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If you've spent much time in the kitchen, you know that most cabinets are filled with an assortment of pots and pans. I simply like to call my saucepan, a panpot, helps me remember what it is and what it's not. I learned the difference between a pots and pans.The difference is pots are deeper and pans are shallow. We think it's GREAT that you learned some new things from visiting this Wonder of the Day®, Tommy!
We think a cake pan might be a pan because pans are usually shallow with sides that extend only an inch or two from the base. We all shared that we have baby siblings (or even ourselves) have enjoyed banging on pots and pans. It's fun to bang on those pots and pans and let your inner drummer come out, isn't it, Kerrick Elementary School? I loved how this perplexing question was answered with an explanation that puts the fun back into learning.

I will be checking out this site to share topics with my kindergarteners and my third grader!
Make sure you get permission first, but then head on into the kitchen, and start rooting around in the drawers and cabinets.How many pots and pans can you find?
Put all the pots together in one pile and all the pans together in another pile.What's left? Do you have any kitchen implements that don't fit neatly into either category?As long as you have the pots and pans out, why not use them? If you enjoy cooking, here are some fun, easy-to-make recipes that will help you see how those pots and pans work:If you're not in the mood to cook, you could always play music. Is it really a pan or a pot in disguise?Although the names may be confusing from time to time and there's always room for debate, there are some general guidelines you can use when trying to tell pots from pans.
Pots and pans are usually separated based on their size and shape.Pots tend to be deeper with high sides that go straight up from a circular base.
Pans, on the other hand, are usually shallow with sides that extend only an inch or two from the base.

The sides of a pan may go straight up like a pot, or they may curve up at a gentle angle.Pots and pans usually have different types of handles, too.
The high sides of a pot allow heat to spread evenly all around the liquid, so that liquid can be heated evenly rather than just from the bottom.Chefs tend to use pans mainly for frying foods. The wide base and shallow sides of pans allow a thinner layer of food to cook quickly and evenly. Pans are used often for frying meats, eggs and pancakes.At this point, it may seem like pots and pans are clearly different objects. Things can get confusing, though.For example, a pot can correctly be called a pan, but a pan can't correctly be called a pot.

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