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We don’t have any training or experience in the restaurant business, don’t own any fancy cookware, and have no special equipment. Malcolm and Jillian Bedell’s blog may be titled From Away, but don’t be fooled – their comfort food recipes make you feel right at home. Head over to From Away and say hello to Malcolm and Jillian on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram. Just as I was skeptical of the Slow Cooker Beef Stew recipe that did not require me to brown the stew cubes, I was highly skeptical of this slow-cooker pot roast recipe that did not require me to brow the chuck roast and called for very little liquid.  Adding to my skepticism was the fact that the only seasoning was salt, pepper, and 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.
I cooked the pot roast on low for 11 hours because my piece of meat (from our half-steer) was closer to 4 pounds than the 3 pounds in the recipe.
Lastly, I might add an additional tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce next time for some added oomph!  But the recipe was (somewhat surprisingly) delicious as written! Maybe it’s your first time making a pot roast or maybe you just feel like trying a new recipe, this pot roast is simple to make and feeds a crowd! At the 3 hour mark, salt and pepper the potatoes and brush with a bit of oil and arrange them around the pot roast.
I served this with Oven Roasted Vegetables and the creamiest, yummiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever had.
Let the gravy sit for 5-10 minutes and then, using a spoon, skim the fat from the top layer.
Artichokes loaded with kalamata olives, olive oil, parsley, oregano, bread crumbs, tomatoes, feta and capers make these Greek Stuffed Artichokes a gorgeous way to welcome spring!
These Easter Candy Cookies are a sweet, soft and chewy way to use up your leftover Easter candy. BBQ Pulled Pork Egg Rolls are loaded with slow cooker pulled pork, bbq sauce, red onions and jalapenos then fried until golden.
There’s something about pot roasts that just take me back to my childhood and coming in from a chilly fall day to the aroma of a juicy, tender roast in the oven. Moist, juicy, and wonderfully flavored, this Cabernet Pot Roast is a classically delicious meal.
Preheat oven to 325 degrees and spray a small roasting pan with cooking spray or an olive oil mister.
To the same pan that was used for browning the meat, add garlic and saute until fragrant, about 1 minute.

Add in wine, mustard seed, and thyme and stir, making sure to scrape up the browned bits on the bottom of the pan. Place roast in oven, and cook for about 1 hour, or until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Slow roast your chuck roast in the oven for four hours and you’ve got a juicy one-dish meal to warm you up inside and out through the long winter. This inexpensive tough cut of meat may need a little bit of doctoring and a good chunk of time before it hits the table, but when it does few things are more appetizing than the completely transformed, now succulent roast. With a long list of recipe classics followed up by more ambitious and adventurous spins on ethnic dishes, the collected recipes surprise and delight those of all cooking levels.
I don’t know about you but when it is gloomy and cold, as it often is in the Northwest in March, all I want is something that is going to stick to my ribs and warm my belly and this pot roast does just that. I say gently because you want to make sure not to go past the top layer or you will end up throwing away some of the gravy.
These crispy shrimp tacos are loaded with crispy golden fried shrimp and a creamy mango slaw. I have been trying to make pot roast for years and never liked the way it turned put, but this one is dreamy! As a Weight Watchers member, I try to avoid red meat most of the time due to it being higher in Points Plus and higher in cholesterol. By trimming most of the fat from the beef, you’ll get a much lighter version of the traditional American meal.
A simple pot roast like this one should be in every chef’s roster, yet preferences are often prone to old familial allegiances, discouraging the next generation from trying their hand at a classic.
We believe, however, that anyone who cooks, regardless of skill level, can make interesting, inspired, delicious food. After years of traveling and living abroad, the now Maine-based couple also feature the best of the local food scene, profiling more than 150 restaurants to date in addition to the 450+ recipes found on the site.
Pot roast is something that I grew up with and I am sure many of you have had them countless times. But every now and then, I reward myself, and this Cabernet Beef Pot Roast Recipe is a perfect treat. I usually make this recipe with beef chuck roast, but it also works well with rib eye roast.

Add the beef and brown on the first side without moving (so that a nice crust would form), about 3 minutes. Lest the technique be lost for the ages and to avoid the “It’s just not as good as…” talk, here’s an example of a proper oven roast with no crockpots to be found! With so many options to choose from, both homemade and from area restaurants, it’s difficult not to want to jump in the car for a road-tripping jaunt up to the Pine Tree State! Growing up every pot roast I had always came with carrots, celery and potatoes that were cooked with the roast, and while that is all fine and dandy, this is just a little different.  In this recipe, seared chuck roast is roasted in a gravy made with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and beef broth. While not quite as simple as a “fix-it and forget-it” recipe, by adding the vegetables near the end of the cooking period, you ensure that each will be seasoned by the braising liquid without coming out mushy and tasteless. Whether it is cooking it, eating it, shopping for it or watching TV about it, food is one of my favorite things. I usually have the butcher trim it for me at the store, then I spend about 10 minutes going over it really well myself and trimming as much fat as possible.
This one simple often overlooked step yields bounties of flavor, and provides a foil to the tender falling apart meat.
And the bonus is that the nutritional stats of the meat were on the label, so I was able to see how much fat was in the meat. 20 minutes before roast should be done, heat the oven to 200 degrees F and line a baking dish large enough to accommodate the roast with foil. Place the cooked roast in the prepared baking dish, cover tightly with foil, and place in the warm oven. I’m thrilled to have found a healthy pot roast recipe that allows me to enjoy red meat more often! If not thickened after a minute, add ½ more teaspoon konjac flour, mixed with 1 tablespoon cold water.

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