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If you do not wish to include them in this purchase, please uncheck the ones you would like to remove. A new concept in food preparation made by one of the world's most respected American manufacturers of stainless steel cooking utensils.
With built-in Ferritic steel and full wrap-around flame guards the cookware is ideal for Induction and gas ranges. These new 'Sure Grip' handles have a full wrap-around 'Flame Guard' slide-out ring for easy hanging and are still oven-proof but with a much more comfortable grip.
All sets and individual pots shown below come now with the new Vital line of handles as seen in the sets above. This 20 piece set is the same as the 11 piece but includes your steamer egg poacher rack, 3-hole poaching rack, egg cups and tongs. Lasts forever with superior quality - cooking was never easier with the Master Chef 23 piece set!
As an alternative to boiling the vitamins out of your vegetables, Vacumatic cookware is a process of food preparation that retains all the natural vitamins, nutrients, colour and flavour. With Vacumatic cookware, the vapor surrounding your vegetables never reaches the boiling point, thus preserving all the natural goodness and vitamins of your vegetables. 200 recipes, appetizers, entrees, vegetables, eggs and omelets, and soups, stocks and sauces. Without features such as the vapor seal, vac-control valve, heat conducting inner core that extends up the side your cookware, you cannot cook the proper Vacumatic Waterless way. Other cookware companies such as Saladmaster will make claims of retaining all the vitamins but in reality, the old fashioned Waterless method is simply steaming your vegetables and steam is the same temperature as boiling water.

The natural flavour of each vegetable, its aroma, colour and consistency remain optimally preserved with our waterless method of cooking.
Vacumatic Cookware seals itself to maintain these liquids during the vacuum heating process. Fulfords Gourmet Kitchenware department -- kitchen knives, gadgets, cookware, pepper mills, cook's tools and baking supplies - a chef's source. For the Coffee enthuisiast, we carry everything from Automatic Coffee makers from all the major brands, to French Press coffee makers and their replacement beakers. Make sure you're prepared for those unexpected guests or that romantic night alone with that special someone, with everything you need to entertain in style - from Fulford's. Make your life easier in the kitchen by getting everything clean and organized with help from Fulford's. We carry a complete selection of quality dish brushes, kitchen linens, food storage and kitchen organization devices. At Fulford: Kitchenware - Bathware - Hardware, we offer a full service Gift & Wedding Registry.
All of your vitamins, minerals, flavor and color is preserved only by cooking in a vacuum vapor. Click HERE to read all the features and benefits that make this cookware the best your money can buy. Cooking the healthy greaseless way is only possible with expensive quality surgical steel waterless cookware.
This heat conducting inner core also offers energy savings, up to 70%, virtually paying for the cookware in a few years.

A sufficient amount of water, in fact, is already contained in most produce to cook vegetables by using the Vacumatic cooking system. The vapour then cascades down from the center of the pot lids over your foods bathing them in their own juices.
Giving you peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are prepared for life's unexpected emergencies and disasters. When you hear the tone from the 'whistle vent' you simply close the 'Vac-Controle' valve and turn off the heat.
This 304T 7-ply surgical steel with titanium cookware has only ever been made available to you from factory direct distributors.
By cooking with Vacumatic, the delicate water-soluble vitamins are preserved, as are the minerals, which help naturally flavour foods, as a result you'll find there is little need to add salt at the dinner table. We carry the world's best lines of gourmet kitchen knives, cookware, small appliances, pepper mills and kitchen tools & gadgets at great prices. 14th.You can place orders as usual,any problem please contact us after the vacation,thanks.

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