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A mixture of various kinds of fruit, rum and sugar are placed into stoneware pot and matured for several months until the fruit is very soft and completely saturated with rum or any other alcohol.
Arriving at the end of every season you seem to have more fruit than you know what to do with? Perhaps you've always wanted to have a go at preserving but it just seems like to big a task to tackle.
It's a simple technique that require's no cooking or sterilising and the 'fruits' of your labour are ready just in time for the festive season.
Rumtopfs are used to preserve fresh summer fruits in rum so that they can be consumed in winter. Our particular favorite West German Rumtopf made by Jasba with its unusual stylistic design is shown below. If you are tempted to put a Rumtopf to good use – there are copies below of two of the original recipe leaflets given away with Rumtopfs from which you could choose a recipe.
Turn leftover wine into robust, flavored vinegar in this traditional stoneware vinegar pot. All vinegar pots are including birchwood tap, with synthetic crane, and nature cork CP4 best quality product.

Please look further down on this page for pices and more information about our profesional wooden taps and corks for vinegar pots. Birchwood taps with synthetic crane, of the best quality specialy designed for vinegar pots. Birchwood taps with wooden crane, of the best quality specialy designed for vinegar pots. The variety of designs and glazes available combined with their practicality means that they are once again becoming increasingly popular and are often a first gateway to the wider area of West German pottery for many people. It is easier to list companies that did not produce plant pots (Otto, Ruscha and Steuler) than those that did (Bay, Carstens, Dumler & Breiden, ES, Fohr, Jopeko, Kreutz, Roth, Scheurich, U Keramik, Van Daalen and Silberdistel) (based on items that I have with base markings or original labels). Another room also features a red Steuler vase in a decor known as Zyklon which was designed by Cari Zalloni. West German vases have even made their way into their bathroom, where a little shelf holds three vases, the porcelain vase in the centre is manufactured by the German company KPM and the vase on the right is a Scheurich 271-22 designed by Heinz Siery. These beautiful vinegar pots are an attractive addition to your kitchen anywhere you put it. It has thick sides for excellent temperature regulation to make bottling your vinegar easy.

Plant pots were produced in huge numbers, at one time the majority of houses in Germany and countries like the UK would have had them on their windowsills. Scheurich continues to manufacture plant pots which can be found for sale in garden centres and homeware stores.
The February 2013 issue featured the Edinburgh apartment belonging to Helen and Ian who have decorated it in a mid century style.
One of the sets of instruction shown below says that in 1982 it was estimated that “every fifth German citizen owned a Rumtopf”.
West German pottery can be seen in all the rooms featured with the exception of the small kitchen (though there is probably a West German Rumtopf or punch bowl hidden away in their cupboards!). The living room features some Tomado shelves which have a selection of ceramics including Italian Fat lava items (top left) and West German vases by Dumler and Breiden (right end of the top red shelf) and Bay (top right).

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