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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The steel pan (it’s really a bit of a faux pas to call it a steel drum!) is one of Trinidad’s proudest exports. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and for emancipated black slaves living in and around Laventille. Pans are usually made through a time-tested and delicate process, though more mechanised versions have been emerging. Panorama, the national steelband competition, is one of the Carnival season’s major highlights, and until you’ve heard a steel orchestra on the Panorama stage you haven’t heard half the story of what steelpan is all about.
Steelbands are also a traditional part of the street proceedings on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, especially during J’Ouvert. Outside of the Carnival season, steel orchestras are kept busy practising for the events like Pan in the 21st Century, Pan Jazz in de Yard, The World Steelband Music Festival and Pan Ramajay. The orchestra is sponsored by the Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI), and largely comprises students and graduates of the University. The audience was treated to a wide variety of music, with something for everyone from various eras. Pop music also featured in the show, with a medley of chart topping songs from the international sensation Bruno Mars. The orchestra also played a unique arrangement of Jamaican folk songs, done in the rondo form, typically used only in classical music, ‘Rookumbine’.
You can enjoy playing Steel Pan in an ensemble, And When you're Steel Pan Player, You can do practice using this Apps.
This Apps simulates the true sound of the Steel Pan (Steel Drum), the pitched percussive instrument born in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.
Don't settle for a midi instrument or manipulated tone, each note on this App was sampled from real Steel Pans to create the "true" sound that no electronic device can create. The Steel Pan family is comprised of many different instruments to create a full range of pitches. Facebook has released a new feature for its iOS Messenger app that allows users to receive itineraries, flight updates, check-in notifications, boarding passes, rebook flights, and communicate with customer service, all via a dedicated chat thread. Mark Stewart with Lindsay Gillette, McMaster alumnus and chairman of Petrotrin and Pelinja Holdings Ltd.
The TT National Steelband Panorama 2015 begins with what is in effect, Zonal Preliminaries. It starts with the SINGLE PAN BANDS (SPB's), and continues with the Small and Medium Conventional Steelbands, all entering the competition in their respective regions, or zones.

On the other hand; the Large Conventional steelbands, of which there are too few to contend a Preliminary round, undergo a prepairedness visit by officials at their respective panyards, at which they will show their tunes in readiness.
The Large Conventional steelbands then all move on directly to join the Semi-Finals at The Grand Stand, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Qualifiers from the SPB's and Small Conventional Steelbands then move on to their Finals at Skinner Park, San Fernando, Trinidad. The Mediun and Large Steelband qualifiers move on to the Grand Finals at The Grand Stand, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Junior Panorama, Arima Panorama and THA Panorama are interstitial events to the main TT National Steelband Panorama. The SPB's start the show; and the Conventional bands are all in competition, with an upper limit of 75 members per band.
A religious piece and a tune from this years selected calypsonian, showcasing the songs of Iwer George.
SP Steelbands, Rhythm sections and Conventional Steelbands doing their 'Pan on de Move' around the town.
Starts at the St James Amphitheatre on the 5th June, and continues at various locations around The Western Main Road, St James. It distinguishes itself by being the only acoustic, non-electric instrument invented in the 20th century, and one incubated right in and around Port of Spain during the second world war. Rhythm was an ancestral right and necessity to all celebrations.  When the colonial government banned drumming, bamboo branches were used in what came to be known as tambu bamboo bands. At no time is this truer than during the Carnival season, which nurtures steelband the way the NBA nurtures basketball, producing a steady supply of players, a steady supply of high-quality instruments, and an informed and interested audience.
The 100-person orchestras (steelbands) start practising their arrangements of the season’s calypsos right after Christmas. The Panorama shows are a great place to hear music, of course, but also – in true Trini style – an occasion to party and lime.
Many orchestras also have accompanying mas’ bands which often play traditional themes like sailors and wild Indians. But the true cradle of the steelband is Carnival: the opening bars of a Panorama arrangement are often startling in their volume and intensity, and the sound of an 100-piece steel orchestra on the Panorama stage has no equal in the musical universe.
The season began in Kingston on 2 July and ended in Jamaica’s second city Montego Bay at the beautiful Half Moon Hotel Conference Centre, on 10 July. It is made up of a diverse membership, much like the University itself, with members from various Caribbean nations including, St.
The players are also talented arrangers who have for the most part developed their skills within the orchestra.

Local sensation, Chino, featured with the song ‘Never Change’ that put him on the map throughout the Caribbean. I don't hear anything when I tap the notes or turn on the metronome despite the volume on my phone turned up. Once again, we've gathered up our favorite stories of the week from the world of mobile, tech, and apps. After which, the qualifiers move to their respective Semi-Final; at The Grand Stand, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Next the pan is tempered or fired, which builds the strength and resilience of the metal, and prepares it for tuning and playing. Current tenors can play 29 notes over 2.5 octaves in the higher register, and the new G-Pan can now play 37 over four octaves. Most bands are communitybased, and their practice arenas, known as panyards, are often important meeting places and great places to visit – no Carnival itinerary, in fact, is complete without a panyard tour or two.
While there, I took the opportunity to host a McMaster alumni luncheon at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
My degree from McMaster certainly prepared me for careers in the technical and administrative fields. The instant connection McMaster graduates share is a great way to meet new friends and business partners, and to experience the change McMaster alumni are making across the world. So tucked away in the Laventille hills, more alternatives were sought out.  Biscuit and paint tins tended to produce single notes when hammered, and enterprising youngsters then took to discarded oil drums to develop the sound. Individual notes are then painstakingly marked out and grooved into the pan.  From beneath, the tuner then begins to pound (or “pong”) the pan, so that each note bubbles upward. Two other pans to replace the current mid-range pans (seconds, double-tenor, guitar and cello), and a new incarnation of the bass pans have also emerged. I called the pharmaceutical companies on file at the coop office, and I contacted my fellow recent graduates to ask if they knew of any opportunities.
The pan is then ready for tuning, as the notes are then delicately hammered so that each is precise in pitch in relation to the other.
The team has also been quick to apply for a patent of the new pans, as a United States company ludicrously obtained a patent for the steelpan some years ago – much to every Trinidadian’s chagrin (though it has been successfully challenged). Once the pan is properly tuned, it is then either chromed to make it shine silver (after which it must again be retuned!), or dipped in paint.

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