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By submitting this form, you agree that your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Global Industrial Equipment without any compensation to you. 6" Round Aluminum Baking Pans( SGS Certificate)Description *Aluminum foil containers are used to prepare, freeze, store,transport,cook and serve a variety of foods. The freshest strawberry desserts star with perfect berries and our solid stainless steel corer.
Receive a bottle of our 4 Star Vanilla Extract for Free with any $200.00 purchase ($200.00 or more)!
Our new heavy duty nonstick fluted bundt cake pan will help you achive a perfect bundt cake. Our Non Stick Heavy Duty Loaf pans will help you achive a perfect loaf of bread!The durable non stick interior makes removing the loaf a snap.
Our Old Stone Oven Toaster Oven Pizza Stone is made from triple fired clay, it is thick and strong. These professional quality kitchen smallwares are in stock for fast shipping.They are all made from high quality materials for years of daily use.Visit Often! These are the professional "Silpat Silicone Baking Mats" that are the choice of many Pastry Chefs! Product # CD5516-600-WIDE-BONING-FILLET-KNIFERetail $14.95 and upOn Sale $4.99 limit two ! This clear squeeze bottle is made of sturdy flexible plastic and offers instant content recognition with a see through design. These high quality solid stainless steel and acrylic oil and vinegar sprayers make it easy to put a mist of your favorite toppings on salads and foods. Learn how to Select Cutlery & How to Sharpen a Knife.Chefs in Action!Learn How to Roast a Perfect Turkey!
These French fry cut potato pieces can be cut using any of our french fry cutters in only a few seconds.
When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. It is used to easily and quickly take the stems off of strawberries and the ends off your tomatoes. Used by bakers around the world, this tool is perfect for working with dough and scraping off your work table too. Easily brine your own turkey, beef, pork, chicken or even fish for added flavor and juicy moisture. The kit contains a peeler, zester, channel knife, citrus knife, butter curler, corer and a double melon baller. This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs!
Chefs Note: These heavy weight pans will conduct heat evenly and make your bread rise better!
Used by bakers around the world, this tool is nice for removing cookies and hot baked goods from cookie sheets. Easily keeps birds upright for roasting, smoking or slow cooking on the bbq grill, in the oven or in your smoker. Place a potato under the blade and push down to quickly make thick or thin french fry potatoes.
Chefs Notes: We supply the wall mounted fry cutter to many busy restaurants and home cooks.
This innovative kitchen utensil features nonstick, heat-resistant silicone bristles that make basting, glazing, and brushing a breeze. We like it for the high quality locking seal.Chefs Note: This heavy weight springform pan will help conduct heat evenly and help you make a perfect cheesecake!

Stainless steel construction, it features a loud ring that goes for 9 seconds, made to last. Many ovens, household and professional models loose their correct temperature settings within a few years of use. It can also help while dieting (oil and vinegar is very healthy dressing and you will use less).
These are perfect for scraping the bowl while mixing & baking, chocolates, saute' and pan fried foods, cooking omelettes and more! These are perfect for scraping all the foods out of cans, mayonaise jars and scraping small mixing bowls! This highly polished food grade stainless ricer is perfect for boiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, fast baby foods and ricing other vegetables. The ultra sharp ceramic blade cuts with precision and accuracy every time maintaining a razor-sharp edge for many years.
The mold is made out of tin plated thick steel for excellent heat transfer; the result is faster cake baking. Chefs Note: This heavy weight extra thick pan will conduct heat very evenly and help improve overall quality of your finished cake!
These shears are excellent to keep in the kitchen for cutting fish, chicken, pastry, paper, carpeting and cardboard.
We use 2 for a perfect chocolate layer cake (split each one, add raspberry preserves and pastry cream & stack them up).
We like to use these for food styling photo's and for lightly misting truffle oil on pizza and mesclum greens!Choose oil and vinegar sprayers below.
This traditional style cheese knife is prefered by many and it will last!It is made from high quality German Alloy Steel and it will stay sharp for a long time! Two different high quality stainless steel blades are included in this set (36 holes and 64 holes produce thick or thin cut fries)! Simply insert stainless steel needle into marinade, draw back injector to fill injector, then slide the needle into the meat.
These knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, it was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed.Chef Notes: The Blue color is like the ocean, very comfortable and easy to find in the block or drawer! Place your order today, limited time offer!Click the button below to add these to your shopping cart!
These were designed to perform without cracking at temperatures approaching 2000 F., made from an exclusive and unique heat resistant compound. Made from a special silicone mixture they were designed to be the last pair of pot holders that you need to buy. These will help you save time with clean up!Chefs Note: These sheets are the perfect choice for lining cookie sheets and cake pans, baking cake rolls, delicate sponge cakes, tuiles, chocolate work, sugar, candies and more! The rubber like non stick baking mat can go from the freezer to the oven (-40 degree's F to 600 F ).
This thermometer easily mounts in your oven by hanging from the rack or stands upright on the bottom or clipping to a rack. Simply open the top, place a cooked potato or vegetable inside and press the top handle down, a flat disk forces the potato through the perforated bottom.
Chefs Note: A chocolate truffle is a mixture of chocolate and other ingredients to form Ganache. The high quality pan features solid steel for excellent heat transfer; the result is fast and even cake baking and roasting. The knife is the ultimate cutting tool for every day slicing of fruits, vegetables, boneless meats and fish. These are perfect for scraping the bowl while mixing & baking, chocolates, saute' and pan fried foods, cooking omelets and more!

Disassembles for easy cleaning, Dishwasher safe.Chefs Note: If you enjoy preparing your own turkey and meats, this tool is for you! Ceramics are perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping and peeling; garlic, carrots, onions, celery, pears, apples, oranges & fruits.More Colors Are Here!
These knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, it was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed.Chef Notes: These knives are a great choice for Chefs and Gourmet Cooks! It is then cooled and formed into small balls and rolled or dipped into chocolate, nuts, cocoa or other sweets.
Chef Depot and Cooks Illustrated have tested this thermometer in many models of ovens, most are 25 - 75 degree's off temperature!
Totally nonreactive, use with acid foods like wine and lemon with no transfer of metal taste or harmful properties to your foods.
The Perfect Peeler is adjustable, for right or left-handed usage, and can peel at versatile angles for ease of use. We guarantee it will fit your hand perfectly and you will love the balance of this award winning knife. Many of our customers use these as non slip trivets to protect their counters and tables when serving hot food.
We only use a diamond sharpening steel and 3 grit stones to keep our granton edge knives razor sharp. We tested several brands of ceramic knives - Here's the results!Kyocera was the only knife sharp enough to meet our demands, the others were too dull or the blades were too thin and brittle. This oven thermometer is pre calibrated and has a large, easy to read face, the range is 150 to 600 f.
The Adjustable Slicer offers slices from paper-thin to 3mm with a simple turn of the rotating bar on back. It's easy to use and it will last for years of daily use.Chefs Note: We use a lot of these - the perfect pan for baking jelly roll cakes and cookies! The Chroma Type 301 Porsche knives are easy to use and hold an edge longer than most other knives. This torch is perfect for Creme Brulee, Baked Alaska, Meringue Pies, Melting Cheese and browning many foods. We use these in the stainless steel pan below lined with parchment paper for herb roasted chickens. Please note the red set has a black handled knife, peeler and slicer are red.Click Here for more Ceramic Knives!
Or call us at 630 739 5200 This block can be used as an ultra-premium Butcher Block Island, or as an exquisite piece of furniture. This table will look great in the center of your kitchen, against the wall, in your dining room or other area. Replacement jumbo butane fuel cartridges are $9.50 each (8 oz.), a set of 6 tips is included, they will refill any butane powered item!
The butcher block top requires rubbing with mystery oil, every few months to keep it looking new!We will send you 3 bottles of mystery oil, no charge.Call us for hot sale prices.
This butane is cold filtered 5 times and it is the hottest burning butane on the market, ozone friendly too! 3 - 4 weeks!Free Shipping is available in most areas of the continental USA only!Email us your color choice, or call us! Ceramics are perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing meats, garlic, carrots, onions, celery, fruits and more!

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