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We've improved on a classic design to give you a range of oven to tableware that is both stylish and practical. Hackney Council tweeted the photo showing police and council officers officially temporarily closing the takeaway.
Wraps of crack cocaine and cannabis were found stashed away in cooking pots containing food and bins at a Caribbean restaurant in Dalston. Two masked thugs were seen riding off on bikes after attempting to snatch a mobile phone from someone in Stamford Hill.

Two men had to be rescued from a flat after a carelessly discarded cigarette sent it up in flames.
Teenagers from Hackney are often stereotyped, but author, lecturer and youth worker Emeka Egbuonu says people have the wrong idea about our youngsters – and he should know.
A beat boxer from Hackney has been knocked out of The Voice singing talent show, after getting through as one of the last eight contestants to sing on the live semi-finals on the BBC on Saturday night.
These are Hackney’s top 10 most wanted, who are being hunted by police in connection with a host of serious crimes.

These high grade stainless steel stockpots are ideal for your every day needs whether ita€™s for stews, curries, milk or your favourite soup. A large capacity, multi-purpose, brushed stainless steel pot, with lid, originally purchased from TK Maxx.

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