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Light material is getting water dyed fabric with large apron.Less strain on the shoulder cross type apronApprox. Our factory commits our social compliance by non-stop improving work condition and income to our workers and local people. Located in Nam Dinh province, just in the centre of spun bamboo area, our factory area is 10,000 sqm with 3,500 sqm roofed workshops. We offer our own new collections every 6 months and also produce customer’s OEM designs. Dim Sum SteamersAug 29, 2011Top-quality bamboo dim sum steamers ranging in sizes from 5 - 20 inches in diameter are produced to serve restaurants across the country. Miracle MugAug 29, 2011One JOHN Porcelain Mug Series with Heat-sensitive Miracle Colors are designed and art directed by Henry Cham, a Chinese Designer and Illustrator.
Wet Mop And Floor ClothAug 29, 2011We are Yarn and mop manufacturer based in East Java, Indonesia. Rattan Bird CageAug 29, 2011Bird cage chanh khang is the manufacturer of wooden bamboo rattan bird cages houses in Vietnam. Automatic Corkscrew L'unico Wine OpenerAug 29, 2011L'unico is a wonderful corkscrew because with this the cork will come out automatically without using the same strenght that you usually use when opening a bottle of wine. Mobile Aromatic CraftsAug 29, 2011Traditional oriental medicine aromatic If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP. Lunch Box Oval Lock And Food RackAug 29, 2011Light weight, Easy open close, Mirror polish and sizes 12,14 16.5 cm. BabyfitAug 29, 2011We work in Turkey-Gaziantep which is one of the very famous cities in the manufacture in Turkey.
Scrubber (Scourer) Manufacturing MachineAug 29, 2011We manufactory of the stainless steel spiral scourer machinery, competitive price with good quality, energy saving and high efficient working out.
Antique Rugs And CarpetAug 29, 2011We manufacture antique furniture, also we offer antique home decoration, including rugs and carpet.

Sofa Safari SetAug 29, 2011Our small furniture company is a manufacturing company from Lithuania.
Dried Tree FernAug 29, 2011We are supplying Dried Tree Fern in a Unproessed form from the Pacific islands. Leather Sofa And ChairAug 29, 2011We make French provincial style leather sofa and coffee table.
Fruit Basket, Collapsible Baskets, Folding BasketAug 29, 2011Each collapsible bowl or basket is handcrafted from a single piece of wood. Dog BedAug 29, 2011We are specializing in manufactuering pet products like pet coats, pet beds, pet toys etc. Pet Scotland Grid SkirtAug 29, 2011Pet scotland grid skirt , Material : 65%cotton 35%polyester cotton If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP.
Compact MirrorAug 29, 2011This is our new metal mirror, please contact to me, if you interest our item.
Hexagonal PotAug 29, 2011Haxagonal pot made from plastic resin pemd, with UV protection If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP. Preserved Disassembling Double Bed With Rolling PlaneAug 29, 2011Preserved disassembling double bed with rolling plane Disassembling structure in tubular of steel aluminium joints fused by press.
Plastic Cocktail ShakerAug 29, 2011Plastic cocktail mixer and shaker, we can provide 8oz and 16oz shaker.
PC TablewareAug 29, 2011I am a suppier in Ningbo, China, I can supply you many kinds of tableware, I will give you best price and high quality goods.
Soapstone GriddleAug 29, 2011The soapstone keeps whatever is presented on it warm and distributes heat equally in order to produce a superior taste. Laquered Bamboo Decorative Bird CageAug 29, 2011Bamboo bird cage and accessories is the cage manufacturer of wooden bamboo rattan bird cages houses in Vietnam. Scoobee LaserchaseAug 29, 2011We have launched our own brand of scoobee products, one of which is the scoobee laserchase.

Hybrid RabbitsAug 29, 2011beautiful hybrid rabbits for sale at attractive prices If this offer has interested you, please, fill the form of inquiry and you receive the answer in ASAP.
If the product is out of stock depending on the timing of your order for our General wholesalers import brands, so we wholesaler sales to retailers. 170 g and lightweight material, so even the elderly reduces the burden to the bodyWater resistant handy apron.And manifested pile material is 100% nylon and so keeps iron away in fun is spotless.
Our factory has a great deal of experience in management, quality control product development & communication with worldwide buyers. Additionally, we are providing our buyers and their clients with eco-friendly, sustainable and hand-crafted products which create high added value to importers, retailers and distributors and meet increasing consumption demand for green and clean products.
We have 150 workers in the factory with production capacity at about 15-20 x 40’ containers per month.
We have very successfully participated at a numerous upholstered furniture exhibitions in Lithuania and received great acknowledgements and awards..
This is used for landscaping, vine plant growing, or for re-manufacturing into various gardening supplies. Ltd is a producing enterprise which is engaged in designing and developing small home furniture, ornaments for home furniture metalwork. Twofold with client's logo all eveloped in plastic film with clients logo printed in the envelop. Our contract with our main outlet has come to an end and we are looking for another who can stock and distribute the product. They are all high quality products with registered fashionable designs which are manufactured by our esteem company.

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    Waterless cookware are safety will work on an induction cooktop.
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    The saucepan really tough to tip.
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    Food on copper or aluminum, it transmits this coldness the pan is packed.
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    Contemplating what pots and pans work well with induction cooktops under regular cooking temperatures.