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As the title suggests, my lunch quest for the best chili cheese fries has come to a close in Los Angeles. Culver Ltd 22 karat gold overlay lowball barware on a clear glass with prado green that is slightly marbled and translucent.
By Culver Ltd is this lot of 6 lowball glasses in a 10 ounce size patterned with painted prado green blocks and an ornate 22 karat gold overlay.
After arriving at The Culver Studios Mansion to find an array of ground meats, plus various cheeses, buns and condiments, the contestants weren't surprised when the mentors revealed this week's challenge to be burger-themed.
Culinary Insight: To get ready for Star's version of Burger Bash, the culinary team transferred the Star Kitchen pantry to the Culver Mansion lawn and bought 150 pounds of ground beef, bison, chicken, pork, turkey and lamb. Mise en Place: Each contestant's station was equipped with a grill, a set of mixing bowls, several cutting boards, one hot plate, a block of knives, tongs, mixing utensils and a spatula.

From Their Point of View: When the competitors took their places on stage, this was the scene they saw in front of them.
The green is not a flat solid green and instead has the appearance of a slightly marble finish that is stained so that the color is translucent allowing light to pass through it. The green is vivid and strong with one block having a tiny dot that is darker than the rest.The gold is in nice condition with small amounts of breaks in the pattern here and there, seen with a magnifying glass and caught by the camera.
They had one hour to prepare a signature burger, which they demoed in front of a 100-person audience. All 100 chairs were filled with hungry Burger Bash guests outfitted with the dreaded dials. With the naked eye these areas are difficult to see.It is felt that a buyer will be pleased with the condition of this lot upon arrival.

Browse these behind-the-scenes photos to see the mansion up close, the pantry outside of Star Kitchen and what it looks like when the cameras are turned. We only ask for communication prior to purchase due to the fact that international restrictions change, plus we want to give accurate shipping prices at the time of purchase.We currently do not ship to Brazil, China, France, Italy, Malaysia, Russia, Spain or the entire Middle East (except for Israel). Shipping takes 10 to 14 business days to reach your country from the time that the package ships out but may take longer if held up by customs, rare occasions up to 4 to 6 weeks. However, due to the weight increasing for multiple purchases, we will use the most economical shipping method, which may on rare occasions include shipping the items in more than one box, unless prior arrangements have been made by email.

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