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Learn how to grow, prepare, make and bake – everything you need to boost your cooking skills. Ready in less than 10 minutes, this pan-fried tuna with cannellini beans recipe is the perfect midweek supper for even the busiest people. Join our mailing list and be the first to hear about new recipes, tricky techniques, must-enter competitions and stories from the world of food.
Because my family and I eat tuna so infrequently (it’s expensive), I try to cook something special with it. Saute garlic in one tablespoon of oil in large saute pan over medium heat for two minutes (or until soft). Garnish each tuna steak with some of the sauteed garlic and one parsley blossom or sprig of parsley. Turn heat to low and add turmeric, chili powder, garam masala, and stir to mix spices with beans.
Step 11: Let's get the Ahi marinated in some Olive Oil and squeeze that Lemon over the top.
Step 12: Through the magic of the Internet, I have two fully marinated and seasoned Ahi steaks ready to go.
Step 15: Onion, Basil, Parsley, Tomatoes, Cheese, Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Avacado, Sesame Seeds and a bag of Field Greens.

We have made lobster rolls, lobster ceviche (delicious), lobster sliders, lobster tacos and this is one of our personal favorites, fried lobster. Fried Marinated Tommy Ruff FilletsFried Marinated Tommy Ruff Fillets 24 Tommy Ruff fillets flour for coating Dry fillets with paper towel and coat well with flour. Light And Crispy Pan-Fried FishLight and Crispy Pan-Fried Fish Here's a great way to have the light and crispy taste of fried fish without the fat. The outside is cooked and full of flavour while the inside remains pink, moist and succulent. If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. Brush the tuna steaks with a little olive oil, then season well with salt and black pepper.
Here, I infused canned lima beans with Indian-inspired spices and used parsley and its blooms to garnish both tuna and beans. I recommend that you find the highest quality Ahi you can and cook them 2 minutes on each side for a Medium Rare steak. Place the flat half on the cutting board and make several cuts, depending on how thick you want it, vertically on the onion but make sure you do not cut all the way to the top. We are not responsible for comments posted by our users, as they are the property of the poster.

The Right Bite Lighter Fried Fish Fillets (from the Kitchen of Jenilee Lemmon) 8 Servings Ingredients . Add the tuna steaks to the hot pan and sear for 1 minute each side for pink, or longer if you prefer.
My iPhone is  equipped with the app created for Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch, and I ask questions at the seafood counter. I actually got the idea from and Indian cookbook, so I can say it’s authentic and delicious! I could feel the texture with my hands and I had to bite my tongue to keep it from lashing out to feel it too.
We found our Ahi frozen at our local global domination supermarket so we're not convinced of its overall quality.

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