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Many folks out there look for economical cookware, and one of the most popular choices is the Kirkland Hard Anodized 15 Piece set. The Kirkland 15 piece set has a retail price of around $149.99, which makes it very competitively priced for this kind of cookware. We begin by testing out the sauce pots and the skillets with a homemade pasta and sauce, with a mix of fried onions and mushrooms.
After around two hours, our sauce tasted fairly edible, and we left the remaining mixture to settle.
HARD ANODIZED NONSTICK COOKWARE VS STAINLESS STEELin che anno ci fu la rivoluzione americana Offers the stylish and. There’s no limit to the meals you can create with the WearEver Pure Living 2-piece Fry Pan Set - Champagne. Kirkland is a brand often associated with Costco, so naturally this is a affordable set of cookware.
Lets take a closer look at the set to see what it is made of and what you will get with it.
While this makes for a great look, it may become problematic when the cookware is in use due to the heat.
There is nothing wrong with the design, but it does look like most other cookware sets out there.

Again we were quite happy with the performance of the nonstick coating, as nothing seemed to stick to it. The handles do tend to get hot, but if you don’t mind using oven gloves or some pot handle holders then you need not worry about this. This nonstick mix contains some titanium which means it should be very durable, but Kirkland still mention in the manual that you should only use nylon, plastic or wooden utensils with this set.
We even left some leftover batter to burn in the larger skillet, but that was simply wiped up with a paper towel. There is a bit of a downside when it comes to the hot handles, and we wish Kirkland had simply added a rubber coating to remedy this. This set is made in Thailand, so while this is not as good as say cookware made in Europe or the USA, we would think it should be more reliable than some of the cheaper Chinese alternatives.
Aside from that there isn’t a whole lot else to say about the cookware, so lets put it to the test. The mushrooms and the onions didn’t stick at all in the pan, and the nonstick coating feels slick and smooth.
We left the pots and pans for thirty minutes afterwards to seeĀ  if we would have to scrub them or whether a few wipes with the sponge would do the trick. After that we embarked on a slightly larger scale test when we decided to make a lamb stew using the large stock pot and one or two of the saucepans.

The pans were very easy to get clean, although to be fair there wasn’t much of a mess in those. Our recipe required a preparation time of around 6 hours, so we slowly worked our way through the recipe. The elegant champagne gold finish is dishwasher-safe as well as stain and scratch resistant.About T-fal:Where would we be without the nonstick frying pan? As we have seen before with stainless steel handles, they do tend to get hot when the cookware is in use, so you will need oven gloves or a pot handle holder. The sauce pot which contained the pasta sauce wasn’t much more of a challenge and we simply used a bit of water to rinse out the bulk of the remaining sauce, then wiped out the rest with a sponge. There were no real problems along the way, aside from the handles getting hot as is to be expected.
We were very happy with how it had come out and the cookware had certainly done a good job. Again we left the leftover reside to settle to see how easy it would be to clean, and we received more or less the same results as before.

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