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Most landscapes have basic structures, as in driveways and walkways.  This under construction landscape project features site specific architectural elements that address certain needs. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Viagrow Rubber String Coated Wire Plant Tie is a versatile, tough-yet-gentle plant tie with a soft, rubbery outside and a strong galvanized steel core.
Viagrow Rubber String Coated Wire Plant Ties are gentle enough to tie plants to a support, and strong enough to attach bamboo, trellising, and staking plant supports. Unfortunately for us, top-notch digital photography was just not available at the time to capture all its wonders. Simply cut the desired amount and bend and twist to hold the desired plant stalk or branch to plant stakes and trellises. And while we may not replicate the grandeur of those hanging gardens, contemporary designers are bringing in the ‘green’ with their own unique designs. Mezzo, meaning a€?middlea€™ in Italian, was named for the Designera€™s love of Italy and the time she spent studying the lovely culture and landscapes there. You can just fill your living space (interior space plus outdoor space) with flowers, herbs and succulents.
Viagrow™ Rubber String is easier to use than rope and is completely reusable due to its rust-free coating. To make it easier for you this amazing vertical wall garden will make your outdoor walls look alive.
If you like you can also use this vertical wall garden product in your interior space decorating it with warm colors.View in galleryThe vertical wall garden comes with a frame of steel.
Elegant, ergonomic and stylish, these modern hanging gardens are all about form, functionality and space-consciousness.Here are a few fabulous inspirations that instantly add life to a room.

This square frame goes perfectly on your outdoor walls where you would like to have some flowers. From DIY projects that involve mason jars to exquisite creations from innovative designers, there is a container garden idea for everyone. You can arrange the 20 plastic pots that are perfectly designed to fit in the steel frame, and then put any plants you want in them. These DIY planters are pretty easy to create and you will be amazed with the touch of contemporary panache they bring to your home. You will just need a screwdriver to fix the four screws in your wall.View in galleryView in galleryThis product is an eco friendly one because the pots are recycled! All you need is shampoo bottle tops (or any bullet-shaped containers), a bit of spray paint, nails and some rope.Let you kids join in on the spray painting and you will have a fun and productive family weekend. Check out the complete step-by-step DIY guide for the hanging planters before you get started.Stylish floating Garden by Gabriella AsztalosDesigned by Gabriella Asztalos, the floating garden plant containers bring a dash of metallic glint along with their modern form.
The minimalistic style of these planters ensures that you have a container garden that is not just cool but is also contemporary in style!
Put together a few of these in a cool Scandinavian setting and you have an elegant floating container garden ready to steal the show.
A few old jars, some pipe clamps to keep them in place and a simple wooden board will most often get the job done. If you have an old wooden crate, then it helps a great deal in enhancing the visual appeal!
Put it up on the kitchen wall and start using some fresh home-grown herbs to spice up your tasty recipes.
You can bring together a variety of plants, orchids and herbs by using the various different planters.

But if you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert in crafts and DIY projects, then stitching these boxes together should not be all that hard. Bringing together the spirit of the ocean with the container garden design, the air plants set in sea urchin shells are an instant hit almost anywhere.
They seem all the more appropriate for modern homes that have a cool and breezy nautical theme going on.
All you need to get them done is some rope, glass jars, small rocks and the necessary green and you are good to go.
Try to pick jars of different sizes to add style and contrast to the container garden on your wall.
Painting the egg shells and turning them into daft little potters is a great idea for the holiday season. Be it Easter, Christmas or the New Year, this is a simple and fun idea that brings festive joy to your home.
Just line them up on your coffee table or your office desk and they are bound to be great conversation starters.
These designer of Golly Pods apparently seems to be a big fan of the X-Files!Hanging modern planters for the contemporary living spaceSuspended glass globes offer ample refinement and style. Hung above the low coffee table in a sleek and stylish living space, this is a hanging container garden idea for those who place aesthetics well above ergonomics.Alien looking Domsai Terrariums by Matteo Cibic!

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