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In a design reminiscent of an early 1930’s touring caravan, this little one cup novelty teapot is sure to bring back memories of those wonderful seaside holidays whilst enjoying your afternoon tea. During the 30’s cars were getting cheaper to produce and with the increasing popularity of caravanning the masses were suddenly able to venture off on holiday and explore the countryside at will.
Handmade by Carters of Suffolk in a manufacturing process little changed since the early 17th century, each teapot takes around a week to complete and is an item of unrivalled quality.
Using a slip moulding process, the semi porcelain, high temperature earthenware teapots are individually hand painted using rich under glaze colours. The chimney and roof rails on the caravan model have been highlighted using platinum before the final high gloss glaze is applied.
Each item is unique due to the hand crafted process, so there may be slight variation in brush stroke and colour as a result.

Although fully functional the One Cup design is often collected or displayed as an ornamental object. Bone china tea for one teapot and cup, View Tea for one teapot and cup, The Great Wall Product Details from The Great Wall Of Culture Group Co., Ltd. Enjoy some perfectly brewed tea made just for you with this beautiful cherry teapot for one set! In collector terms the item could be described as rare since it is part of a very limited production run of 2000 teapots worldwide. Features Celtic design on an ivory ceramic teapot and teacup with accents in soft green and gold.
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