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Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm AEST. Up until now we have looked at a range of cheaper and mid priced cookware sets, but that is all about to change.
Scanpan is a Danish manufacturer of cookware, and they have been making cookware sets since 1956. Initially we had planned to review a few of the pots and pans in separate reviews to rate their performance, but once we saw you could buy them as an entire set it made more sense to review the set as a whole unit. The features of this set of cookware are the most comprehensive we have seen, so lets take a look at a few of them.
Looking at some of the other features, the lids of the unit have a inner glass top so you can take a look at your food when it is cooking. So we’ve heard about all the great features of this cookware so far, but how does it actually perform?
In a previous review we made some toffee, as that seems like the perfect sticky and gooey kind of mixture to test out the nonstick coating. Summary: We were very impressed with the set, and it really is the most advanced ceramic coated cookware set we have seen.
The Scanpan CTX Deluxe set is currently available on Amazon, otherwise you can find the individual pieces of the set for sale over here.
Experience cooking versatility with two of Scanpan's Classic cookware: the Wok and the Grill Pan. In this review we are going to take a look at a premium grade cookware set- the Scanpan CTX Deluxe Set.
All their cookware is made in Denmark, so there is no question of quality and poor workmanship with their products.
If you are planning on only buying a pot or a pan then this review will still be relevant to you as we did give the whole set a proper test. The cookware base is made out of  aluminum-stainless steel, and this is applied in 5 layers to get the strongest base possible. As was mentioned earlier, Scanpan has been producing cookware for over half a century now and are at the forefront of cookware product developments. The lid handles are also heat resistant so you don’t need to worry about burning your hands when checking on food. The titanium coating is very durable, and performs exactly like a normal nonstick coating with great results.

Whether it's making a delicious wok or searing fillets, you're sure to have a superb set of cookware to help you create great dishes!For over twenty years, Scanpan has offered both professional and home cooks the most technologically sophisticated non-stick cookware on the market. This is a 10 piece cookware set, and is aimed at cooking enthusiasts and those looking for a long lasting ceramic set. Over the years they have grown to be one of the most trusted cookware manufacturers, and their range of CTX cookware is one of the newer additions to their product line.
This cookware set combines the best of both worlds – you get the durability and lightness of stainless steel combined with ease of use in the nonstick coating. It is worth mentioning that all their metal is obtained from recycled metals, so Scanpan definitely gets some green point awards for this. They were one of the first cookware manufacturers to come out with PFOA and PTFE free non stick coatings.
These cooking units work on every type of stove top including electric, gas, ceramic and induction. After around 15 minutes, our sugary mix was complete, and we poured it out into the tray to cook down. The entire set looks very stylish, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
Scanpan's signature Classic line is manufactured in Denmark from pressure cast aluminium that heats evenly and will never warp.
The cookware itself looks very impressive, and the attention to detail is very evident when you examine it.
Another great feature that you don’t see too often on these types of sets is that they are oven friendly. We left the saucepan for a while, so that the remainder of the mixture would cake onto the cookware. This particular coating is much better than that seen on standard nonstick cookware, and we can only hope that the competitors start implementing this type of technology onto their own cookware soon. The virtually indestructible ceramic titanium non-stick coating is safe for use with metal utensils.With a 10-year warranty that covers against chipping, flaking, heat blisters and cracking. The scanpan logo is etched onto the side of the handles, and this adds a classy and unique touch. After about 10 minutes we went back and tried to remove some of the leftover toffee mix, and using a kitchen towel we were able to get most of it out.
Bear in mind that this could be the last cookware set you ever buy, so the price could be justified!

Scanpan Classic pans feature ergonomic cool-touch phenolic handles secured with a patented screwless assembly that will never loosen. This ultra strong coating means that you can even use metal utensils when you are cooking without worrying about scratching or chipping the nonstick coating.
It can be quite tough finding cookware that is oven safe up to this temperature, so this is quite a rare and most welcome feature to have.
The steak was lovely and brown by the time we had finished, and slid right out of the pan with ease.
Then we used a wet kitchen towel to try and get the rest out, and with a few swipes around the pan it looked as good as new! Induction compatible 5mm aluminium-core heating disks are permanently impact bonded to the base of each pan ensuring rapid heating and preventing hot spots. Using metal utensils with a nonstick coating is unheard of until now, and this is a giant leap forward for nonstick coatings.
It was cooked evenly throughout, and the flavor was very nicely sealed in thanks to the lack of oil. The Scanpan Impact range features a stylish two-tone finish, double-rivetted stay-cool stainless steel handles, and tempered glass lids that let you see the food you're cooking.About ScanpanFor over 50 years, Scanpan Denmark has been innovating and improving the way we cook. Eggs are always a good test for a non stick coating, and we tried to fry one straight after the steak. As one of the leading names in high-tech cookware, the hallmarks of Scanpan are superior performance and peerless quality. This means no more flimsy and shaky handles.  The cookware itself is fairly light, but at the same time there is a bit of weight to the pots and pans, and it certainly feels like they are very well put together. Again, this is something you would never do with standard nonstick cookware, but obviously Scanpan have put this to the test and have a lot of faith in their Greentek coating.
The pan was still nicely lubricated after cooking the steak, and the egg was looking good after a minute or two. The nonstick coating seems to perform very effectively, and it only needs a few drops of oil to really make the most out of it each time.

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