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Bathroom Vanities SALEsilkroad exclusive double 60 Bathroom Vanity hyp 0712 60On sale at $1,335.14. Fagor Induction Cooktops – An Energy Efficient Alternative For A Contemporary KitchenApr 06, 2012 by S. Many induction cooktops, like this Fagor IFA-90BF, resemble higher end electric models, with a smooth glass ceramic top with painted circles to indicate the burners.
Last but certainly not least, is the underlying factor that makes all the rest of this possible. Is it a matter of personal preference, or are there other factors that should determine your decision? While cooking on a gas stove, the user adjusts the knob to change the size of the flame, which almost instantly changes the cooking temperature.
Also, you may have to spend extra money on the installation of a gas line if your kitchen is not already set up to run a gas stove. The electricity heats up electrical coils and pots and pans are placed on the burners, on top of the coils.
If you have a professional style range, you may want to consider browsing professional range hoods. One of the biggest appeals of induction cooktops, like this IFA-90 AL from Fagor is that they’re specially designed to heat only the pots that are placed on them. Fagor induction cooktops like this IFA-80BF turn on automatically when a pan with a magnetic bottom (check yours with a simple refrigerator magnet) is placed on one of the burners, and off when it’s removed.

Because the human body can carry an electrical current, the innards of an induction stove like this IFA-30AL respond to swipes and touches much like a smartphone. Simply put, induction cooktops from Fagor and other manufacturers are completely flame-free; they have no heating coils, no fuel lines, and produce virtually no heat waste whatsoever. There are some pros and cons to each choice, including environmental concerns, control over temperature, cost, ease of cleaning and more.
However, it is argued that, because gas stoves are more energy efficient, running a gas stove is less costly than running an electric stove. On a smooth-top electric stove, there are circles on the stove top that heat up like a burner. Electric stoves are typically more powerful, but the user has less control over the temperature. These alternative cooktops are extremely energy efficient, using electromagnetic power to heat your food, which offers a whole range of benefits over traditional electric or gas units. Rather than electric coils that heat red-hot to warm your pots and pans, induction cooktops are filled with dense disks of coiled wire that creates a magnetic field around them.
The unit itself never rises above room temperature, even if you’re using all the burners.
Induction cooktops, like this Fagor IFA-80AL, combine the two, with controls that respond and correct quickly, both raising and lowering temperature, and with as many as twelve preset temperature levels that make it easy to cook at the same heat every time. What little energy they use is transferred directly into your cook pot, and from there directly into your food.
You have to ask yourself which factors are more important to you and which factors will help you create the kitchen you want.

If you have small children, this is hands down the safest type of cooktop, and lowers burning risk across the board. Maybe most impressively, the cooktop will shut off automatically if it senses that a pot has boiled over, the contents have evaporated completely, or the temperature of the pot exceeds safe levels. First, the surface of your cooktop is completely, 100% flat, no buttons or knobs needed anywhere, and second, that because it’s so compact in all dimensions, you can install one almost anywhere, and have a whole lot more space left over. Plus, since they heat so consistently and evenly, you won’t have to worry about scorching your food. Where gas and electric cooktops heat the stove, the counter, and the surrounding air as well as your dinner, induction cooktops stay cool and waste free, and consume up to 20% less energy in the process.
CFM describes the power of the range hood and how many cubic feet per minute of airflow it can move. Advancements in recent years have made induction stoves more affordable to buy and more competitive to use. Many can even be programmed to automatically run at a certain temperature or for a certain length of time and then shut off by themselves, which can be handy if you’re cooking a lot of food at once and are short on egg timers.
Any spilled food or water will behave exactly as though you’d spilled them on a regular room temperature counter, which makes cleanup easy, too.

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