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September 22, 2014 by Kristen Whitby 28 Comments I was SO excited to share this little project with you during my Fall home tour last week! I put a basket that I purchased at HomeGoods several years ago under the shelves for more storage.
I searched for months for airtight jars that were big enough to make a nice visual impact, as well as actually provide enough storage.
Looks very practical (for adults) – how will it work when the kiddos want a quick snack but can’t reach a top jar for Cheerios or pretzels on their own? These look so amazing staged with all of your beautiful big jars= what a great way to decorate the kitchen!!
The L-Shaped Kitchen is a great design, providing ample counter space, room for two cooks, good access to work centers and better traffic flow. The door is about half the size of a regular door… so more like a cabinet than a pantry.
It had a long bar with adorable barstools and lots of jars filled with penny candies and other things for sale.

I am hoping to find one that is a bit longer so it will add even more storage and look more custom. I spent hours online, visited every store I could think of, and these jars from World Market were the only ones I found that had everything. I designed these shelves so it is physically impossible for one of us to knock a jar off of them! I have a big empty wall in my kitchen and have been bouncing ideas around on what to do with it. This is the same problem we have and I’ve been thinking about buying a stand alone pantry but love this idea instead!
It was such a cloudy day when I took these pictures so I will try to get better ones to post soon. I started to brainstorm ways we could improve our storage with the kitchen renovation, and I thought of this fun shelf area. I have always loved the look of the old country stores with all of their pretty crisp jars, and I thought it would be fun to recreate that feeling here in my kitchen.

Target had some with a lid with a metal knob, but I liked these lids and, more importantly, the seals better. My site has been down off and on since last Thursday, and I wanted to wait until I knew for sure I wasn’t going to lose the post!
I bought a few here and there over the past several months (I’m telling you, this project was a year in the making) to help diffuse the cost a little.
I designed these shelves so it is physically impossible for one of us to knock a jar off… Intrigued?

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