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Used by professionals and beginners alike the robust cake pans measure 3” deep and are available in 4”, 6”, 8” & 10” sizes as well as in a square and rectangle version. If you have a specific question about this product or a general enquiry please fill in the form below. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Below is a list of the best frying pans or skillets that are made of different materials and also with price as a consideration. The T-fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan has generated over a thousand customer reviews on Amazon. To pay $100 or more for a frying pan may be a high investment but it is a quality cookware that will last you a lifetime. This piece uses a safe ceramic coating developed in Germany, which is free of any harmful substances. If you are environmental and health conscious, then Green Earth is a cookware brand that deserves consideration.
A cast iron skillet takes a longer time to heat up but once you get it going, it retains the heat very well. Bear in mind that cast iron cookware requires a little bit more maintenance to prevent it from rusting and food from sticking to the cooking area. This quality tin lined Frying Pan has some wear and tear as is to be expected from a vintage item but is in a good usable condition.
So, if you have the habit of picking up your pan while frying, you might want a lighter piece to do your cooking with.

With the T-fal Professional, you can choose from 3 sizes with the largest pan being 12.5 inches. This piece has a 3-ply construction with an aluminum core sandwiched between stainless steel layers.
If you are wondering what is the difference between All-Clad vs Calphalon stainless steel cookware, you can watch this video below to find out. This means when you cook at high temperature, the utensil does not release harmful chemicals into the environment, which many nonstick pieces will tend to do. It is also resistant to scratches and has the same nonstick feature that you will find with the usual Teflon coated pans.
Bear in mind that it is a nonstick piece though, so don’t expect it to last like a stainless steel cookware.
The latter have higher, vertical sides and a bigger cooking surface compared to frying pans of a similar size.
It is pretty lightweight and you will also find a heat indicator on the pan to tell you when it is ready. So, although it is already easy to clean, the dish washing option takes it a step further for those who like to dump everything into the dishwasher! There is a polished finish to make the piece gleaming with a long, stay-cool handle to complete the look. That may give you the answer whether you will want to pay the extra for the better quality.
For an eco-friendly cookware, take a look at the Ozeri Green Earth Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan.

The Lodge skillet, for example, is highly popular among buyers for its affordability and its back to basics feel. The higher sides just make this safer compared to a skillet because of the amount of oil needed.
When you fry an egg, you certainly don’t want it to be sticking to the cooking surface. The bottom line is it doesn’t cost much and for a lot of us who have come to expect a nonstick pan not to last, this one is a good buy for the price based on the high amount of customer reviews alone.
It is a little bit more work, unless you want to invest in a more expensive option like the Le Creuset skillet which comes coated with an additional layer of black enamel. So, while the diameter of the top edge could be the same for both, the cooking area of a skillet is actually smaller because of the curve.
And now with people being so health conscious, you also don’t want to be cooking with too much oil.
High heat may not even be necessary when you cook with an All-Clad skillet because of the excellent heat conduction.

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