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More recently, Jodi is a finalist in the 2015 Saveur Blog Awards for Most Delicious Food, and she collaborated on a cookbook called Grains as Mains. I am so thrilled to have Jodi Moreno of What’s Cooking Good Looking here on the show. When I went to college, I realized that when I didn’t have my family cooking for me anymore, I was going to have to cook for myself.
My first job was working for photographers, so I never even had that much experience behind the camera. The photographer that I worked for really believed in me and thought that I could get behind the camera and start taking pictures. Then when I went to culinary school, it was when I really started picking it up and taking it out, and realized since I have this love for food and this background of photography, I feel like it came naturally to just pick up the camera and start taking pictures of my food.
Then when I went to culinary school, I was looking at programs and I just didn’t feel any sort of connection to the ones that were more traditional, like heavy French-type cooking, a lot of sauces and things like that.
I feel like just learning that one little thing changed so much about the way that I started cooking.
One of the biggest things I think for cooking healthy is that maybe you don’t have the time.
Even I will run to the nearest whatever take-out place to get something when I don’t have the time or the stuff in my fridge to do it.
One of my favorite books which you might not hear a lot of people talk about is The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. The Silver Spoon is another one that I think is a little out of the box that has great basic recipes and techniques and stuff and you can find there’s thousands of recipes. Filed Under: Podcast Tagged With: Food Blogger, Healthy Cooking, Jodi Moreno, Natural Foods, Plant-based Diet, Vegan, What's Cooking Good LookingHas Cooking Become a Chore?
Especially after a long day, the last thing I want to do is have to think about what to make for dinner.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I chat with my food hero guests about their fondest food memories, favorite things inside and out of the kitchen, and a dish that is special to them.
I think you have to start with some good music, pour yourself a glass of wine, make it like a whole experience. Then, start with something easy that is impossible to mess up and I think that will build your confidence and it’ll make it more fun for you.
I’m not opposed to people who take things that are pre-made and tweaking them a little bit. If you bought some pre-made chicken to add to your matzo ball soup, instead of cooking your chicken, that’s fine. Get somebody to help you, because lots of people are time pressured and it is a chore if you’ve got a million and one things to do. One of the things that I like to do is try and dabble with new ingredients or new cuisines. So dabbling in things outside of your comfort zone is a good way to sort of bring the fun back into the kitchen. Trying to make something that you love to eat out, but that you hadn’t even thought that you could make at home, like a burrito bowl and then go from there.
So, I think involving people, and if you have a spouse or children, that makes it even easier.
My main thing would be, don’t be afraid to change it up and make it more in tune with what you actually like to eat.
One of the things that I do whenever I bake or cook, or just when I’m in the kitchen ever, is I put on some music, and I kinda dance a little bit.
And it doesn’t become a chore anymore, because there is something there to distract you. I think the best thing is just to make it to the market, pick something that looks good to you and go home and search (for example) broccoli recipes. I would always say start by making sure you have just the basic correct tools, and I think at the very minimum you just need a really good knife. Start with manageable things, have equipment and tools that are good and that will help you. So, I would say, maybe try and choose dishes where you use fewer saucepans, just to get you started. And also, I genuinely believe that cooking for people rather than just cooking for yourself or yourself plus one is so much more fun. My best advice for that is like what we were talking about before, to kind of put a piece of yourself in it because it becomes more personal and it’s more rewarding in the end. Just have a stand out dish that you can make at the drop of a hat whenever you’re hungry, and then it will just make you feel better about yourself. Some days you just have to get dinner on the table, so it’s more about what recipes you have in your arsenal. So I think that trying a new ingredient or trying a new recipe, but not going overboard and trying to do it every night of the week. There are lots of different ways you can use ingredients and just trying them out a couple of different ways, I think, is also key. Lots of people think they always have to go out for dinner with friends but actually staying in and cooking is a fun activity to do with friends too. Cooking is sort of a wonderful activity because it’s a great way to just kind of be really active and engaged with it. Half of my time, I feel, is spent in the process of the mediation of chopping and looking out of my window and experiencing what I’m doing. What I like to do is because we always cook in the evenings, just open a bottle of red wine, have some cheese, some nibbles, and put on some nice music.
I really think that this strategy, cook on Sunday or Saturday, whichever afternoon you have free, and eat all week long, is a nice way to do it.
You’re not rushed, and once you have those building blocks in your fridge, then ten to 15 minutes of cooking becomes less burdensome on a weeknight. I feel like dedicating your afternoon that way is a nice time to grab a buddy or your loved one to tag team and divide and conquer. I suppose if you can teach people some simple dishes they can do, and how to make the dishes they’re already cooking even more enjoyable with things like seasoning and herbs and switching things around, I think this can be monumental. Whether it’s a tip, some advice, or simply knowing that they get stuck in cooking ruts too, I find it encouraging and inspiring to hear their thoughts. Check out The Dinner Special podcast here and subscribe to get food and cooking inspiration every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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A lot of the work I was doing was in post-production and scanning the film into the computer, so it was a huge jump. So he bought me a camera and it sat in my closet for many years, which I think I mention on my blog that it just kind of sat there collecting dust. I really wanted to learn about nutrition and how it affects you and how food really can be enriching. It was the only one I could find of its kind that combined traditional culinary techniques, so learning the basics like the knife skills and how to not burn things. I found that a big thing for me was to set aside maybe a half hour, an hour, one day a week where you cook a batch of something, whether it’s quinoa or your beans or even just chopping up vegetables so you could snack on those instead of chips or something.
But even if you just do an hour a week, I feel like that really can impact the way that you eat for the rest of the week. I post all my new recipes on there, and then I feed it through all the other social media sites; Facebook, Twitter. Stick to the basics that you know in terms of technique and then you can improvise from there. Get somebody to peel the onions or peel the carrots or stand there and start to wash up for you. My husband likes to cook too so the two of us will do it together and I think we kind of motivate each other to cook at home more often.
The websites I really rely on, if you type things into Food52, you will have great results with a recipe that will work for you.
Like a very good cast iron pot, for example, or for me I use a mortar and pestle all the time.
But if you can throw something new in there every week, maybe, or even every couple of weeks, I think that makes it fun. A couple of years ago, my husband and I weren’t really big fans of fennel, so we started implementing it into our meals and now we love it. I think if you cook with somebody who likes to share their food and also their skills, it’ll make it more fun. Put on some fun music, pour yourself a drink, and just try to relax and make it a treat for yourself. I use canned chick peas all the time and I just do that with some sauteed kale and some bacon.
Like cocoa nibs have the crunchy bitter thing going on and then you have sweet orange zest that is really aromatic.
That’s really pleasurable for me and being able to create something that in my mind is artful out of that is so much fun. But, when I have a set framework of like onions, broccoli and potatoes, I think that adds a limiting factor, so you don’t have to start from scratch. That’s always been present in my life with family and just having friends over and cooking together.
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I was running half marathons all the time and things like that, so I feel like I slowly started to realize that the foods that I ate really affected the rest of my life. Maybe not every night, maybe not even once a week, but every now and then, I want to try new herbs, spices and ingredients, and be an inspired home cook!
Like I said, learn to make really good scrambled eggs, or pancakes, or French toast, and that will take you far. If you hate cooked carrots, but you love brussel sprouts, switch those up, because roasted brussel sprouts get all caramelized and delicious.

I’m making the same chicken breast, the same salmon with broccoli, and brown rice in it. Especially if you’re going to be doing a lot of ethnic cooking, those are just so handy to have.
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