat blueberry pancakes drizzled generously with honey and dolloped with creme fraiche would have to be mine. YIes, I know the contest is over… I just came again to your site to watch these wafflers again!!

My mom, who I always make fun of for eating really small amounts and never being hungry (unless we’re at Chipotle) eats triple the amount I do when we’re eating my dad’s pancakes. It is a very rare day that I indulge in any type of flour, but today I was feelin’ it and it was absolutely delicious! I would stuff the pancakes with it, and top them with it, and probably make a sauce with marzipan too! And YES I know about matzoh brie, you’re speaking to a fellow proud Jew here so yummy and special. Last time I went to the Union Square greenmarket I tried a few of the jams and chutneys from a vendor from upstate NY and they were incredible, so probably a huge dollop of one of those! Although I dont eat bagels and cream cheese anymore since I am Vegan I still do make my pancakes ( A healtheir version of course). I have been seeing a bunch of people trying these new flavored nut butters out and I have had yet to try any. And whenever my mom makes brunch she cuts of crescent rolls and puts them ink I muffin tins and makes them… Then puts jelly ontop and fresh fruit when there out of the oven. I REMEMBER MY FAVORITE BREAKFAST WAS PLAIN BREAD WITH HOT CHOCOLATE IT WAS SIMPLE BUT WE ENJOYED IT.
I go to sleep dreaming of what I’ll make for breakfast the next day… you could say I like food a lot?
But my second pick (since it WOULD be healthy and low-cal, would be my Great-Aunt Roseanne’s homemade fudge.
Pancake drawing is very easy you need a flat top griddle, Large squeeze bottles, food coloring, and Pancake mix.
These pancakes are the epitome of what I’d want all my food to be like – warm, subtly sweet and slightly indulgent (helloooo vanilla mascarpone whipped cream! Thanks, Jay, for sending me this ridiculously delicious jar of You Fresh Naturals White Chocolate Cake Batter nut butter. For me this only took about 1-2 minutes per side, but you want to make sure it is thoroughly cooked so it tastes its best. Health is allll about moderation, and indulging wherever you see fit is certainly no problem!! Please do let me know if you end up making a yummy tofu scramble version of your huevos pericos.
Since finding out about my food intolerance (I can’t have wheat, among lots of other things), he even made a wheat free version for me this year. Patrick’s day my Mom would make us special green pancakes (only difference is a small drop of green food dye) but they tasted 100x better than the ordinary (but still very yummy) pancakes!! The second ‘special pancake day’ was Christmas Morning when Mom would make us pancakes shaped like snowmen and santas and Christmas trees!!!!
I usually use oat flour because I just make it myself out of oats and usually add in protein powder!! Don’t try to tell me facts when I wake up because half an hour later I will have no recollection of what was said.
In a separate bowl, whip up the whipping cream until it thickens and holds medium peaks (when you lift the whisk from the cream, the tip of the peak will curl over on itself).
Again same batter but the difference shape used to magically turn them into the most amazing pancakes!!!! Gently fold together the mascarpone- sugar mixture with the whipping cream and mix in the vanilla. Drop the batter a tablespoon at a time into the pan.Cook until tiny bubbles appear on the surface, about 2-3 minutes. In the still-hot frying pan, toast the coconut over a low heat, stirring often until golden brown (1-2 minutes).

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