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Produced by Gemini Jets, one of the world leaders when it comes to quality precision diecast models.
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I fully admit the small print may be blurred and slight pixelation may occur on certain prints. For a more detailed report on this particular poster, refer to the following ratings:-Colour = Good Pixelation = Minor Tears To original = none Small Print = readable Marks = none Also note that on certain movie posters, visible folds are to be seen.
PLEASE NOTE that they are not fine art prints, or highly detailed works of art.Because of the age of some of our posters, a few small imperfections may be reproduced. These should be visible by looking at the larger images within this listing or by referring to the individual rating system for each poster.

Paper can often degrade with time, and sometimes an image reproduced from the original that may reflect this.If you are unhappy with any of our reproductions we do offer a full money back guarantee. Whereas the cheaper option is available, due to current problems with Homeland security Airsure should be selected as your means of postage.PaymentsPayment should be made via Paypal ONLYRefundsIf you are not happy with your item or if there is some kind of problem, I will grant a full refund no questions asked on return of the item. If you want something in a hurry or for a specific date, please take this into account.All overseas customers can now choose Royal Mail Airsure as a means of delivery.

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