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Aluminum is a very good conductor of heat, hence, food cooked in hard anodized cookware is evenly cooked without any hot-spots. Before choosing between two kinds of cookware it is important to review both and consider ease of use as well as cleaning. On close comparison you will find that the cost of hard anodized and stainless steel cookware is almost similar. Before you buy or order an anodized cookware or stainless steel cookware, reading the above review will help you in making the right choice.
I find it difficult to believe that someone with as poor writing skills as the author of this piece is actually employed writing copy.
Taylor Akau: I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. This may turn into a daunting task as the variety of cookware available for purchase in the market seems to be increasing every day.
If you buy a hard anodized cookware then cooking food will be an easy task as it comes with a non-stick coating.
Stainless steel cookware can be washed in a dishwasher, whereas, hard anodized cookware are not dishwasher safe.

The price of both the variants depends upon the quality and brand of cookware you wish to buy. That said, someone might mention that aluminum cookware is not usable with induction burners and cooktops. And if you actually believed it would make the food cooked on it dangerous for you and your family, you would not use it, would you?
Making a choice between hard anodized cookware and stainless steel cookware based on durability it is safe to say that they both have long life.
However, hand washing hard anodized cookware is a simple task as the food does not stick to the cookware because of the non-stick coating.
You can buy both kind of cookware in almost any local retail store or even order it online. Before ordering a cookware it is important to know exactly which one will suit your need and simplify the task of cooking food. Many stainless steel cookwares come with a copper or aluminum coating at the bottom to improve heating capacity of the cookware. Stainless steel cookware can be cleaned with metal scrubbers; however, one must use sponge cleaners to clean hard anodize cookware to protect the non-stick coating.

And sometimes, food sticks more to the cookware surface on the left and makes it harder to clean than the one on the right. In this review we will inform you about the pros and cons of hard anodized as well as stainless steel cookware so that you buy the right kind of cookware.
One must avoid using metal cooking spoons with anodized cookware as they tend to leave scratches on the outer coating of the cookware.
Hence, if you want to order stainless steel cookware if it a good choice to buy one which has a copper or aluminum base.
With this said, cleaning hard anodized or stainless steel cookware is not a difficult task.
But is the convenience of “easy to clean cookware” worth the risk of poisoning yourself and your family?
On the other hand stainless steel will remain scratch free, however, cooking on very high temperature can cause slight disfiguration to your cookware.

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