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The perfect gift for that person that you want to have a date night with, love to hang out with or want to gift a night out for them and someone else.
Below is a picture from Topeca’s online store found at this link > Topeca Gift Box What a great gift idea for any coffee lover. Check out the Spa Services page and imagine what that hard to gift person or special person in your life would LOVE a Spa Gift Certificate.  You can purchase Gift Certificates online so they make the perfect LAST MINUTE GIFT! IN THIS ISSUE, we feature the simplicity of making your own small batches of pickles and "putting them by" for the long winter ahead. August 9 - Night in Morocco: Traditional Moroccan Salmon served over Saffron Rice Pilaf and Orange Blossom Water Panna Cotta. August 10 - Hands-on Cheese Making in Brookside:Come learn how we make fresh Chevre for the Sage Rage Melt Bar! August 12 - Wine 101: White VarietalsSummer time is the right time for chilled white wines but which white wine should you serve with your meal?
August 13th - Light and Fresh Summer Meal: Pistachio Topped Salmon, Chopped Herb Salad with White Balsamic Vinaigrette and Summer Fruit Salad with Grand Marnier Dressing. August 16 - I Scream, You Scream:Let's learn to make delicious gourmet ICE CREAM with a top pastry and desert chef!
August 17 - Fajita Fiesta:Why go out to eat when you can learn to make the best beef and chicken fajitas around?!
August 17 - Wine 101: White Varietals Summer time is the right time for chilled white wines but which white wine should you serve with your meal? August 20 - Wines for the Grill:What wines should you serve with your favorite grilled meals?
August 24 - Greek Summer Menu:Greek yogurt marinated chicken kabobs lemon oregano potatoes and grilled peaches with honey yogurt.

August 25 - Affordable Reds:Are you looking for some great wines to enjoy with dinner every night and want to keep within your wine budget?
August 27th - Fruit Desserts:Mini Cherry Tarts with Cream Cheese Pastry and Peach Cobbler with Amaretto Whipped Cream.
Small batches of jams and pickles can be water bath processed in this multi-purpose stock pot. Magnetic tipped wand safely removes lids from boiling water bath and positions the lid on the filled hot jars. These tongs, specially designed for canning, securely lift and transfer hot jars in and out of the hot water bath. Made for canning, the wide opening guides food and liquid into jars cleanly and efficiently. Appetizers or relishes, this compartmentalized tray holds it all and keeps it cold with ice. Stock Pot Cooking Classes provide a wonderfully unique night out experience that is very memorable. First off, it is not just a grill, it’s a way of life that will make any man, women or child happy. Also, keep in mind that chances are, your favorite BBQ joint sells bottles of sauce on location. Specifically, I love Topeca’s espresso blend which has rich, earthy flavors and is always fresh. However, good food mixes well with relaxation and Spa Lux Day Spa is our favorite place to accomplish this. What started as a blog where normal everyday people dined out and posted about their experiences has grown into a full scale food publication with professional chefs, writers, and photographers, each with a unique culinary and educational background to pull from.

The salty-sour taste of a pickle satisfies some intangible need while adding plenty of pizzazz to a plate.
We'll make Sage Chicken, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, and Grilled Peaches with Raspberry Coulis. Most dinners are 4 or more courses and there are a variety of different classes to pick from.
Over 20 different types of sausage are made by the Siegi family for shipping across America and their retail location right here in Tulsa. Pickles come in many forms - nearly any fruit or vegetable can be pickled into your new favorite. Seasonal Indian Cuisine: Watermelon Curry with Basmati Rice, Suffed Okra, Indian and Spiced Corn. Oklahoma produces some of the best BBQ sauce concoctions on the planet.  I think a bottle of Oklahoma BBQ Sauce is the perfect inexpensive gift, especially for a out-of-stater.
Imagine taking some of your absolute favorite Oklahoma BBQ sauces to a friend or family member out of state. We truly believe they offer a special class of relaxation that more people should take advantage of in Tulsa. Better yet grab 2-3 different sauces from Reasors, then grab a cheap basket for a few buck at Hobby-Lobby and bam.

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