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I was very excited last week to discover that the new Cook Store on Great Western Road was opening. I popped into Cook last week, as soon as I crossed the door the franchise owner David made a bee-line straight for me carrying little pots of their Thai Green curry for us to sample, which was really lovely.
I introduced myself as we had connected on Twitter, we had a little chat about the brand and food on offer. I love the Cook shop, it is in a perfect little spot on Great Western Road and I am sure that this is going to be a massive hit in the west end.
The Cook Shop on Holmwood Road in Christchurch is a case study in how Signtech can help businesses maximise their brand integrity.
At Signtech we worked closely with the owner to ensure that we created a consistent theme at a quality befitting the standards expected for this project.
The Good Cook Shop sells a wide range of kitchen accessories, from woks and scales to coffee machines.

Basically it’s a frozen food deli who sells meals made in small batches from their kitchen in Kent. What came across really strongly was that David is really passionate and very knowledgeable about all the produce and was able to steer us to some wonderful dishes.
The beef was tender and delicious, I had this accompanied with the roast potatoes, mash & parsnips which were all fantastic. The prawns were big and juicy and the rice heated much better than I would expect frozen rice to cook in an oven. The interior and exterior signage is complementary and is in harmony with the decor of the shop.
At the Cook's Shop, we're dedicated to helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen by providing you with the tools to make cooking more efficient and enjoyable!
If you're looking for something special, just ask a€“ we have access to thousands of products and would be glad to place a special order for you.

The brains behind Cook Edward Perry & Dale Penfold which was founded in 1997 really believe in making delicious frozen food for the customers that tastes like they made it at home. Visually from all directions The Cook Shop stands out with its array of truly effectively signage. From Window graphics to 3-D lettering, to internal & external illuminated lightboxes right through to the blackboard and footpath sign The Cook Shop has it all – and, thanks to Signtech and a wonderful client, it looks fantastic.

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