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Staub cookware products are enamelled both inside and outside, this specially developed black matte enamelled interior doesn't need seasoning and doesn't react to acidic foods or liquids. The close fitting lid ensures that none of the steam escapes, small spikes inside the lid condense steam which fall evenly like a mist over the dish being cooked making the oven self-basting. In fact, because of it's advanced design your Staub cast iron cookware will perform better the more it is used. Staub products are highly indestructible and cleaning is made easy because of total enamelling inside and out. The oils used and created in cooking will permeate the pores of the enamel and create a natural, smooth non-stick surface.

As cast iron is slower to hear, it also retains heat for longer and will keep foods hot at the table.
All Staub cookware can be used in the oven (up to 300 degrees) and on top of the stove.'La Cocotte' is a self-basting French oven - ideal for casseroles, basting, roasting and stewing.
You can cook for several days: the casserole keeps leftovers without a problem, you can heat them up later or use them some other way. The cast iron base stores and redistributes heat better than any other material and allows all the flavours to develop. Each piece is crafted in a sand mould which is destroyed after use, each one has its own individuality and uniqueness.

The one piece cast iron knob is easily held in the hand and can be put in the oven with the casserole.
Staub cookware (except for products with wooden parts) can be washed in the dishwasher, but Staub advises against heavy use.

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