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We’re giving away a 10 piece Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick Cookware Set in your choice of orange, red or blue.
You’ll also be receiving a Rachael Ray Bubble and Brown Set of 4 Ramekins in your choice of orange, blue, green, yellow, or chocolate. Multiple Use Stoneware – Dishwasher, microwave, freezer safe and oven safe to 500°F for convenience and versatility. Last but not least you will also receive Rachael Ray’s Big Orange Book {paperback} with her biggest ever collection of all new 30 minute meals plus kosher meals, meals for one, veggie dinners, holiday favorites and much more!
Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set, Red GradientThis Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II cookware set is perfect when it?s time to whip up tasty meals for family and friends. If you have the passion for cooking or you just need great cookware for your daily food preparation, Rachel Ray cookware is great for your kitchen. The manufacturers labored to combine quality materials for durability and functionality with style. Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 8-Piece Cookware Set BlueContents1 Rachael Ray Hard Anodized 8-Piece Cookware Set Blue2 Rachael Ray 80655 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set Orange3 Rachael Ray 89165 Hard Anodized 14-Piece Nonstick Orange Cookware Set4 Rachel Ray vs Paula Deen Cookware5 Get These Cookware Sets for the Lowest Price!
If you are starting out in life and you need a basic pans and pots set, this great 8-Piece Set in color blue would be enough for you. It consists of 2 covered saucepans, a 1-qt and a 3-qt, an 8-qt stockpot, an open 3-quart saute pan and a skillet.

If you are a starting chef or a housewife who loves to cook, you might want extra pieces of cookware aside from the basic ones. This orange 10-Piece Anodized Set is composed of ten pieces of quality cookware for great food. The love for cooking extends to a love for quality utensils and that is exactly what the Rachael Ray 14-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set Orange offers. Often people want to know how about comparison of Rachael Ray cookware and Paula Deen sets. So, even if you are not a huge fan of Rachel Ray you will definitely be a big fan of her cookwares.
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This set has all of the necessary cookware shapes and sizes needed to make great-tasting dishes from lamb burgers with garlic-yogurt sauce to blueberry French toast to a three-bean minestrone soup. Leave out the taste of chipped Teflon and opt for non-stick pans that do not get scratched easily. Aside from two saucepans (1 ? qt and 3 qt), a stockpot (6 quart), a saute (3-quart) and a skillet (8-inch), it has another 10-inch French skillet.

When your family has a gathering or it’s the holidays again and you would be cooking in bulk, this 14-piece set is perfect for such occasions. There is also a large stockpot that can accommodate 6 quarts of your delicious recipes as well as two skillets (8-inch and 10-inch). They have deals available from over 60 top travel agents and savings range in value but some deals can save you as much as 50% on your booking.
The hard-anodized aluminum resist scratches and also distributes the heat evenly for uniform cooking of food.
Superior nonstick interior for easy food releaseThe long-lasting nonstick interiors provide easy food release and help make cleanup a cinch. Snug-fitting glass lidsSturdy glass lids mean the cooking process can be monitored without losing heat or moisture, with matching silicone grippy handles.Add a splash of bold color to your kitchenThe two-tone gradient color makes a bold style statement and lets cooks show off their personality in the kitchen.

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